Baumer, CFAK 12P1600, Capacitive proximity sensors 사양소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이시간에는 바우머 정전용량형 센서 CFAK 시리즈 가운데, CFAK12P1600 제품에 대해 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.





Capacitive proximity sensors

CFAK, CFAK 12P1600, CFAK12P1600





Technical Data

Baumer, 바우머, CFAK, CFAK 12P1600, CFAK12P1600, CFAK12P

CFAK 12P1600 DataSheet.pdf

CAT Capacitive Sensors 201209XX.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Baumer, CFAM 12P1600 - Capacitive proximity sensors 사양소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 Capacitive proximity sensors  제품군 가운데, CFAM 12P1600 제품을 살펴보고자 합니다.




Capacitive proximity sensors

CFAM Series

CFAM 12, CFAM 12P1600, CFAM12P1600



Capacitive proximity sensors



- Versatile
- Sensitivity adjustment via pot
- Flush mounting possible



Technical Data

Baumer, CFAM, CFAM 12N1600, CFAM 12N1600/S14, CFAM 12N3600, CFAM 12N3600/S14, CFAM 12P1600, CFAM12P1600, CFAM 12P3600, CFAM 12P3600/S14

CFAM 12P1600 DataSheet.PDF

CAT Capacitive Sensors 201209XX.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.







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Baumer UNDK20N7914/S35A Ultrasonic proximity sensors


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.


바우머 초음파센서 UNDK 시리즈 가운데, 오늘은 UNDK20N7914/S35A 사양을 살펴봅니다.


Ultrasonic proimity sensors

바우머 초음파센서

UNDK 20N7914/S35A,UNDK20N7914/S35A,

UNDK 20N7914S35A,UNDK20N7914S35A



Technicla Data

Baumer, UNKD, UNDK 20N7914/S35A, UNDK20N7914/S35A, UNDK20N7914S35A,

UNDK 20N7914S35A DataSheet.pdf

UNDK 20N7914S35A Manual.pdf

UNDK 20 Sd200 Family .pdf

UNDK 20 Sd400 Family .pdf

UNDK 20 Sd1000 Family .pdf

CAT Ultrasonic Sensors 201305XX EN.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.









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Baumer 바우머 Precision Mechanical Switch My-Com 라인업 소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 Baumer 의 Precision Mechanical Switch My Com 시리즈에 대해 간략히 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.




Presence detection

Precision mechanical switches My-Com®

My-Com® ultra precision switches.

Micrometer precision: 70 times more accurate than a hair is thick!


With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com® remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world. The standard My-Com® range of the most diverse mechanical and electric types largely reflects the requirements of the market. With its extremely compact design, the My-Com® can also be easily integrated in very constrained surroundings


◎ Robust



  • My-Coms of protection class IP 67
  • Selection of activating pins made of steel, ruby & zirconium oxide


    ◎ Purely mechanical



  • Different housing shapes
  • Zirconium oxide activating pin
  • Normally closed (NC)


    ◎ With amplifier



  • PNP/NPN three-wire design
  • Normally open (NO)
  • 50 mA maximum switching current


    ◎ For lateral approach



  • Spherical steel activating pin
  • Lateral approach angle 30° max
  • Effective direction NO or NC


    MY-COM – the world's most accurate limit switch with an accuracy of 1 um

    With a repeat accuracy of 1 micrometer, the My-Com is the world's most accurate and compact mechanical limit switch. The standard My-Com range of different mechanical and electric versions can be integrated into even very restricted surroundings, thanks to their extremely compact design.

    Typical applications for the highly accurate My-Com limit switches are:



    - Precision manufacturing: Reference stop for X/Y table on processing machines

    - Quality control: True-running check in sensors, checking of work piece thicknesses, true-running monitoring

    - Laboratory assemblies: Alignment of mirrors, zero reset switches, references



    Areas of Application

    Typical applications for the My-Com® high-precision switches are:

    - „„„„Reference point setting in X/Y tables and machine tools

    - Monitoring of the closing and locking accuracy of injection molding dies

    - Detection of the smallest deflections, movements and deformations

    - Integration in measuring sensors, gauges and activating pins

    - „„Calibration of measuring instruments in quality control

    - Monitoring of surface roughness

    - Other applications in precision mechanical engineering


    ◎ Precision finishing

    - Referencing XY-tables on machine tools




    ◎ Quality control


    - Concentricity check in measuring gauge

    - „„Checking parts for correct thickness

    - „„Monitoring concentricity




    ◎ Laboratory test setups


    - Referencing mirrors and beam-splitters

    - „„Home position sensor

    - „„Precision referencing





    Technical Data


    MY-COM C30/S35,MY-COM C50/80,MY-COM C50/S35,MY-COM C75/80,MY-COM C75/S35,MY-COM C100/80, MY-COM C100/S35,MY-COM D250/80,MY-COM D250/S35,MY-COM E75/80, MY-COM E100/80,MY-COM E75N80/L,MY-COM E75P80/L,MY-COM F30/80,MY-COM F30/S35,MY-COM F50/80,MY-COM F50/S35,MY-COM F75/80,MY-COM F75/S35,MY-COM F100/80,MY-COM F100/S35,MY-COM G75N/S35L,MY-COM G75N80/L,MY-COM G75P/S35L,MY-COM G75P80/L,MY-COM H75/80,MY-COM H75/S35,MY-COM L75N/S35L,MY-COM L75N80/L,MY-COM L75P/S35L,MY-COM L75P80/L,MY-COM M75/80, MY-COM M75/S35,MY-COM M75N/S35,MY-COM M75N80,MY-COM M75P/S35,MY-COM M75P80,KSW 30BV0200,ESW 31SH0200,ESW 31SH0500,ESW 31SH1000,ESG 32SH0200,ESG 32SH0500,ESG 32SH1000,

    CAT MyCom 2013XXXX.pdf

    주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.


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    Baumer 바우머 Magnetic Sensors 라인업 소개


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 센서솔루션 가운데, Magnetic Sensor 제품군을 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.




    Magnetic Sensors

    Magnetic – sensors robust and precise

    Based on the Hall principle or magneto-resistive circuits

    Baumer magnetic sensors have a detection speed of up to 20,000 measurements per second. Since they work on a contactless principle and do not contain any moving parts like ball bearings, for example, they are maintenance- and wear-free, easy to handle and install, and are completely unaffected by soiling. This makes them absolutely indispensable in many applications, guarantees long service times and allows them to be used reliably in rail applications or in commercial vehicles.


    Depending on the application, magnetic sensors offer a practical alternative to encoders or inductive sensors.


    Baumer offers you a comprehensive and modular portfolio of different technologies (Hall sensors, proximity switches, cylinder sensors) and designs, and thus the ideal solution for all applications.



