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오늘 이 시간에는 대한민국 케이블글랜드 국가대표 OSCG(오에스씨지)의 제품군 가운데 Cable Gland, OSNJ-A2FD Type 을 살펴보겠습니다.





Cable Gland, OSNJ-A2FD  Type




◎ Flameproof and Increased Safety




◎ Outdoor & Indoor

◎ For use with unarmoured for Zone1 and Zone2 in hazardous area.

◎ Double compression for jacket of cable.




◎ Hazardous Area/Industrial : Explosionproof

◎ Armoured/Non armoured : unarmoured

◎ Single/Double Compression : Double



오에스씨지(OSCG), Non Armoured Cable Gland 선정노하우

1. 나사산형식, Thread Type (Metric, NPT, PF, PT 등)

2. 나사산크기, Thread Size (M16, M20, M32, M40, M50, M63, M75, M90, M100, 1/2". 3/4", 1", 1-1/4". 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4"등)

3. 케이블외경, Cable Out Diameter(Min 00.0mm~ Max 00.0mm)

4. 글랜드재질, Material(Brass, Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel)

5. 필요수량, Quantity

6. 필요악세서리, Accessories(Locknut, Sealing Washer, Earthtag, Shroud, Serrated Washer, Reducer, Adapter 등)

7. 품번예시

◎ OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-16a, OSNJ-A2FD-16a-M16, OSNJ-A2FD-16a-M20, OSNJ-A2FD-16a-1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-16b, OSNJ-A2FD-16b-M16, OSNJ-A2FD-16b-M20, OSNJ-A2FD-16b-1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-20a, OSNJ-A2FD-20a-M20, OSNJ-A2FD-20a-1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-20a-3/4"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-20b, OSNJ-A2FD-20b-M20, OSNJ-A2FD-20b-1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-20b-3/4"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-25a, OSNJ-A2FD-25a-M25, OSNJ-A2FD-25a-3/4"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-25a-1"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-25b, OSNJ-A2FD-25b-M25, OSNJ-A2FD-25b-3/4"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-25b-1"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-32a, OSNJ-A2FD-32a-M32, OSNJ-A2FD-32a-1"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-32a-1.1/4"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-32b, OSNJ-A2FD-32b-M32, OSNJ-A2FD-32b-1"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-32b-1.1/4"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-40a, OSNJ-A2FD-40a-M40, OSNJ-A2FD-40a-1.1/4"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-40a-1.1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-40b, OSNJ-A2FD-40b-M40, OSNJ-A2FD-40b-1.1/4"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-40b-1.1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-50a, OSNJ-A2FD-50a-M50, OSNJ-A2FD-50a-1.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-50a-2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-50b, OSNJ-A2FD-50b-M50, OSNJ-A2FD-50b-1.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-50b-2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-63a, OSNJ-A2FD-63a-M63, OSNJ-A2FD-63a-2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-63a-2.1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-63b, OSNJ-A2FD-63b-M63, OSNJ-A2FD-63b-2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-63b-2.1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-63c, OSNJ-A2FD-63c-M63, OSNJ-A2FD-63c-2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-63c-2.1/2"NPT 

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-75a, OSNJ-A2FD-75a-M75, OSNJ-A2FD-75a-2.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-75a-3"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-75b, OSNJ-A2FD-75b-M75, OSNJ-A2FD-75b-2.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-75b-3"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-75c, OSNJ-A2FD-75c-M75, OSNJ-A2FD-75c-2.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-75c-3"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-75d, OSNJ-A2FD-75d-M75, OSNJ-A2FD-75d-2.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-75d-3"NPT

◎ OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-90a, OSNJ-A2FD-90a-M90, OSNJ-A2FD-90a-3"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-90a-3.1/2"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-90b, OSNJ-A2FD-90b-M90, OSNJ-A2FD-90b-3"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-90b-3.1/2"NPT

◎ OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-100a, OSNJ-A2FD-100a-M100, OSNJ-A2FD-100a-3.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-100a-4"NPT

OSCG, OSNJ-A2FD-100b, OSNJ-A2FD-100b-M100, OSNJ-A2FD-100b-3.1/2"NPT, OSNJ-A2FD-100b-4"NPT



Accessories for Cable Glands





OSCG Ex Type IDK Blue 2013V13.pdf



제품카탈로그(비방폭, 일반산업환경)     

OSCG Normal Type IDK Green 2013V13.pdf



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