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안녕하세요 TIATIP입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 샬밋(Chalmit)에서 새롭게 선보이는 LED Lighting 제품군에 대해 소개드리도록 하겠습니다.



Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous
Extreme environments demand superior performance, which is why you will find
Hubbell products and systems installed in some of the most arduous and safety
critical locations worldwide.


The Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous group combines dedicated, market leading brands within Hubbell portfolio to provide a complete package for companies operating in some of the toughest environments on the planet.

We are committed to providing quality products and services that will meet and
exceed your expectations. Our principal activities include the design and manufacture of rugged and hard wearing products. These include telephones and communication products, lighting, control gear and electrical connection products, all designed to operate primarily in extreme outdoor, hazardous and corrosive areas.






In 2010, Hubbell announced HSI – the Hubbell Sustainability Initiative - (HSI) - an enterprise-wide commitment to develop sustainable products and business practices.

The HSI mission is to: Achieve an ongoing culture of environmental responsibility with our employees, community, and industry implementing educational programs and sustainable practices.

Chalmit® have embraced this initiative and developed a range of energy efficient LED products manufactured in our Glasgow facility utilising lean principles. All products are sustainably manufactured with minimum impact to the environment around us.



Reliable Electrical Solutions from a brand you can trust





World Leader in Hazardous Area Lighting

Chalmit®, formerly known as Andrew Chalmers and Mitchell, was formed
in 1910 as a supplier of marine equipment to shipyards in the west of Scotland. Today we are one of the largest and most respected hazardous area and marine lighting companies in the world and we supply our products through sales offices and agents located in over 40 countries.

As part of the Hubbell Harsh and Hazardous division, Chalmit® can offer a global range of IEC & NEC products suitable for hazardous area lighting and apparatus installations on any continent and complying with all international codes and standards.





Our LED Product Range

Chalmit® has over a century’s worth of experience in providing cutting edge lighting solutions to hazardous and marine markets. We understand the unique characteristics of LED technology and have a proven track record, pioneering the world’s first Zone 1 LED luminaire; the NexLED back in 2005.

As a business we have invested in the development of solid state lighting
technologies to provide solutions that meet the exacting requirements
of the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

The result is a proven and reliable range of LED luminairies that compliment and enhance our fluorescent and HID products.

At the heart of each new design is our underlying philosophy - Quality, Reliability and Low Maintenance.


Made in Britain


All Chalmit® products are designed and manufactured in the UK.
We are proud to endorse and sustain a great tradition in engineering and invention.



Technical Data

Chalmit Lighting, Protecta, ScotiaEx, NexLED, Nevis, Solas, Arran, Nexxus II, Acclaim, ChalmLite5 

0. Chalmit Lighting LED Lighting Solutions BRO 201503XX.pdf

Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문대리점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.






국내 기술지원 및 구매상담


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HAWKE Exd Connectors for Harsh and Hazardous Locations 신제품 소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 호크(HAWKE)에서 2015년 5월 5일자로 새롭게 출시된 방폭커넥터의 업그레이드 사양을 소개드리고자 합니다. 기존의 까다롭고 다양한 환경에서 요구되었던 고객님들의 니즈가 최대한 반영되어 출시된 이번 제품군은 보다 안전하고 유연한 연결솔루션을 제공하고 있습니다.



Hazardous Area Connectors

InstrumEx, ControlEx and PowerEx Series



Common Features

There are several innovative features common across the range of Hawke connectors. Despite their highly advanced design and technical features, the range is extremely simple to use and quick to terminate.



Impossible to cross mate

The unique mechanical keying system prevents contact damage and ensures safe use by eliminating the possibility of misconnection of circuits. Machined key and keyway also ensures connector alignment




Ingress and deluge protected

All Hawke ATEX connectors meet the requirements of IP66 and IP67 to IEC60529. They are also deluge protected to DTS01 offering long term protection in onerous environments..




High reliability contacts

Each pin and socket is fitted with multilam technology to ensure reliable low resistance connection on each coupling




Retro fit flange option

Each connector plug and receptacle can be fitted with an optional mounting flange, either at point of order or retro fitted as required, allowing easy mounting of the connectors without the need to disassemble the units




Robust design

Designed and constructed for the most demanding environments, Hawke connectors are durable in almost any environment, requiring no routine maintenance to ensure continued performance.






Selection Overview

Hawke International connectors are ideal for use in hazardous areas commonly found in Oil and Gas exploration, production and process plants. Their features, however, also offer numerous benefits in explosive dust environments as well as harsh and hostile non-explosive applications where temporary but safe disconnection of power is critical. Hawke International’s Ex range
of connectors permit the safe and rapid service, repair and replacement of key plant, provide quick connection to temporary and permanent equipment and greatly reduce hook-up time in capital-intensive processes.

For a guide as to which Ex connector may be best suited to an individual application the table below outlines the main variables.





Tamb: -40°C to +60°C II2 GD Exdbe IIC Extb IIIC Db T85
IP66, 67 & DTS01 deluge protected
Certificate No's Baseefa06ATEX0061X & IECEx BAS 06.0018X



This revolutionary design allows the live mate and de-mating of signal and low
power in hazardous areas safely and quickly. The Instrum connector is available in two sizes. The 4-way and the 9-way options will accept cores ranging between 0.5mm² and 2.5mm² and can operate up to a maximum current of 10A (AC1) at 250V AC and 2.5A (DC1) 60V DC. The 8-way option, designed predominantly for Ethernet applications, will accept cores ranging between 0.14mm² and 0.37mm² and can carry 1A (AC1) at 60V AC and 0.5A (DC1) 60V DC. Instrum connectors include an integral Hawke cable gland for easy termination of both armoured and un-armoured cables.




Tamb: -40°C to +60°C II2 GD Exdb IIC Gb, Extb IIIC T95Db
IP66, 67 & DTS01 deluge protected

Certificate No's Baseefa12ATEX0144X & IECEx BAS 12.0006X



The 4th generation of Control connectors include many features and
refinements as a result of consumer feedback, which makes them particularly
suitable for control and low/medium power applications. The robust stainless steel body can hold up to 60 contacts and will accept conductor sizes ranging between 0.5mm² and 35mm², operating up to 125A and 750V.





Tamb: -40°C to +60°C II2 GD Exdb IIC Extb IIIC Db T85
IP66, 67 & DTS01 deluge protected
Certificate No's Baseefa06ATEX0062X & IECEx BAS 06.0019X



The Power range of connectors have been designed specifically for the
extremely demanding requirements of higher power applications. Inserts are
available with 1 to 4 contacts with a conductor acceptance range of between
50mm² and 630mm² operating up to 780A and 750V as standard. Other voltages
available on special request.





Technical Data

HAWKE, Ex Connectors, InstrumEx, ControlEx, PowerEx

HAWKE Ex Connectos New CAT 20150505.pdf

Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문대리점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.





국내 기술지원 및 구매상담


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