    ◎ Hall Sensors



    - Detection of speed and direction of rotation of rapidly rotating gear wheels

    - Very little maintenance needed because they are wear-free

    - Special robust versions available



    Magnetic Proximity Switches



    - Reliable and wear-free object detection

    - Large sensing distances of up to 60 mm

    - Their functionality is not affected by soiling or humidity



    Magnetic Cylinder Sensors



    - Detection of final positions in all conventional cylinders

    - Different versions and versatile fitting accessories for maximum flexibility

    - Contactless and completely wear-free



    Magnetic Cylinder Sensors



    - Absolute position detection up to 360° rotary angle

    - High resolution up to 0.09°

    - Linearized analog output signal

    - Wear-free and dirt tolerant





    Technical Data

    ES 14C PG7 ,ES 14 PG7 ,ES 18C PG7 ,ES 18 PG7 ,ES 21 ,ES 21A ,ES 22 ,ES 22A ,ESG 32AH0200 ,ESG 32AH0200G ,ESG 32AH0500 ,ESG 32AH0500G ,ESG 32AH1000 ,ESG 32AH1000G ,ESG 32SH0200 ,ESG 32SH0500 ,ESG 32SH0500G ,ESG 32SH1000 ,ESG 32SH1000G ,ESG 34AH0200 ,ESG 34AH0200G ,ESG 34AH0500 ,ESG 34AH0500G ,ESG 34AH1000 ,ESG 34AH1000G ,ESG 34CH0200 ,ESG 34CH0200G ,ESG 34CH0500 ,ESG 34CH0500G ,ESG 34CH1000G ,ESG 34FH0200G ,ESG 34FH0500G ,ESG 34FH1000G ,ESG 34SH0200 ,ESG 34SH0500 ,ESG 34SH1000 ,ESW 31AH0200 ,ESW 31AH0200G ,ESW 31AH0500 ,ESW 31AH0500G ,ESW 31AH1000 ,ESW 31AH1000G ,ESW 31SH0200 ,ESW 31SH0200G ,ESW 31SH0500 ,ESW 31SH0500G ,ESW 31SH1000 ,ESW 33AH0200 ,ESW 33AH0200G ,ESW 33AH0500 ,ESW 33AH0500G ,ESW 33AH1000 ,ESW 33AH1000G,ESW 33CH0200 ,ESW 33CH0500 ,ESW 33CH0500G ,ESW 33FH0200G ,ESW 33FH0500G ,ESW 33FH1000G ,ESW 33SH0200 ,ESW 33SH0500 ,ESW 33SH1000 ,IHRM 12P1501 ,IHRM 12P1501/KS34P ,MDFM 20I9424/A270 ,MDFM 20I9424/C270 ,MDFM 20I9424/KS35PA270 ,MDFM 20I9424/KS35PC270 ,MDFM 20U9404/A360 ,MDFM 20U9404/KS35PA360 ,MDFM 20U9405/C360 ,MDFM 20U9405/KS35PC360 ,MDRM 18I9524 ,MDRM 18I9524/A270 ,MDRM 18I9524/C270 ,MDRM 18I9524/KS34P ,MDRM 18I9524/S14A270 ,MDRM 18I9524/S14C270 ,MDRM 18U9501 ,MDRM 18U9501/KS35P ,MDRM 18U9504/A360 ,MDRM 18U9504/S14A360 ,MDRM 18U9505/C360 ,MDRM 18U9505/S14C360 ,MDRM 18U9524 ,MFFM 08N1424/PL ,MFFM 08N3424/PL ,MFFM 08P1424/PL ,MFFM 08P3424/PL ,MFRM 08N1524/PL ,MFRM 08N3524/PL ,MFRM 08P1524/PL ,MFRM 08P3524/PL ,MFVM 08N1424/PL ,MFVM 08N3424/PL ,MFVM 08P1424/PL ,MFVM 08P3424/PL ,MHRM 12G2501 ,MHRM 12G5501 ,MHRM 12G5501/S14 ,MHRM 18P5524 ,MTRM 16G2524/M100 ,MTRM 16G2524/M150 ,MTRM 16G2524/M200 ,MTRM 16G2524/M250 ,MTRM 16G2524/M300 ,MZCK 03N1011 ,MZCK 03N1011/KS35D ,MZCK 03N1012 ,MZCK 03N1012/KS35D ,MZCK 03P1011 ,MZCK 03P1011/0500 ,MZCK 03P1011/KS35D ,MZCK 03P1012 ,MZCK 03P1012/KS35D ,MZTK 06N1011 ,MZTK 06N1011/KS35D ,MZTK 06N1012 ,MZTK 06N1012/KS35D ,MZTK 06N1013 ,MZTK 06N1013/KS35D ,MZTK 06P1011 ,MZTK 06P1011/0500 ,MZTK 06P1011/KS35D ,MZTK 06P1012 ,MZTK 06P1012/KS35D ,MZTK 06P1013 ,MZTK 06P1013/0500 ,MZTK 06P1013/KS35D ,MZZA 01 ,MZZA 02 ,MZZB 01/008 ,MZZB 01/010 ,MZZB 01/012 ,MZZB 01/016 ,MZZB 01/020 ,MZZB 01/025 ,MZZB 02/011 ,MZZB 02/012 ,MZZB 02/013 ,MZZB 02/014 ,MZZB 02/016 ,MZZB 02/017 ,MZZB 02/018 ,MZZB 02/020 ,MZZB 02/021 ,MZZB 02/022 ,MZZB 02/024 ,MZZB 02/026 ,MZZB 02/027 ,MZZB 02/029 ,MZZB 02/030 ,MZZB 02/033 ,MZZB 02/036 ,MZZB 02/041 ,MZZB 02/045 ,MZZB 02/052 ,MZZB 02/065 ,MZZC 01/005 ,MZZC 01/032 ,MZZC 01/050 ,MZZC 01/082 ,MZZC 01/125


    CAT Magnetic Sensors 201201XX.pdf

    BRO EcoSpin.pdf


    주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.





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    Baumer 바우머 Capacitive Sensors 라인업 소개


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 센서솔루션 가운데, 정전용량형 Capacitive Sensors 에 대해 살펴보도록 하겠습니다. 상세한 사양은 추후 포스팅예정입니다.




    Capacitive Sensors

    Capacitive sensors measure all media highly accurately

    Material-independent object and filling level detection

    Capacitive sensors can detect metallic, non-metallic, transparent, opaque, liquid and solid, conductive and non-conductive substances reliably without the need for contact. They are thus well suited to detecting diverse objects or also bulk goods and liquids. These "all-rounders" are available in a large number of different designs and versions, and can also be implemented in very flat and space-saving designs





