Anamet, Anaconda SEALTITE 시리즈, Stainless Steel Connectors 사양소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘은 Anamet의 Conduit 에 사용되는 Stainless Steel Liquid-Tight Connectors (NPT) 을 소개합니다.





* Stainless steel (AISI-303) fitting, consisting of 4 parts (counter nut, clamping ring, ferrule and body.)
* Counter nut and body are stainless steel (AISI-303), ferrule is from nickel plated brass. Clamping ring and insert are from PA6
* Excellent strength and durability.
* Greater UV resistance than non-metallic


* Connectors can be used with all Anaconda Sealtite® (except non-metallic CNP & NMUA) to connect conduit to other fittings, conduit, or boxes.
* Approved for both exposed and concealed locations.
Rated for temperature ranges of -49degF to 221 degF (-45 degC to +105degC)
* Suitable for use in hazardous environments.
* IP 67 protection (dust-proof, water-tight)


NEC Articles
* Article 501.10 (B) (2) Class I Div. 2
* Article 502.10 (A) (2) and (B) (2) Class II Div. 1 & 2
* Article 503.10 (A) (3) and (B) Class III Div. 1 & 2


Special Approvals

* UL-514B and CSA 22.2 (combined UL/CSA file # E 234207)


Technical Data

Anamet, 81401292, 81401692, 80402092, 81491292, 81491692, 81492092, 81492692

Anamet Inc Sealtite SS Connectors.pdf

Anamet Europe Sealtite SS Connectors.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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