Baumer, CleverLevel LBFS/LFFS Switch


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With Baumer’s CleverLevel series, you can enter into a new era of level detection technology that is convenient, precise, easy and maintenance free.
CleverLevel – one product to meet all your detection needs!


The widely used vibration level switches have vibrating forks that are quite large and which protrude quite a ways into the material being


A high frequency sweep signal is radiated from the sensor tip into the media. The media will act as a virtual capacitor,  between the emitter in the sensor tip and the metal housing, which will form a circuit creating the switch point signal. This virtual capacitance will depend of the di-electric value of the media (DK value). 


Since pasty materials are prone to stick to these forks, it can often cause measuring errors. Coarse granular media such as grains can easily become lodged between the forks and also cause measuring errors. Moreover, not only are the forks difficult to clean, but liquid and powder substances even require different fork designs.

With the sensors of the CleverLevel switch, no media remnants or solids are able to accumulate on the sensors. A precise and reliable level detection is thus ensured even under difficult circumstances.



CleverLevel Switches (LBFS/LFFS)



„„Insensitivity to foam, adhesions, flows, turbulences and suspended particles
Maximum temperature stability and repeat accuracy
„„Resistant to shocks and vibrations


„„One sensor for all media and applications
„„Maintenance free

„„Bright blue LED switching point indicator
„„Fastest response times <100ms
„„Robust and corrosion-resistant housing
„„Fully integrated electronics
„„No moving parts

Extensive product portfolio with different process connections




CleverLevel LBFS Switch

The really clever alternative to the vibrating fork level switch

Level Basic Frequency Switch

Basic Housing





CleverLevel Switches (LBFS)




CleverLevel LFFS Switch

The really clever alternative to the vibrating fork level switch

Level Field Frequency Switch
Field Housing




CleverLevel Switches (LFFS)





The perfect solution for your applications


※ Level detection for storage tanks, containers and pipelines
Storage, buffer and filling tanks are generally equipped with switches for detecting high and low filling levels. The sensor’s short response time facilitates precise and reliable level control.


※ Detection of different media and phase separation
In certain processes, the material appears in different phases. These can either be identified (e.g. oil on water) or their measurement might be masked (e.g. foam layer).


※ Detection of contaminants in media
Contamination of media is not only an issue for food production. Catching it early on in the process is economically advantageous. For example, remnants of cleaning agents can be reliably detected in liquid food products long before any subsequent processing takes place.


※ Protecting pumps from running dry
Pumps running dry is a critical process problem because it can lead to dosing deviations or damages. These challenges can be resolved even if the media is viscous or sticky.



Product Order Reference

Baumer, CleverLevel LBFS, LBFS 0xxx x, cleverlevel, lbfs 0xxxx

Baumer, CleverLevel LBFS, LBFS xx42 x, cleverlevel, lbfs xx42x

Baumer, CleverLevel LBFS, LBFS xx5x x, cleverlevel, lbfs xx5xx

Baumer, CleverLevel LBFS, LBFS xx71 x, cleverlevel, lbfs xx71x

Baumer, CleverLevel LFFS, LFFS xx1, cleverlevel, lffs xx1

Baumer, CleverLevel LFFS, LFFS xx4, cleverlevel, lffs xx4

Baumer, CleverLevel LFFS, LFFS xx2, cleverlevel, lffsxx2


More level measurement information, products and data sheets are available at :


Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

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