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HUBBELL Harsh & Hazardous


Expansion Fittings & Deflection Fittings

Solutions for the Construction Industry



1. Expansion Fittings - AF Series, AF8 Series

AF/AF8 Series Expansion Fittings are for use with IMC or rigid conduit installations. The AF/AF8 Series prevents damage of the electrical installations typically used in buildings and bridges by compensating linear movement due to temperature fluctuation or structural movement. This series provides up to a maximum 4” and 8” conduit movement (2” and 4” in either direction).


For applications involving IMC, a 15” minimum length of rigid conduit should be used entering the expansion fitting due to the slightly smaller O.D. of the IMC






2. Deflection Expansion Fittings - DF Series




DF Series Deflection Fittings compensate any directional movement between two conduit joints. These fittings can withstand sporadic vibrations channeled by rotating equipment or vehicular traffic. The DF
Series allows for a ¾” contraction and extension movement as well as a 30° angular deflection to any direction and still maintain its structural integrity.


3. Expansion Fittings - TAF Series


TAF Series Expansion Fittings compensate for linear movement between two conduit joints in runs of EMT (electrical magnetic tubing) conduit. This series provides up to a maximum 4” conduit movement (2” in either direction). Aids in preventing damaged conduit runs caused by temperature fluctuations and structural variations by assisting in movement.


4. Bonding Jumpers - AJ Series, AJE Series


Applications Type AJ is used for bonding two rigid, EMT or IMC steel/aluminum conduits together to ensure the required electrical conductivity between raceways.

Type AJE is used for bonding conduit to flat surfaces, such as boxes to ensure the required electrical conductivity between raceways.


5. Expansion Combo Fittings - AF Series, DF Series, AFDF Series



AFDF Series Expansion/Deflection Combo Fittings compensates for linear and 3/4” level movement in any direction between two conduit joints in runs of IMC or rigid conduit.
AFDF Series combines the DF style fitting with the AF style fitting for an additional 4” movement (2” in either direction) when the 3/4” linear movement in the DF is not enough. Helps prevent damaged conduit
runs caused by temperature fluctuations and structural variations by assisting in movement.



Technical Data

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KILLARK Expansion & Deflection Fittings 20170904 EN.pdf

6.Killark Fittings IDK F.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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티앤비(티엔비), T&B Fittings, Shureflex Nylon Liquidtight Conduit System 자료


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오늘 이 시간에는 티앤비(티엔비) T&B(Thomas&Betts,TNB)의 Fitting류 가운데 Shureflex 제품을 살펴보겠습니다.


Fast and Flexible Protection for Electrical Cables
Nylon Liquidtight Conduit System



Quick and Secure One Piece Fitting Installation With No Tools Required!

The new line of Shureflex™ Nylon Liquidtight Conduit and Fittings
from Thomas & Betts provides all of the benefits of a halogen-free,
watertight system for protection of electrical cables-plus hasslefree
installation to save you time and money.

With its unique, self-locking mechanism, the Shureflex™ system enables quick and secure installation without tools. Simply push the fitting onto the conduit, and you’ve achieved an IP66-rated seal with superior mechanical strength. For a higher IP rating, use the same fitting; just add a sealing washer to the fitting
and an O-ring to the conduit. Now you’ve achieved IP68 and IP69K
protection. Disconnecting is just as easy-press the release ring on
the fitting and twist and pull out the conduit. No tools are needed, and you
can reuse both conduit and fittings.

The T&B® Shureflex™ Nylon Liquidtight
Conduit System includes three grades of conduit to meet varying flexibility
and crush-resistance needs. Choose among straight and 90˚ fittings with
NPT and ISO threads, T fittings, Y distributors and a variety of other available fittings for special applications-plus a full range of accessories like sealing washers, O-rings, locknuts and mounting brackets-to meet all of your needs for safe, secure and watertight connections.


◎ Flexible, lightweight Polyamide 6 or 12 (PA6 or PA12) construction
◎ Halogen-, phosphor- and cadmiumfree material-ideal for use in confined spaces
◎ UL94V-2 or UL94HB flammability rating for safety
◎ Achieve IP66, IP68 and IP69K watertight ratings with just one fitting
◎ Wide operating temperature range of -40˚ C to 105˚ C or -50˚ C to 90˚ C
◎ Complete system includes three grades of conduit, a variety of fittings
and accessories

◎ UL Recognized


◎ Wind turbines
◎ Passenger rail
◎ Shipbuilding
◎ Robotics
◎ Aviation
◎ Automotive
◎ Machine Builders
◎ Tunnels
◎ Telecom
◎ Confined Spaces
◎ Use Indoors or Outdoors








Shureflex Nylon Liquidtight Conduit System.pdf

T&B Products Lineup Company Profile 2011EN IDK.pdf







Thomas&Betts, ThomasaNdBetts

티앤비, 티엔비, 티앤드비, 티엔드비

토마스앤베츠, 토마스앤배츠, 토마스엔베츠, 토마스엔배츠

토머스앤베츠, 토머스앤배츠, 토머스엔베츠, 토머스엔배츠







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Killark, K PAK 시리즈, Fittings, K-PAK Shelf Cartons, F3


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K-PAK® packaging enables Killark distributors to feature fast-moving products in counter display areas.
Killark’s best selling standard location products have been repackaged into smaller shelf packs for effective product family presentation.
The uniformly sized (width and height are consistent) cartons allow items to be merchandised on a typical 48” w x 54” H x 18” gondola unit (not supplied by Killark).