    ◎ Level detection



    - Detection with material contact or not

    - Detection possible through a container

    - Suitable for liquids, granules and bulk goods



    ◎ Object detection



    - Surface-independent measuring principle

    - Flat shape allows space-saving installation

    -Detection possible for the smallest objects



    Baumer Areas of application


    Liquid level monitoring of return flow tanks in laboratory automation



    - Fast and easy sensor installation outside of tanks

    - Long service life thanks to robust housing

    - Several self-definable monitoring areas thanks to easy cascading


    Ink level detection in offset printing machines



    - Level detection in direct contact with the liquid

    - Dirt and drop retention is suppressed by the sensor

    - Easy and safe functional principle


    Wafer detection in solar cell manufacturing facilities



    - Reliable wafer detection thanks to large sensing distances

    - Flush mounting possible thanks to flat design

    - Detection regardless of transparency and brightness of the objects


    Granule level detection in injection molding plants



    - Robust design protects the sensors from mechanical wear

    - Surface-independent detection

    - Fast and easy installation


    Level monitoring in bottling plants



    - Detection through packaging

    - Quality control of closed packaging at the end of the process possible

    - Color-independent detection increases process safety



    Technical Data and CAT Number

    BX 20-1200-1,BX 20-2000-1,BX 20-360-1,BX 20-4000-1,CFAH 30P1200/S14,CFAH 30P3200/S14,CFAK 12N1103,CFAK 12N1105/LN1,CFAK 12N1140/KS35L,CFAK 12N1140/L,CFAK 12N3103,CFAK 12N3105/LN1,CFAK 12N3140/KS35L,CFAK 12N3140/L,CFAK 12P1103,CFAK 12P1105/LN1,CFAK 12P1140/KS35L,CFAK 12P1140/L,CFAK 12P3103,CFAK 12P3105/LN1,CFAK 12P3140/KS35L,CFAK 12P3140/L,CFAK 18N1100,CFAK 18N1200 ,CFAK 18N3100,CFAK 18N3200,CFAK 18P1100,CFAK 18P1200,CFAK 18P3100,CFAK 18P3200,CFAK 30N1100,CFAK 30N1200,CFAK 30N3100,CFAK 30N3200,CFAK 30P1100,CFAK 30P1200,CFAK 30P3100,CFAK 30P3200,CFAM 12N1600/S14,CFAM 12N1600,CFAM 12N3600/S14,CFAM 12N3600,CFAM 12P1600/S14,CFAM 12P1600,CFAM 12P3600/S14,CFAM 12P3600,CFAM 18N1600/S14,CFAM 18N1600,CFAM 18N3600/S14,CFAM 18N3600,CFAM 18P1600/S14,CFAM 18P1600,CFAM 18P3600/S14,CFAM 18P3600,CFAM 30N1600/S14,CFAM 30N1600,CFAM 30N3600/S14,CFAM 30N3600,CFAM 30P1600/S14,CFAM 30P1600,CFAM 30P3600/S14,CFAM 30P3600,CFBM 20N1600,CFBM 20N3600,CFBM 20P1600,CFBM 20P3600,CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN1,CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN3,CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN4 ,CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN5,CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN6,CFDK 25G1125/LN1,CFDK 25G1125/LN3,CFDK 25G1125/LN4,CFDK 25G1125/LN5 ,CFDK 25G1125/LN6,CFDK 25G3125/LN1,CFDK 25G3125/LN3,CFDK 25G3125/LN4,CFDK 25G3125/LN5,CFDK 25G3125/LN6,CFDK 30N1600/S14,CFDK 30N1600,CFDK 30N3600/S14,CFDK 30N3600,CFDK 30P1600/S14,CFDK 30P1600,CFDK 30P3600/S14,CFDK 30P3600,CFDM 20N1500/S35L,CFDM 20N3500/S35L,CFDM 20P1500/S35L,CFDM 20P3500/S35L,ES 14 PG7,ES 14C PG7,ES 18 PG7 ,ES 18C PG7 ,ES 21 ,ES 21A ,ES 22 ,ES 22A ,ESG 32AH0200 ,ESG 32AH0200G ,ESG 32AH0500,ESG 32AH0500G,ESG 32AH1000 ,ESG 32AH1000G,ESG 32SH0200,ESG 32SH0500,ESG 32SH0500G,ESG 32SH1000 ,ESG 32SH1000G,ESG 34AH0200,ESG 34AH0200G,ESG 34AH0500,ESG 34AH0500G,ESG 34AH1000,ESG 34AH1000G,ESG 34CH0200,ESG 34CH0200G,ESG 34CH0500,ESG 34CH0500G,ESG 34CH1000G,ESG 34FH0200G,ESG 34FH0500G,ESG 34FH1000G,ESG 34SH0200,ESG 34SH0500,ESG 34SH1000,ESW 31AH0200 ,ESW 31AH0200G,ESW 31AH0500,ESW 31AH0500G,ESW 31AH1000,ESW 31AH1000G,ESW 31SH0200,ESW 31SH0200G ,ESW 31SH0500,ESW 31SH0500G,ESW 31SH1000,ESW 33AH0200,ESW 33AH0200G,ESW 33AH0500,ESW 33AH0500G,ESW 33AH1000,ESW 33AH1000G,ESW 33CH0200,ESW 33CH0500,ESW 33CH0500G,ESW 33FH0200G,ESW 33FH0500G ,ESW 33FH1000G ,ESW 33SH0200,ESW 33SH0500,ESW 33SH1000,HC25-1

    CAT Capacitive Sensors 201209XX.pdf

    FLY Flat CFDK25 201106XX.pdf

    Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

    주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.






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    Baumer 바우머 Ultrasonic Sensors 라인업 소개


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 센서솔루션 가운데, 초음파 센서 프로덕트 라인업에 대해 간략히 살펴보고자 합니다. 상세 사양에 대해서는 조만간 포스팅예정입니다.





    Ultrasonic Sensors

    for reliable detection, independent of color or transparency


    Ultrasonic sensors for reliable detection, independent of color or transparency

    If you cannot feel you must listen.

    Ultrasonic proximity sensor, through beam and retro-reflective sensors detect objects or fill levels independent of their color or transparency and are incredibly unaffected by soiling. They provide the greatest precision throughout the entire detection area. Different sonic cone profiles allow the sensor to be individually adjusted according to the object, environment and accessibility.



    ◎ U500 series



    - Sensing distance up to 1000 mm

    - User-friendly operation (qTeach TM)

    - Housing compatible with O500



    ◎ Series 18 Reliable and flexible



    - Sensing distance up to 1000 mm

    - Easy teaching procedure with qTeach

    - Available as proximity switch, retro-reflective or distance measuring version

    - Compact M18 housing



    ◎ Detection of small parts / small openings 



    - Very slender sonic cone for openings up to ø 3 mm

    - Resolution up to 0.1 mm

    - Sensing distance up to 150 mm




    ◎ When it has to be cylindrical – Series 12



    - Sensing distance up to 400 mm

    - Compact M12 housing

    - Available as proximity switch, retro-reflective sensor



    ◎ Compact and comprehensive – Series 20



    - Sensing distance up to 1000 mm

    - Extremely compact, flat housing design

    - Available as proximity switch, retro-reflective or through beam sensor



    ◎ The fastest ultrasonic sensors



    - World's fastest ultrasonic sensors - reponse time of only 1.3ms

    - Compact M12 housing

    - Sensing distance up to 70mm



    ◎ Series 10 miniature sensors (SONUS)



    - Smallest and lightest ultrasonic sensors at only 4 grams

    - Sensing distance up to 200 mm

    - Configurable via Teach-in



    ◎ Robust sensors



    - Robust V4A stainless steel housing

    - High chemical resistance due to special coating

    - Sensing distance up to 1000 mm



    ◎ Sensing distance up to 2000 mm – Series 30 



    - Sensing distance up to 2000 mm

    - Available as proximity switch, retro-reflective or through beam sensor

    - Special version available with two independent switching outputs



    ◎ Large sensing distance in the cylindrical housing – Series 50 



    - Sensing distance up to 3000 mm

    - Available as a proximity switch or retro-reflective sensor

    - Special version available with two independent switching outputs



    ◎ Detection range up to 6000 mm – Series 70



    - Large scanning range up to 6000 mm

    - Modell with 2 independent switching outputs for min / max detection

    - Particularly narrow sonic beam for high signal security





    Baumer Areas of application


    Through beam sensors

    Due to their non-pulsed operation, through beam sensors, consisting of emitter and receiver, exhibit the fastest response time of all ultrasonic sensors.



    Applications include:

    - detection of objects following each other in quick succession

    - counting of objects made of materials which are difficult to detect (glass jars, PET bottles)

    - monitoring transparent materials like plastic and glass

    - film rupture control



    Retro-reflective sensors

    Retro-reflective sensors require a fixed reflector or reference target for operation.



    They are ideally suited to reliably detect:

    - odd shaped and non-aligned objects

    - sound deflecting targets

    - sound absorbing materials like cottonwool and foam rubber




    Technical Data



    ESG 32AH0200 ,ESG 32AH0200G ,ESG 32AH0500 ,ESG 32AH0500G ,ESG 32AH1000,ESG 32AH1000G ,ESG 34AH0200 ,ESG 34AH0200G ,ESG 34AH0500,ESG 34AH0500G ,ESG 34AH1000 ,ESG 34AH1000G ,ESG 34CH0200,ESG 34CH0200G ,ESG 34CH0500 ,ESG 34CH0500G ,ESG 34CH1000G,ESG 34SH0200 ,ESG 34SH0500 ,ESG 34SH1000 ,ESW 31AH0200 ,ESW 31AH0200G,ESW 31AH0500 ,ESW 31AH0500G ,ESW 31AH1000 ,ESW 31AH1000G,ESW 33AH0200 ,ESW 33AH0200G ,ESW 33AH0500 ,ESW 33AH0500G,ESW 33AH1000 ,ESW 33AH1000G ,ESW 33CH0200 ,ESW 33CH0500,ESW 33CH0500G ,ESW 33SH0200 ,ESW 33SH0500 ,ESW 33SH1000,UEDK 20P6103/S35A ,UEDK 30N5103/S14 ,UEDK 30N5103 ,UEDK 30P5103/S14,UEDK 30P5103 ,UNAM 12I9912/S14 ,UNAM 12I9914/S14 ,UNAM 12N1912/S14,UNAM 12N1914/S14 ,UNAM 12N1914/S14D ,UNAM 12N3912/S14,UNAM 12N3914/S14 ,UNAM 12N8910/S14O ,UNAM 12N8910/S14OD,UNAM 12P1912/S14 ,UNAM 12P1914/S14 ,UNAM 12P1914/S14D,UNAM 12P3912/S14 ,UNAM 12P3914/S14 ,UNAM 12P8910/S14O,UNAM 12P8910/S14OD ,UNAM 12U9912/S14 ,UNAM 12U9914/S14,UNAM 12U9914/S14D ,UNAM 18I6903/S14 ,UNAM 18N1703 ,UNAM 18N3703,UNAM 18N6903/S14 ,UNAM 18P1703 ,UNAM 18P3703 ,UNAM 18P6903/S14,UNAM 18P7903/S14 ,UNAM 18U6903/S14 ,UNAM 30I6103/S14 ,UNAM 30I6103 ,UNAM 30I6803/S14 ,UNAM 30N1104/S14 ,UNAM 30N1104 ,UNAM 30N3104/S14 ,UNAM 30N3104 ,UNAM 30P1104/S14 ,UNAM 30P1104 ,UNAM 30P3104/S14 ,UNAM 30P3104 ,UNAM 30U6103/S14 ,UNAM 30U6103 ,UNAM 30U9103/S14 ,UNAM 30U9103 ,UNAM 50I6121/S14 ,UNAM 50I6121 ,UNAM 50N1721/S14 ,UNAM 50N1721 ,UNAM 50N3721/S14 ,UNAM 50N3721 ,UNAM 50P1721/S14 ,UNAM 50P1721 ,UNAM 50P3721/S14 ,UNAM 50P3721 ,UNAM 50U6121/S14 ,UNAM 50U6121 ,UNAR 18I6903/S14G ,UNAR 18I6912/S14G ,UNAR 18N6903/S14G ,UNAR 18N6912/S14G ,UNAR 18N7903/S14G ,UNAR 18N7912/S14G ,UNAR 18P6903/S14G ,UNAR 18P6912/S14G ,UNAR 18P7903/S14G ,UNAR 18P7912/S14G ,UNAR 18U6903/S14G ,UNAR 18U6912/S14G ,UNCK 09G8914/D1 ,UNCK 09G8914/IO ,UNCK 09G8914/KS35A/IO ,UNCK 09G8914/KS35A ,UNCK 09G8914/KS35AD1 ,UNCK 09G8914 ,UNCK 09T9114/D1 ,UNCK 09T9114/KS35A ,UNCK 09T9114/KS35AD1 ,UNCK 09T9114 ,UNCK 09U6914/D1 ,UNCK 09U6914/KS35A ,UNCK 09U6914/KS35AD1 ,UNCK 09U6914 ,UNDK 09G8914/D1 ,UNDK 09G8914/IO ,UNDK 09G8914/KS35A/IO 32,UNDK 09G8914/KS35A ,UNDK 09G8914/KS35AD1 ,UNDK 09G8914 ,UNDK 09T9114/D1 ,UNDK 09T9114/KS35A ,UNDK 09T9114/KS35AD1 ,UNDK 09T9114 ,UNDK 09U6914/D1 ,UNDK 09U6914/KS35A ,UNDK 09U6914/KS35AD1 ,UNDK 09U6914 ,UNDK 10N8914/KS35A ,UNDK 10N8914/S35A ,UNDK 10N8914 ,UNDK 10P8914/KS35A ,UNDK 10P8914/S35A ,UNDK 10P8914 ,UNDK 10U6914/KS35A ,UNDK 10U6914/S35A ,UNDK 10U6914 ,UNDK 20I6903/S35A ,UNDK 20I6912/S35A ,UNDK 20I6914/S35A ,UNDK 20N6903/S35A ,UNDK 20N6912/S35A ,UNDK 20N6914/S35A ,UNDK 20N7903/S35A ,UNDK 20N7912/S35A ,UNDK 20N7914/S35A ,UNDK 20P6903/S35A ,UNDK 20P6912/S35A ,UNDK 20P6914/S35A ,UNDK 20P7803/S35A ,UNDK 20P7912/S35A ,UNDK 20P7914/S35A ,UNDK 20U6903/S35A ,UNDK 20U6912/S35A ,UNDK 20U6914/S35A ,UNDK 30I6103/S14 ,UNDK 30I6103 ,UNDK 30I6104/S14 ,UNDK 30I6112/S14 ,UNDK 30I6112 ,UNDK 30I6113/S14 ,UNDK 30I6113 ,UNDK 30N1703/S14 ,UNDK 30N1703 ,UNDK 30N1712/S14 ,UNDK 30N1712 ,UNDK 30N1713/S14 ,UNDK 30N1713 ,UNDK 30N3703/S14 ,UNDK 30N3703 ,UNDK 30N3712/S14 ,UNDK 30N3712 ,UNDK 30N3713/S14 ,UNDK 30N3713 ,UNDK 30P1703/S14 ,UNDK 30P1703 ,UNDK 30P1712/S14 ,UNDK 30P1712 ,UNDK 30P1713/S14 ,UNDK 30P1713 ,UNDK 30P3703/S14 ,UNDK 30P3703 ,UNDK 30P3712/S14 ,UNDK 30P3712 ,UNDK 30P3713/S14 ,UNDK 30P3713 ,UNDK 30U6103/S14 ,UNDK 30U6103 ,UNDK 30U6104/S14 ,UNDK 30U6104 ,UNDK 30U6112/S14 ,UNDK 30U6112 ,UNDK 30U6113/S14 ,UNDK 30U6113 ,UNDK 30U9103/S14 ,UNDK 30U9103 ,UNDK 30U9112/S14 ,UNDK 30U9112 ,UNDK 30U9113/S14 ,UNDK 30U9113 ,URAM 12N8910/S14O ,URAM 12N8910/S14OD ,URAM 12P8910/S14O ,URAM 12P8910/S14OD ,URAM 50N1721/S14 ,URAM 50N1721 ,URAM 50P6121/S14 ,URAM 50P6121 ,URAM 50P7121/S14 ,URAM 50P7121 ,URAR 18N6912/S14G ,URAR 18N7912/S14G ,URAR 18P6912/S14G ,URAR 18P7912/S14G ,URCK 09G8914/KS35A ,URCK 09G8914 ,URDK 09G8914/KS35A ,URDK 09G8914 ,URDK 10N8914/KS35A ,URDK 10N8914/S35A ,URDK 10N8914 ,URDK 10P8914/KS35A ,URDK 10P8914/S35A ,URDK 10P8914 ,URDK 20N6903/S35A ,URDK 20N6912/S35A ,URDK 20N6914/S35A ,URDK 20N7903/S35A ,URDK 20N7912/S35A ,URDK 20N7914/S35A ,URDK 20P6903/S35A ,URDK 20P6912/S35A ,URDK 20P6914/S35A ,URDK 20P7903/S35A ,URDK 20P7912/S35A ,URDK 20P7914/S35A ,URDK 30N1703/S14 ,URDK 30N3703/S14 ,URDK 30P1703/S14 ,URDK 30P3703/S14 ,URDK 30P6104/S14 ,URDK 30P7104/S14 ,USDK 20D9003/S35A ,USDK 30D9003/S14 ,USDK 30D9003 ,UZAM 30N6103/S14 ,UZAM 30P6103/S14 ,UZAM 30P6103 ,UZAM 30P6803/S14C ,UZAM 50N6121/S14 ,UZAM 50N6121 ,UZAM 50P6121/S14 ,UZAM 50P6121 ,UZDK 30N6112/S14 ,UZDK 30P6103/S14 UZDK 30P6103 ,UZDK 30P6104/S14, UZDK 30P6104 ,UZDK 30P6112/S14 ,UZDK 30P6113/S14 ,UZDK 30P6113

    CAT Ultrasonic Sensors 201305XX EN.pdf

    BRO U500 201312XX.pdf

    BRO UR18 201410XX.pdf


    Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

    주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.







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    Baumer 바우머 Inductive sensors 라인업 소개


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 센서솔루션 가운데, Presence detection 에 적합한 Baumer Inductive sensors 제품군에 대해 간략히 살펴보도록 하겠습니다. 기타 상세 사양에 대해서는 추후 포스팅 예정에 있습니다.




    Inductive Sensors

    For the contactless detection of metal objects



    Indispensable in all machines – Inductive proximity switches to monitor presence, movement and position.


    Baumer is a development pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers of inductive sensors – the heart and soul of all machines. As individual items or in large quantities - we deliver standard products in various housing sizes with different sensing distances. But always with the same high quality.





    These include miniature sensors with fully integrated processing electronics for applications in cramped spaces as well as especially robust sensors for outdoors and hygienic applications in stainless steel housings with high protection classes and our sealing concept proTect+. And if the standard solution doesn't fit, or to find an innovative solution for specific tasks, we can also produce individual models to customers' specifications.





