Hawke Enclosure S-Series Stainless Steel (SUS), Size6(S6) Type Junction Box


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오늘은 Hawke 호크 Stainless Steel(SUS) 박스로 대표되는 S Series 가운데 Size 6 타입에 대해 살펴보겠습니다.




Hawke 호크 S Series Size6 (S6) SUS Juction Box 



Enclosure Type : Size6 (S6)

Stainless Steel

Exe Enclosures for Harsh and Hazardous Locations

Increased Safety Exe Dual ATEX/IECEx





Hawke 호크 S Series SUS Juction Box 



Technical Data

316 L Stainless Steel.
Increased Safety ex logo II 2 GD Exe II ExtD.
Size 6 (S6) Certificates:
Baseefa Certificate No. Baseefa08 ATEX 0208X
IECEx Certificate No. IECEx BAS 08.0065X
Z Size 6 (ZS6) Certificates:
Baseefa Certificate No. Baseefa08 ATEX 0207U
IECEx Certificate No. IECEx BAS 08.0064U
Suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22.
Construction and Test Standards: IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7, IEC/EN 61241-0 and IEC/EN 61241-1.
Ingress Protection: IP66 to IEC/EN 60529.
Deluge protection to DTS01.
Operating Temperature Range: -60°C to +80°C.
Temperature Class and Ambient: T6 40°C,

optional T5 with ambients up to 65°C.








  • Size 1 To Size 9 Assembly Instructions adobe pdf logo
  • Z Size 1 To Z Size 9 Assembly Instructions adobe pdf logo
  • Enclosure Data Sheet adobe pdf logo
  • Enclosure full technical specification
  • Enclosure wattage factor
  • Enclosure combined terminal resistance
  • Maximum physical quantity of terminals
  • Optional extras







    Please Note :

    Hawke still offer enclosures to customer specifications available from our Box Modifiers.


    The enclosure is supplied with an integral internal/external earth stud assembly.
    The terminals listed are restricted to a minimum operating temperature of -50°C.








    Hawke 호크 S Series Size6 (S6) SUS Juction Box 







    Hawke 호크 S Series SUS Juction Box 



    General Information


    1.Robust Stainless Steel Construction

    Enclosure material thickness ranges between 1.2 – 2.0mm with 2 – 3mm thick gland plates. Durable stainless steel rating label.


    2. Electropolished Surface Finish

    Provides high levels of corrosion resistance.


    3. Softer Finished Rounded Edges

    Safer manual handling of enclosure and gland plates.


    4. Rigid Slotted External Mounting Feet

    Allows enclosure to be hung onto the structure.



    5. Stainless Steel Lid Fixing Screws with Nylon Retaining Washers

    Prevents loss of screws during assembly and maintenance.


    6. Superior One Piece Silicone Sponge Gaskets

    DTS01 deluge protection. Provides Ingress Protection to IP66. Durable with excellent UV stability and chemical resistance. Good chemical resistance – EMC mesh option.


    7. Extensive Range of Enclosure Sizes Available

    Eleven standard enclosure sizes available. Sizes range from 153 x 233 x 130 to 740 x 1000 x 210. Gland plates o`ered on two sides (Faces B & D) and bottom (Face C) of each enclosure. Alternatively, boxes are available with gland plates on Face C only.


    8. Internal/External Earth Stud





    Hawke 호크 S Series SUS Juction Box 




    Hawke Enclosure Catalogue HWK05 March 02.zip 

    Hawke Full catalogues_20101103.zip










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    FX155 Series, Winding Temperature Dector, 방폭타입의 와인딩 온도센서


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    오늘은  방폭환경에서 구불구불하게 굴곡진 환경의 온도측정에 적합한 와인딩 온도센서(Winding Temperature Dector) FX155 Series에 대해 살펴보겠습니다. 기존 산업형인 FX Series의 방폭환경용입니다.





    Explosion Protection : LCIE 11 ATEX 3098X Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T6 to T3 Ga






    Product Number Examples


    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-3-A, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-3-A

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-3-A, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-3-A

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-3-A, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-3-A

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-3-A, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-3-A

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-4-A, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-4-A

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-4-A, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-4-A

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-4-A, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-4-A

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-4-A, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-4-A

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-6-A, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-6-A

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-6-A, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-6-A

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-6-A, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-6-A

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-6-A, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-6-A

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-3-B, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-3-B

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-3-B, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-3-B

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-3-B, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-3-B

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-3-B, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-3-B

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-4-B, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-4-B

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-4-B, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-4-B

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-4-B, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-4-B

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-4-B, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-4-B

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-6-B, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-6-B

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-6-B, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-6-B

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-6-B, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-6-B

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-6-B, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-6-B

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-3-C, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-3-C

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-3-C, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-3-C

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-3-C, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-3-C

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-3-C, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-3-C

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-4-C, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-4-C

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-4-C, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-4-C

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-4-C, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-4-C

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-4-C, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-4-C

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-6-C, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-6-C

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-6-C, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-6-C

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-6-C, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-6-C

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-6-C, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-6-C

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-3-D, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-3-D

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-3-D, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-3-D

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-3-D, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-3-D

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-3-D, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-3-D

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-4-D, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-4-D

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-4-D, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-4-D

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-4-D, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-4-D

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-4-D, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-4-D

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-6-D, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-6-D

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-6-D, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-6-D

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-6-D, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-6-D

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-6-D, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-6-D

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-3-E, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-3-E

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-3-E, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-3-E

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-3-E, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-3-E

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-3-E, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-3-E

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-4-E, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-4-E

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-4-E, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-4-E

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-4-E, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-4-E