• Cartons are suitable for counter merchandising display and/or warehouse storage.
• Open-top bin box displays products for easy customer self-service.
• All cartons are bar coded for easy electronic identification.
• Conduit bodies are packaged with appropriate covers and gaskets.

K-PAK Carton Dimensions
Full depth cartons: 6" W x 81/2" H x 15" D
Half depth cartons: 6" W x 81/2" H x 71/2" D
Display face (width & height) same for all cartons 



O Fiitings - OC, OLB, OLL, OT Series

Catalog Number, Description, Quantity.

OC-1CG, 1/2" C w/cover & gasket, 40
OC-2CG, 3/4" C w/cover & gasket, 25
OC-3CG, 1" C w/cover & gasket, 20
OC-4CG, 1-1/4" C w/cover & gasket, 8
OC-5CG, 1-1/2" C w/cover & gasket, 8
OC-6CG, 2" C w/cover & gasket, 3
OLB-1CG, 1/2" LB w/cover & gasket, 40
OLB-2CG, 3/4" LB w/cover & gasket, 25
OLB-3CG, 1" LB w/cover & gasket, 15
OLB-4CG, 1-1/4" LB w/cover & gasket, 8
OLB-5CG, 1-1/2" LB w/cover & gasket, 5
OLB-6CG, 2" LB w/cover & gasket, 3
OLB-7CG, 2-1/2" LB w/cover & gasket, 1
OLB-8CG, 3" LB w/cover & gasket, 1
OLB-9CG, 3-1/2" LB w/cover & gasket, 1
OLB-0CG, 4" LB w/cover & gasket, 1
OLL-1CG, 1/2" LL w/cover & gasket, 40
OLL-2CG, 3/4" LL w/cover & gasket, 25
OLL-3CG, 1" LL w/cover & gasket, 15
OLL-4CG, 1-1/4" LL w/cover & gasket, 8
OLL-5CG, 1-1/2" LL w/cover & gasket, 8
OLL-6CG, 2" LL w/cover & gasket, 3
OLR-1CG, 1/2" LR w/cover & gasket, 40
OLR-2CG, 3/4" LR w/cover & gasket, 25
OLR-3CG, 1" LR w/cover & gasket, 15
OLR-4CG, 1-1/4" LR w/cover & gasket, 8
OLR-5CG, 1-1/2" LR w/cover & gasket, 8
OLR-6CG, 2" LR w/cover & gasket, 3
OT-1CG,1/2" T w/cover & gasket, 30
OT-2CG, 3/4" T w/cover & gasket, 25
OT-3CG, 1" T w/cover & gasket, 15
OT-4CG, 1-1/4" T w/cover & gasket, 8
OT-5CG, 1-1/2" T w/cover & gasket, 8
OT-6CG, 2" T w/cover & gasket, 2


SLB Fittings

Catalog Number, Description, Quantity.
SLB-1-CP, 1/2" Service entrance LB, 50
SLB-2-CP, 3/4" Service entrance LB, 25
SLB-3-CP, 1" Service entrance LB, 25


CO Fittings

Catalog Number, Description, Quantity.
COC-1CG, 1/2" C w/cover & gasket, 10
COC-2CG, 3/4" C w/cover & gasket, 10
COC-3CG, 1" C w/cover & gasket, 5
COLB-1CG, 1/2" LB w/cover & gasket, 10
COLB-2CG, 3/4" LB w/cover & gasket, 10
COLB-3CG, 1" LB w/cover & gasket, 5
COLL-1CG, 1" L w/cover & gasket, 10
COLL-2CG, 2" L w/cover & gasket, 10
COLL-3CG, 3" L w/cover & gasket, 5
COLR-1CG, 1/2" LR w/cover & gasket, 10
COLR-2CG, 3/4" LR w/cover & gasket, 10
COLR-3CG, 1" LR w/cover & gasket, 5
COT-1CG, 1/2" LR w/cover & gasket, 10
COT-2CG, 3/4" LR w/cover & gasket, 10
COT-3CG, 1" LR w/cover & gasket, 5


FS/FD Back Boxes/Covers

Catalog Number, Description, Quantity.
1FA-CP, Duplex cover, 50
1FT-CP, Toggle cover, 50
FCLA-CP, Duplex cover, 25
FDC-1-CP, 1/2" FDC box, 10
FDC-2-CP, 3/4" FDC box, 10
FD-1-CP, 1/2" FD box, 10
FD-2-CP, 3/4" FD box, 10
FSBC-CP, Blank cover, 50
FSC-1-CP, 1/2" FSC box,15
FSC-2-CP, 3/4" FSC box, 15
FST-CP, Cover, 25
FS-1-CP, 1/2" FS box, 20
FS-2-CP, 3/4" FS box, 20


WH Weatherproof Hubs

Catalog Number, Description, Quantity.
WH-1, 1/2" Conduit hub, 25
WH-2, 3/4" Conduit hub, 25
WH-3, 1" Conduit hub, 25



K-PAK Fittings.pdf

K-PAK Flyer.pdf

Killark 킬락 Connectors Fittings F.pdf





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