    Baumer Inductive Sensors Portfolio


    Miniature Sensors

    - Completely integrated processing electronics

    - For applications in cramped spaces

    - Wide variety of designs




    Factor 1 Sensors


    - Same sensing distance for all metals

    - Largest sensing distance for aluminum

    - High switching frequencies



    Outdoor Sensors



    - Robust stainless steel housing

    - Long-term seal as per IP 69K thanks to the proTect+ impermeability concept

    - High signal quality in an extended temperature range



    Standard Sensors


    - Very high resolution and repeat accuracy

    - High switching frequencies

    - Very small dimensions possible


    Hygenic and washdown Sensors



    - EHEDG-certified, FDA-compliant, Ecolab-tested

    - Long-term seal as per IP 69K thanks to the proTect+ impermeability concept

    - Easy to retrofit because of its backwards compatibility to standard inductive sensors




    All-metal Sensors (DuroProx)



    - Robust all-metal housing made of stainless steel (V4A)

    - For demanding applications

    - High temperature range up to 100°C



    Sensors with extended temperature range



    - High temperature range up to 180°C

    - Versions with integrated or detached processing electronics

    - High switching frequencies



    Sensors resistant to high pressure and weld field immune



    - Pressure resistant up to 500bar

    - For high magnetic fields up to 90 mT

    - High switching frequencies



    Inductive sensors for the ex-area



    - For environments with flammable gas and dust

    - Different types of protection

    - Available in small tree sizes



    Large sensing distance (GammaProx)



    - Large measuring distance with small dimensions

    - Low temperature drift

    - Shielded and unshielded versions



    We helped to create the technology, and even today we are one of the pioneers with innovative concepts.



