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오늘 이 시간에는 대한민국 케이블글랜드 국가대표 OSCG(오에스씨지)의 제품군 가운데 Wire Armoured Cable Gland, E1WF Type 을 살펴보겠습니다.



Wire Armoured Cable Gland, E1WF Type



E1WF Type

◎ Flameproof and Increased Safety




◎ Outdoor & Indoor

◎ For use with steel wire armoured cable for Zone1 and Zone2 in hazardous area.

◎ Double compression for outer/inner jacket of cable. Inspectable armoured clamping cable gland.




◎ Hazardous Area/Industrial : Explosionproof

◎ Armoured/Non armoured : Steel wire armoured

◎ Single/Double Compression : Double




오에스씨지(OSCG), Wire Armoured Type Cable Gland 선정노하우

1. 나사산형식, Thread Type (Metric, NPT, PF, PT 등)

2. 나사산크기, Thread Size (M16, M20, M32, M40, M50, M63, M75, M90, M100, 1/2". 3/4", 1", 1-1/4". 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4"등)

3. 케이블외경/내경, Cable Diameter(Min 00.0mm~ Max 00.0mm)

4. 글랜드재질, Material(Brass, Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel)

5. 옵션사항, Option (Thread 18mm)

6. 필요수량, Quantity

7. 필요악세서리, Accessories(Locknut, Sealing Washer, Earthtag, Shroud, Serrated Washer, Reducer, Adapter 등)

8. 품번예시

◎ OSCG, E1WF-16a, E1WF16a-M16, E1WF-16a-M20, E1WF-16a-1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-16b, E1WF16b-M16, E1WF-16b-M20, E1WF-16b-1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-20a, E1WF20a-M20, E1WF-20a-1/2"NPT, E1WF-20a-3/4"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-20b, E1WF20b-M20, E1WF-20b-1/2"NPT, E1WF-20b-3/4"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-25a, E1WF25a-M25, E1WF-25a-3/4"NPT, E1WF-25a-1"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-25b, E1WF25b-M25, E1WF-25b-3/4"NPT, E1WF-25b-1"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-32a, E1WF32a-M32, E1WF-32a-1"NPT, E1WF-32a-1.1/4"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-32b, E1WF32b-M32, E1WF-32b-1"NPT, E1WF-32b-1.1/4"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-40a, E1WF40a-M40, E1WF-40a-1.1/4"NPT, E1WF-40a-1.1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-40b, E1WF40b-M40, E1WF-40b-1.1/4"NPT, E1WF-40b-1.1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-50a, E1WF50a-M50, E1WF-50a-1.1/2"NPT, E1WF-50a-2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-50b, E1WF50b-M50, E1WF-50b-1.1/2"NPT, E1WF-50b-2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-63a, E1WF63a-M63, E1WF-63a-2"NPT, E1WF-63a-2.1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-63b, E1WF63b-M63, E1WF-63b-2"NPT, E1WF-63b-2.1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-63c, E1WF63c-M63, E1WF-63c-2"NPT, E1WF-63c-2.1/2"NPT 

OSCG, E1WF-75a, E1WF75a-M75, E1WF-75a-2.1/2"NPT, E1WF-75a-3"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-75b, E1WF75b-M75, E1WF-75b-2.1/2"NPT, E1WF-75b-3"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-75c, E1WF75c-M75, E1WF-75c-2.1/2"NPT, E1WF-75c-3"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-75d, E1WF75d-M75, E1WF-75d-2.1/2"NPT, E1WF-75d-3"NPT

◎ OSCG, E1WF-90a, E1WF90a-M90, E1WF-90a-3"NPT, E1WF-90a-3.1/2"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-90b, E1WF90b-M90, E1WF-90b-3"NPT, E1WF-90b-3.1/2"NPT

◎ OSCG, E1WF-100a, E1WF100a-M100, E1WF-100a-3.1/2"NPT, E1WF-100a-4"NPT

OSCG, E1WF-100b, E1WF-100b-M100, E1WF-100b-3.1/2"NPT, E1WF-100b-4"NPT





OSCG Ex Type IDK Blue 2013V13.pdf



제품카탈로그(비방폭, 일반산업환경)    

OSCG Normal Type IDK Green 2013V13.pdf


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