    Areas of application


    Coil and transformer production

    - Copper wire coil detection

    - Quality control during coil production

    - Use on winding machines





    Handling and robotics

    - Presence check in the tool holder

    - Allows greater installation tolerances

    - Reliable detection even at greatly varying object distances




    Technical Data

    ES 14 PG7,ES 14C PG7,ES 18 PG7,ES 18C PG7,ES 21,ES 21A,ES 22,ES 22A,ESG 05AP0200G,ESG 05SP0200,ESG 05SP0500,ESG 05SP1000,ESG 09SH0200,ESG 09SH0500,ESG 09SH1000 ,ESG 32AH0200 ,ESG 32AH0200G,ESG 32AH0500,SG 32AH0500G,ESG 32AH1000 ,SG 32AH1000G ,ESG 32SF0500,ESG 32SF1000,ESG 32SH0200,ESG 32SH0500 ,ESG 32SH0500G ,ESG 32SH1000 ,ESG 32SH1000G,ESG 34AE0500 ,ESG 34AE0500G ,ESG 34AE1000 ,ESG 34AE1000G,ESG 34AF0200 ,ESG 34AF0500 3,ESG 34AF1000 ,ESG 34AF2500 ,ESG 34AH0200,ESG 34AH0200G ,ESG 34AH0500 ,ESG 34AH0500G ,ESG 34AH1000,ESG 34AH1000G ,ESG 34CH0200 ,ESG 34CH0200G ,ESG 34CH0500,ESG 34CH0500G ,ESG 34CH1000G ,ESG 34FH0200G ,ESG 34FH0500G,ESG 34FH1000G ,ESG 34SH0200 ,ESG 34SH0500 ,ESG 34SH1000,ESW 05SP0200 ,ESW 05SP0500 ,ESW 08SH0200 ,ESW 08SH0500 ,ESW 31AH0200,ESW 31AH0200G ,ESW 31AH0500 ,ESW 31AH0500G ,ESW 31AH1000,ESW 31AH1000G ,ESW 31SH0200 ,ESW 31SH0200G ,ESW 31SH0500,ESW 31SH0500G ,ESW 31SH1000 ,ESW 33AF0200 ,ESW 33AF0500 ,ESW 33AF2500,ESW 33AH0200 ,ESW 33AH0200G ,ESW 33AH0500 ,ESW 33AH0500G,ESW 33AH1000 ,ESW 33AH1000G ,ESW 33CH0200 ,ESW 33CH0500,ESW 33CH0500G ,ESW 33FH0200G ,ESW 33FH0500G ,ESW 33FH1000G,ESW 33SH0200 ,ESW 33SH0500 ,ESW 33SH1000 ,HI06-1H ,HI11-1H ,HI17-1H,IARM 08P1503/S35L ,IARM 12N15A3/S35L,IARM 12P15A3/S35L,IFBR 06N13T1/S14L-9,IFBR 06N33T1/S14L-9,IFBR 06P13T1/S14L-9,IFBR 06P33T1/S14L-9,IFBR 11N13T1/L-9,IFBR 11N13T1/S14L-9,IFBR 11N17T1/L-9,IFBR 11N17T1/S14L-9,IFBR 11N33T1/L-9,IFBR 11N33T1/S14L-9,IFBR 11N37T1/L-9 ,IFBR 11N37T1/S14L-9 ,IFBR 11P13T1/L-9 ,IFBR 11P13T1/S14L-9,IFBR 11P17T1/L-9,IFBR 11P17T1/S14L-9,IFBR 11P33T1/L-9,IFBR 11P33T1/S14L-9 ,IFBR 11P37T1/L-9 ,IFBR 11P37T1/S14L-9,IFBR 17N13T1/L-9,IFBR 17N13T1/S14L-9,IFBR 17N17T1/L-9,IFBR 17N17T1/S14L-9 ,IFBR 17N33T1/L-9 ,IFBR 17N33T1/S14L-9 ,IFBR 17N37T1/L-9,IFBR 17N37T1/S14L-9,IFBR 17P13T1/L-9,IFBR 17P13T1/S14L-9,IFBR 17P17T1/L-9.IFBR 17P17T1/S14L-9,IFBR 17P33T1/L-9,IFBR 17P33T1/S14L-9,IFBR 17P37T1/L-9 ,IFBR 17P37T1/S14L-9,IFF 08.82.05 ,IFFK 10E9101,IFFM 04N1501/O1L,IFFM 04N3501/O1L,IFFM 04P1501/O1L,IFFM 04P3501/O1L,IFFM 06N15A1/O1L,IFFM 06N15A3/O1L,IFFM 06N15A3/O1S05L,IFFM 06N35A1/O1L,IFFM 06N35A3/O1L,IFFM 06N35A3/O1S05L,IFFM 06P15A1/O1L,IFFM 06P15A3/O1L,IFFM 06P15A3/O1S05L,IFFM 06P35A1/O1L,IFFM 06P35A3/O1L,IFFM 06P35A3/O1S05L,IFFM 08N1701/O1L,IFFM 08N1701/O1S35L,IFFM 08N1702/O1L,IFFM 08N1703/O1L,IFFM 08N1703/O2S35L,IFFM 08N17A1/O1S35L ,IFFM 08N17A3/O1S35L ,IFFM 08N17A5/O1S35L,IFFM 08N17A6/KS35L,IFFM 08N17A6/L ,IFFM 08N3701/O1L,IFFM 08N3701/O1S35L,IFFM 08N3702/O1L ,IFFM 08N3703/O1L,IFFM 08N3703/O2S35L,IFFM 08N37A1/O1S35L ,IFFM 08N37A3/O1S35L,IFFM 08N37A5/O1S35L,IFFM 08N37A6/KS35L ,IFFM 08N37A6/L,IFFM 08P1701/O1L 123,IFFM 08P1701/O1S35L,IFFM 08P1702/O1L,IFFM 08P1703/O1L,IFFM 08P1703/O2S35L,IFFM 08P17A1/O1S35L,IFFM 08P17A3/O1S35L,IFFM 08P17A5/O1S35L ,IFFM 08P17A6/KS35L,IFFM 08P17A6/L,IFFM 08P3701/O1L,IFFM 08P3701/O1S35L,IFFM 08P3702/O1L,IFFM 08P3703/O1L,IFFM 08P3703/O2S35L,IFFM 08P37A1/O1S35L,IFFM 08P37A3/O1S35L ,IFFM 08P37A5/O1S35L,IFFM 08P37A6/KS35L,IFFM 08P37A6/L,IFFM 12N17A3/S05L,IFFM 12N37A3/S05L,IFFM 12P17A3/S05L,IFFM 12P37A3/S05L,IFFM 20N1501/S35L,IFFM 20N17A3/S35L 128,IFFM 20N3501/S35L,IFFM 20N37A3/S35L,IFFM 20P1501/S35L ,IFFM 20P17A3/S35L,IFFM 20P3501/S35L,IFFM 20P37A3/S35L,IFR 04.82.05 ,IFR 05.82.05 ,IFR 10.82.01 ,IFR 10.82.05 ,IFRD 06N17A1/S35L,IFRD 06N17T1/S35,IFRD 06N37A1/S35L,IFRD 06N37T1/S35,IFRD 06P17A1/S35L,IFRD 06P17T1/S35,IFRD 06P37A1/S35L,IFRD 06P37T1/S35,IFRD 08N17A1/S35L,IFRD 08N17T1/S35,IFRD 08N37A1/S35L,IFRD 08N37T1/S35,IFRD 08P17A1/S35L,IFRD 08P17T1/S35,IFRD 08P37A1/S35L,IFRD 08P37T1/S35,IFRD 12N17A3/S14L,IFRD 12N17T3/S14,IFRD 12N37A3/S14L,IFRD 12N37T3/S14,IFRD 12P17A3/S14L,IFRD 12P17T3/S14,IFRD 12P37A3/S14L,IFRD 12P37T3/S14,IFRD 18N17A3/S14L,IFRD 18N17T3/S14,IFRD 18N37A3/S14L,IFRD 18N37T3/S14,IFRD 18P17A3/S14L,IFRD 18P17T3/S14,IFRD 18P37A3/S14L ,IFRD 18P37T3/S14 ,IFRH 08P1501/L ,IFRH 08P3501/L,IFRH 12P1501/L,IFRH 12P3501/L,IFRH 18P1501/L,IFRH 18P3501/L,IFRM 03N1501/KS35L,IFRM 03N1501/L,IFRM 03N1503/Q ,IFRM 03N1505/CS35L ,IFRM 03N3501/KS35L,IFRM 03N3501/L,IFRM 03N3503/Q69,IFRM 03N3505/CS35L,IFRM 03P1501/KS35L ,IFRM 03P1501/L,IFRM 03P1503/Q ,IFRM 03P1505/CS35L 8,IFRM 03P3501/KS35L ,IFRM 03P3501/69,IFRM 03P3503/Q IFRM 03P3505/CS35L68,IFRM 04N15A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04N15A1/L ,IFRM 04N15A3/KS35PL ,IFRM 04N15A3/L 2,IFRM 04N15A3/S05L 04N15A3/S35L ,IFRM 04N15A5/71,IFRM 04N15B1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04N15B1/L70,IFRM 04N17A1/KS35PL76,IFRM 04N17A1/PL ,IFRM 04N17A1/S35L ,IFRM 04N17A3/KS35PL ,IFRM 04N17A3/PL ,IFRM 04N17A3/S05L 5,IFRM 04N17A3/77,IFRM 04N35A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04N35A1/L ,IFRM 04N35A3/72,IFRM 04N35A3/L,IFRM 04N35A3/S05L ,IFRM 04N35A3/74,IFRM 04N35A5/Q ,IFRM 04N35B1/KS35PL70,IFRM 04N35B1/L ,IFRM 04N37A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04N37A1/PL,IFRM 04N37A1/77,IFRM 04N37A3/75,IFRM 04N37A3/PL ,IFRM 04N37A3/S05L ,IFRM 04N37A3/77,IFRM 04P15A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P15A1/L,IFRM 04P15A1/S35L ,IFRM 04P15A3/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P15A3/L ,IFRM 04P15A3/S05L72,IFRM 04P15A3/S35L ,IFRM 04P15A5/Q ,IFRM 04P15B1/KS35PL70,IFRM 04P15B1/L ,IFRM 04P17A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P17A1/76,IFRM 04P17A1/S35L,IFRM 04P17A3/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P17A3/75,IFRM 04P17A3/S05L ,IFRM 04P17A3/77,IFRM 04P35A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P35A1/L ,IFRM 04P35A1/S35L,IFRM 04P35A3/KS35PL 2,IFRM 04P35A3/L ,IFRM 04P35A3/S05L,IFRM 04P35A3/S35L ,IFRM 04P35A5/Q ,IFRM 04P35B1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P35B1/L,IFRM 04P37A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 04P37A1/PL ,IFRM 04P37A1/S35L,IFRM 04P37A3/KS35PL 5,IFRM 04P37A3/PL ,IFRM 04P37A3/S05L 5,IFRM 04P37A3/S35L,IFRM 05N15A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 05N15A1/L80,IFRM 05N15A3/KS35PL ,IFRM 05N15A3/L 05N15A3/79,IFRM 05N15A3/S35L ,IFRM 05N15A5/Q ,IFRM 05N17A1/PL ,IFRM 05N17A1/S35L 4,IFRM 05N17A3/PL ,IFRM 05N17A3/S05L,IFRM 05N17A3/S35L 4,IFRM 05N35A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 05N35A1/L ,IFRM 05N35A3/KS35PL79,IFRM 05N35A3/L ,IFRM 05N35A3/S05L,IFRM 05N35A3/S35L ,IFRM 05N35A5/Q ,IFRM 05N37A1/PL ,IFRM 05N37A1/S35L,IFRM 05N37A3/82,IFRM 05N37A3/S05L82,IFRM 05N37A3/S35L,IFRM 05P15A1/KS35PL80,IFRM 05P15A1/L ,IFRM 05P15A1/S35L,IFRM 05P15A3/79,IFRM 05P15A3/L ,IFRM 05P15A3/S05L ,IFRM 05P15A3/S35L,IFRM 05P15A5/Q ,IFRM 05P17A1/PL ,IFRM 05P17A1/S35L ,IFRM 05P17A3/PL ,IFRM 05P17A3/82,IFRM 05P17A3/S35L ,IFRM 05P35A1/KS35PL ,IFRM 05P35A180,IFRM 05P35A1/S35L ,IFRM 05P35A3/KS35PL ,IFRM 05P35A3/L 9,IFRM 05P35A3/S05L 05P35A3/S35L ,IFRM 78,IFRM 05P37A1/PL 83,IFRM 05P37A1/S35L ,IFRM 05P37A3/PL 2,IFRM 05P37A3/S05L 82IFRM 05P37A3/S35L ,IFRM 06N13G1/L ,IFRM 06N13G1/S35L ,IFRM 06N1701/KS35L ,IFRM 06N1701/L ,IFRM 06N1707 ,IFRM 06N1713/KS35L ,IFRM 06N1713/L ,IFRM 06N17A1/KS35L ,IFRM 06N17A1/L87,IFRM 06N17A1/S35L ,IFRM 06N17A3/S35L ,IFRM 06N17A4/L ,IFRM 06N17A4/S35L ,IFRM 06N17A5/S35L ,IFRM 06N17G1/L ,IFRM 06N17G1/S35L 06N33G1/L ,IFRM 06N33G1/S35L ,IFRM 06N3701/KS35L ,IFRM 06N3701/L ,IFRM 06N3713/KS35L 5,IFRM 06N3713/L ,IFRM 06N37A1/KS35L 7,IFRM 06N37A1/L 7,IFRM 06N37A1/S35L ,IFRM 06N37A3/S35L ,IFRM 06N37A4/L ,IFRM 06N37A4/S35L ,IFRM 06N37A5/S35L ,IFRM 06N37G1/L ,IFRM 06N37G1/89,IFRM 06P13G1/L ,IFRM 06P13G1/S35L ,IFRM 06P1701/KS35L ,IFRM 06P1701/L ,IFRM 06P1707,IFRM 06P1713/KS35L,IFRM 06P1713/L,IFRM 06P17A1/KS35L,IFRM 06P17A1/L,IFRM 06P17A1/S35L,IFRM 06P17A3/S35L,IFRM 06P17A4/KS35L,IFRM 06P17A4/L,IFRM 06P17A4/S35L,IFRM 06P17A5/S35L,IFRM 06P17G1/L,IFRM 06P17G1/S35L ,IFRM 06P33G1/L ,IFRM 06P33G1/S35L ,IFRM 06P3701/KS35L ,IFRM 06P3701/L ,IFRM 06P3713/KS35L ,IFRM 06P3713/L ,IFRM 06P37A1/KS35L ,IFRM 06P37A1/L ,IFRM 06P37A1/S35L ,IFRM 06P37A3/S35L ,IFRM 06P37A4/KS35L ,IFRM 06P37A4/L ,IFRM 06P37A4/S35L ,IFRM 06P37A5/S35L ,IFRM 06P37G1/L ,IFRM 06P37G1/S35L ,IFRM 06X9503/P ,IFRM 06X9503 ,IFRM 08N13G1/L ,IFRM 08N13G1/S35L ,IFRM 08N1701/KS35L ,IFRM 08N1701/L ,IFRM 08N1703/S14L ,IFRM 08N1707 ,IFRM 08N1713/KS35L ,IFRM 08N1713/L ,IFRM 08N17A1/KS35L ,IFRM 08N17A1/L ,IFRM 08N17A1/S35L ,IFRM 08N17A3/S35L ,IFRM 08N17A4/KS35L ,IFRM 08N17A4/L ,IFRM 08N17A4/S35L ,IFRM 08N17A5/S35L ,IFRM 08N17G1/L ,IFRM 08N17G1/S35L,IFRM 08N33G1/L ,IFRM 08N33G1/S35L ,IFRM 08N3713/KS35L,IFRM 08N3713/L ,IFRM 08N37A1/KS35L ,IFRM 08N37A1/L 3,IFRM 08N37A1/S35L ,IFRM 08N37A3/S35L ,IFRM 08N37A4/KS35L ,IFRM 08N37A4/L ,IFRM 08N37A4/S35L ,IFRM 08N37A5/S35L 1,IFRM 08N37G1/L ,IFRM 08N37G1/S35L ,IFRM 08P13G1/L ,IFRM 08P13G1/S35L ,IFRM 08P1701/KS35L ,IFRM 08P1701/L ,IFRM 08P1703/S14L ,IFRM 08P1707 ,IFRM 08P1713/KS35L ,IFRM 08P1713/L ,IFRM 08P17A1/KS35L ,IFRM 08P17A1/L ,IFRM 08P17A1/S35L ,IFRM 08P17A3/S35L ,IFRM 08P17A4/KS35L ,IFRM 08P17A4/L ,IFRM 08P17A4/S35L ,IFRM 08P17A5/S35L ,IFRM 08P17G1/L ,IFRM 08P17G1/S35L ,IFRM 08P17T4 ,IFRM 08P33G1/L ,IFRM 08P33G1/S35L ,IFRM 08P3701/KS35L ,IFRM 08P3701/L ,IFRM 08P3703/S14L ,IFRM 08P3713/KS35L ,IFRM 08P3713/L ,IFRM 08P37A1/KS35L ,IFRM 08P37A1/L 9,IFRM 08P37A1/S35L ,IFRM 08P37A3/S35L ,IFRM 08P37A4/KS35L ,IFRM 08P37A4/L ,IFRM 08P37A4/S35L ,IFRM 08P37A5/S35L ,IFRM 08P37G1/L ,IFRM 08P37G1/S35L ,IFRM 08X9103 ,IFRM 08X9501/S35 ,IFRM 08X9503/S35 ,IFRM 08X9503 ,IFRM 12N13G1/L ,IFRM 12N13G1/S14L ,IFRM 12N13G3/L ,IFRM 12N13G3/S14L ,IFRM 12N13T1/PL ,IFRM 12N13T1/S14L 144,IFRM 12N1701/L 8,IFRM 12N1701/S14L ,IFRM 12N1701/S35L ,IFRM 12N1702/L ,IFRM 12N1703/S14L ,IFRM 12N1704/L ,IFRM 12N1704/S14L ,IFRM 12N1707 ,IFRM 12N17G1/L ,IFRM 12N17G1/S14L ,IFRM 12N17G3/L ,IFRM 12N17G3/S14L ,IFRM 12N17X1/L ,IFRM 12N17X2/L ,IFRM 12N33G1/L ,IFRM 12N33G1/S14L ,IFRM 12N33G3/L ,IFRM 12N33G3/S14L ,IFRM 12N33T1/PL ,IFRM 12N33T1/S14L ,IFRM 12N3701/L ,IFRM 12N3701/S14L ,IFRM 12N3701/S35L ,IFRM 12N3702/L,IFRM 12N3703/S14L ,IFRM 12N3704/L ,IFRM 12N3704/S14L,IFRM 12N37G1/L ,IFRM 12N37G1/S14L ,IFRM 12N37G3/L ,IFRM 12N37G3/S14L ,IFRM 12N37X1/L ,IFRM 12N37X2/L ,IFRM 12P13G1/L ,IFRM 12P13G1/S14L ,IFRM 12P13G3/L ,IFRM 12P13G3/S14L ,IFRM 12P13T1/PL 144,IFRM 12P13T1/S14L ,IFRM 12P1701/L ,IFRM 12P1701/S14L ,IFRM 12P1701/S35L ,IFRM 12P1702/L ,IFRM 12P1703/S14L ,IFRM 12P1704/L 100,IFRM 12P1704/S14L ,IFRM 12P1707 ,IFRM 12P17G1/L ,IFRM 12P17G1/S14L 103IFRM 12P17G3/L ,IFRM 12P17G3/S14L ,IFRM 12P17X1/L,IFRM 12P17X2/L ,IFRM 12P33G1/L105,IFRM 12P33G1/S14L ,IFRM 12P33G3/L,IFRM 12P33G3/S14L ,IFRM 12P33T1/PL ,IFRM 12P33T1/S14L ,IFRM 12P3701/L,IFRM 12P3701/S14L ,IFRM 12P3701/S35L ,IFRM 12P3702/L ,IFRM 12P3703/S14L,IFRM 12P3704/L ,IFRM 12P3704/S14L ,IFRM 12P37G1/L ,IFRM 12P37G1/S14L,IFRM 12P37G3/L ,IFRM 12P37G3/S14L,IFRM 12P37X1/L ,IFRM 12P37X2/L,IFRM 12X9103 ,IFRM 12X9503 ,IFRM 18N13G1/L ,IFRM 18N13G1/S14L,IFRM 18N13G3/L ,IFRM 18N13G3/S14L ,IFRM 18N13T1/PL ,IFRM 18N13T1/S14L,IFRM 18N1701/S35L ,IFRM 18N1704/L ,IFRM 18N1704/S14L ,IFRM 18N17A3/L,IFRM 18N17A3/S14L ,IFRM 18N17A5/L ,IFRM 18N17A5/S14L,IFRM 18N17G1/L,IFRM 18N17G1/S14L ,IFRM 18N17G3/L ,IFRM 18N17G3/S14L,IFRM 18N17M1/PL,IFRM 18N17M1/S14L ,IFRM 18N33G1/L,IFRM 18N33G1/S14L,IFRM 18N33G3/L,IFRM 18N33G3/S14L ,IFRM 18N33T1/PL,IRM 18N33T1/S14L,IFRM 18N3701/S35L ,IFRM 18N37A3/L ,IFRM 18N37A3/S14L,IFRM 18N37A5/L,IFRM 18N37A5/S14L ,IFRM 18N37G1/L ,IFRM 18N37G1/S14L,IFRM 18N37G3/L,IFRM 18N37G3/S14L ,IFRM 18N37M1/PL ,IFRM 18N37M1/S14L,IFRM 18P1301/L,IFRM 18P1301/S14L ,IFRM 18P13G1/L ,IFRM 18P13G1/S14L,IFRM 18P13G3/L,IFRM 18P13G3/S14L ,IFRM 18P13T1/PL ,IFRM 18P13T1/S14L,IFRM 18P1701/S35L ,IFRM 18P1704/L ,IFRM 18P1704/S14L ,IFRM 18P17A3/L ,IFRM 18P17A3/S14L,IFRM 18P17A5/L ,IFRM 18P17A5/S14L ,IFRM 18P17G1/L ,IFRM 18P17G1/S14L,IFRM 18P17G3/L ,IFRM 18P17G3/S14L ,IFRM 18P17M1/PL ,IFRM 18P17M1/S14L,IFRM 18P33G1/L,IFRM 18P33G1/S14L ,IFRM 18P33G3/L,IFRM 18P33G3/S14L,IFRM 18P33T1/PL,IFRM 18P33T1/S14L ,IFRM 18P3701/S35L,IFRM 18P3704/S14L,IFRM 18P37A3/L,IFRM 18P37A3/S14L ,IFRM 18P37A5/L,IFRM 18P37A5/S14L ,IFRM 18P37G1/L,IFRM 18P37G1/S14L ,IFRM 18P37G3/L,IFRM 18P37G3/S14L,IFRM 18P37M1/PL,IFRM 18P37M1/S14L 14,IFRM 18X9103 ,IFRM 18X9503,IFRM 30P1101/S14L,IFRM 30P1201/L ,IFRM 30P1501/S14L,IFRM 30P1601/L,IFRM 30P3101/S14L,IFRM 30P3201/L 6,IFRM 30P3501/S14L 115,IFRM 30P3601/L 115,IFRP 12P1501/S14 ,IFRP 12P1504/S14,IFRP 16P1501/S14,IFRP 18P1501/S14 ,IFRR 08N13T1/S14L-9,IFRR 08N33T1/S14L-9,IFRR 08P13T1/S14L-9 ,IFRR 08P33T1/S14L-9,IFRR 12N13T1/L-9,IFRR 12N13T1/PL-9,IFRR 12N13T1/S14L-9,IFRR 12N17T1/L-9,IFRR 12N17T1/S14L-9 ,IFRR 12N33T1/L-9,IFRR 12N33T1/PL-9,IFRR 12N33T1/S14L-9,IFRR 12N37T1/L-9,IFRR 12N37T1/S14L-9,IFRR 12P13T1/L-9,IFRR 12P13T1/PL-9 145,IFRR 12P13T1/S14L-9,IFRR 12P17T1/L-9,IFRR 12P17T1/S14L-9,IFRR 12P33T1/L-9,IFRR 12P33T1/PL-9,IFRR 12P33T1/S14L-9, IFRR 12P37T1/L-9,IFRR 12P37T1/S14L-9 ,IFRR 18N13T1/L-9 ,IFRR 18N13T1/PL-9,IFRR 18N13T1/S14L-9, IFRR 18N17M1/S14L-9,IFRR 18N17T1/L-9,IFRR 18N17T1/S14L-9,IFRR 18N33T1/L-9,IFRR 18N33T1/PL-9,IFRR 18N33T1/S14L-9,IFRR 18N37M1/S14L-9,IFRR 18N37T1/L-9,IFRR 18N37T1/S14L-9,IFRR 18P13T1/L-9,IFRR 18P13T1/PL-9,IFRR 18P13T1/S14L-9,IFRR 18P17M1/S14L-9,IFRR 18P17T1/L-9,IFRR 18P17T1/S14L-9,IFRR 18P33T1/L-9 ,IFRR 18P33T1/PL-9,IFRR 18P33T1/S14L-9,IFRR 18P37M1/S14L-9,IFRR 18P37T1/L-9,IFRR 18P37T1/S14L-9,IFRW 12P1501/S14L,IFRW 18P1501/S14L,ILFK 12P1101/I03,ILFK 12P1101/I06,ILFK 12P1501/I03 ,ILFK 12P1501/I06,IPRM 12I9504/S14 41,IPRM 12I9505/S14 41,IPRM 12I9506/S14 41,IWFK 20Z8704/S35A,IWFM 05U9701/S05,IWFM 08U6501/KS35,IWFM 08U6501,IWFM 08U9501/KS35,IWFM 08U9501,IWFM 12L9504/S35A ,IWFM 12L9505/S35A,IWFM 12U9501/O1,IWFM 18L9504/S35A,IWFM 18L9505/S35A,IWFM 18U7504/S35A,IWFM 20I9501/S35,IWFM 20I9503/S35,IWFM 20U9501/S35 ,IWFM 20U9503/S35,IWFM 20U9509/KS35AP 8,IWRM 04U9701/S05,IWRM 06I9501/S35,IWRM 06I9501 7,IWRM 06U9501/S35,IWRM 06U9501,IWRM 08I9501/S35,IWRM 08I9501,IWRM 08U9501/S35,IWRM 08U9501,IWRM 12I9704/S14,IWRM 12I9704/S14X,IWRM 12I9705/S14,IWRM 12U9501,IWRM 12U9502,IWRM 12U9704/S14,IWRM 12U9705/S14,IWRM 12Z8704/S14C,IWRM 18I9501,IWRM 18I9502,IWRM 18I9511,IWRM 18I9704/S14,IWRM 18I97T4/S14,IWRM 18U9501,IWRM 18U9502,IWRM 18U9511,IWRM 18U9512,IWRM 18U9704/S14,IWRM 18Z8704/S14C,IWRM 30I9501,IWRM 30I9704/S14,IWRM 30U9501,IWRM 30U9502,IWRM 30U9704/S14,IWRM 30Z8704/S14C,IWRR 18I97T4/S14


    CAT Inductive Sensor 201302XX EN.pdf

    Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

    주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.





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    Baumer Force and strain Sensers DSRT22DD Strain Links 기술사양


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머의 Strain Links / Strain Gauge 시리즈 가운데 Baumer DSRT22DD 제품사양에 대해 알아보도록 하겠습니다.






    Force and strain sensors

    DSRT Series

    Strain Links with Amplifier




    General Information

    Strain links measure the surface strain between the support surfaces. Strain links are ideally suited for measurements on rigid structures. Depending on design strain links can be used in cyclical and static applications.



    • For cyclical and static measurements, with integrated amplifier
    • Voltage output ±10 VDC
    • Excellent signal to noise ratio
    • High sensitivity



    • Static and dynamic applications
    • Integrated reset switch for automatic zero point setting
    • Measuring range ±100 up to ±750 με, extension and compression
    • Voltage output





    Technical Data

    Baumer, DSRT, DSRT22DD, DSRT22DD-S5, DSRT22DDS5, DSRT22DD-S5-0100, DSRT22DD-S5-0250, DSRT22DD-S5-0350, DSRT22DD-S5-0500, DSRT22DD-S5-0750, DSRT 22DD-S5-0100, DSRT 22DD-S5-0250, DSRT 22DD-S5-0350, DSRT 22DD-S5-0500, DSRT 22DD-S5-0750

    Force Starin Sensor CAT 201003XX.pdf

    DSRT22DD DataSheet.pdf

    DSRT Product Key.pdf

    Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

    주의사항 : 소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.





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    Baumer Ultrasonic Sensors U500 Series 사양소개


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 초음파센서 U500 시리즈에 대해 살펴보고자 합니다. 새롭게 출시되어 우수한 평가를 받고 있는 U500 시리즈는 신개념 포토센서 O500 시리즈와 동일한 디자인으로 각광을 받고 있습니다.





    Success principle flexibility

    One design – two technologies

    With the U500 sensor, the Baumer Group now expands the portfolio of NextGen sensors to ultrasonic technology. Thanks to OneBox Design, the new sensors are identical in design and size with their series O500 photoelectric counterparts. This offers the user maximum flexibility in the planning phase or during later conversion measures.



    Reliability and comfort


    Maximum reliability

    - Expanded reserve capacity for reliable operation under demanding conditions

    - qTeach™ ensures reliable initial set-up

    - Seamlessly integrated electronics increases MTTF values



    - Design-In using a 3D model with integrated transducer

    - Maximum flexibility in the overall planning phase thanks to OneBoxDesign

    - Commissioning through easy and perfectly guided qTeach

    - qTarget™ reduces the adjustment effort during installation thanks to measurement axis alignment


    Low total operating costs

    - Baumer offers added value from planning to operation through simple usage

    - The most economical solution for optical sensor applications.





    Distance measuring 



    - Sensing distance 100 ... 1000 mm

    - Teachable calibration curve

    - Current and voltage output

    - Operating principle
    Based on the pulse echo technique, the measured distance value is output as a voltage value.



    Proximity switch 



    - Sensing distance 100 ... 1000 mm

    - 1-point and window teach

    - Push-pull output

    - Operating principle
    Similar to a diffuse sensor with background suppression, the presence of an object is detected by means of acoustic reflection at the object surface.



    Retro-reflective sensor



    - No blind region

    - Sensing distance 0 ... 1000 mm

    - Push-pull output

    - Operating principle
    Similar to a light barrier, however no special reflector is required. An arbitrary machine part is used to reflect the sound




    - Sensofix

    - Mounting brackets

    - Sonic deflectors







    Filling level measurement: 

    The U500 is ideal for measuring filling levels, even in confined spaces, thanks to its narrow sonic beam angle.





    Diameter control: 

    The measuring version of the U500 enables monitoring of the diameter of rolls with very different colors, reflectance and transparency.






    Sag control: 

    Even the sag in transparent films can be precisely monitored by means of a U500.





    Use under harsh conditions: 

    Thanks to its robust transducer, the U500 can also be used under harsh conditions




    Technical Data

    U500 BRO EN 201312XX.pdf

    U500 DAO 11127346 Spec.pdf


    Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

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