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-4-E, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-4-E

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-A-3M-6-E, FX-155-B-060-PT100-A-3M-6-E

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-A-3M-6-E, FX-155-B-110-PT100-A-3M-6-E

    FX-155-A-060-PT100-B-3M-6-E, FX-155-B-060-PT100-B-3M-6-E

    FX-155-A-110-PT100-B-3M-6-E, FX-155-B-110-PT100-B-3M-6-E



    CAT No. Information


    FX : Model Name


    155 : Length of Body, 155=155mm


    A : Thickness, A=1.3mm, B=2.0mm


    060 : Width, 065=6.5mm, 110=11.0mm


    PT100 : Resistance, PT100=Platinum 100Ω @ 0℃


    B : Tolorance, A=±0.15℃,  B=±0.3℃


    3M : Length of Lead(0.1m~10m), 3M=3m


    3 : Number of Leads, 3=3Strands, 4=4Strands,6=6Strands


    C : Lead wire AWG, A=18, B=22, C=24(standard), D=26, E=30


    Lead wire Jacket - Available upon request.

    T : Teflon (No Jacket, Srandard)

    SJ : Shield Jacket

    SSJ : Silicon Shield Jacket

    TSJ : Teflon Shield Jacket







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    Metal Clad (MCHL) cable 용 Hawke 711 Series


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.


    오늘은 Metal Clad (MCHL) cable 용으로 사용되는 Hawke 711시리즈를 소개합니다.





    Cable Glands 711

    North American Cable Glands/Connectors

    Explosion Proof

    IECEx and ATEX Approved Flameproof Exd,

    Increased Safety Exe and Restricted Breathing ExnR

    (Note : Dual Marked UL & ATEX as standard).



    - Outdoor or indoor use.

    - For use with continuous corrugated aluminium Metal Clad (MCHL) cable.







    Provides 360° armour grounding which is fully inspectable.
    Grounding device remains in contact with the cable when disassembled for inspection.
    Provides a barrier seal between the individual insulated cores within the cable and prevents entry of the products of an explosion into the cable.
    Assembly of the cable gland/connector compresses and distributes the compound evenly to create a barrier seal at the point of entry into the enclosure.
    Provides an outer deluge seal to prevent moisture ingress to the cable armour and enclosure. Deluge seal is coloured red to indicate hazardous locations product.
    Provides a cable retention and low smoke and fume, zero halogen seal onto the cables outer jacket.


    Materials & Finishes

    The 711 cable gland/connector is manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum.
    Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.


    Technical Data

    UL Listing No: E84940.
    Suitable for use in:
    Class 1, Division 1, Gas Groups A, B , C and D.
    Class 1, Zone 2, Gas Groups IIA, IIB and IIC.
    AExd IIC and AExe II Class 1, Zone 2.
    Flameproof Exd, Increased Safety Exe  II 2 GD and Restricted Breathing ExnR  II 3G.
    Sira Certificate No. Sira 06ATEX1295X
    IECEx Certificate NO. IECEx Sir 06.0082X
    Suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and in Gas Groups IIA, IIB and IIC.
    Construction and Test Standards: UL 2225, IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-1, IEC/EN 60079-7, IEC/EN 60079-15, IEC/EN 61241-0 and IEC/EN 61241-1.
    Ingress Protection: IP66, IP67 and IP 68 (30 metres for 7 days) to IEC/EN 60529 and NEMA 4X.
    Deluge protection to DTS01..
    Operating Temperature Range: -50°C to +60°C (UL) and -60°C to +80°C (ATEX / IECEx).
    Note: 711 cable glands are supplied dual ATEX/UL marked as standard.



    주문품번체계는 다음과 같습니다.


    (1) NPT형식

    HAWKE 711/A/NPT1/2"

    HAWKE 711/A/NPT3/4"

    HAWKE 711/B/NPT3/4"

    HAWKE 711/B/NPT1"

    HAWKE 711/C/NPT1"

    HAWKE 711/C/NPT1-1/4"

    HAWKE 711/C2/NPT1-1/4"

    HAWKE 711/C2/NPT1-1/2"

    HAWKE 711/D/NPT2"

    HAWKE 711/D/NPT1-1/2"

    HAWKE 711/E/NPT2"

    HAWKE 711/E/NPT2-1/2"

    HAWKE 711/F/NPT3"

    HAWKE 711/F/NPT2-1/2"

    HAWKE 711/H/NPT3-1/2"


    (2) ISO METRIC형식

    HAWKE 711/A/M20

    HAWKE 711/B/M25

    HAWKE 711/C/M32

    HAWKE 711/C2/M40

    HAWKE 711/D/M50

    HAWKE 711/E/M63

    HAWKE 711/F/M75

    HAWKE 711/H/M90






    Hawke 711.pdf

    Cable Glannds-American Series NEC,IEC.pdf

    00_Hawke 호크 Accessories New.pdf




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    에프엠에스(FMS) 데이터시트 다운로드 링크


    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.

    FMS에서 제공하는 데이터시트를 다음과 같이 링크하였습니다. 편리하게 다운받아 사용하시기 바랍니다.




    Force Sensors


    A 203 Series Force Measuring Sensors




    AMGZ Series Force Measuring Journal




    C203 Force Measuring Sensor




    CA203 Force Measuring Sensor




    CR Force Measuring Roller




    CZ205 Force Measuring Journal




    DMGZ Load Cell




    F202 Force Measuring Sens




    FA202 Force Measuring Sensor with Dead Shaft Adapter




    IMGZ Series Force Measuring Roller




    LMGZ Force Measuring Bearing




    LMGZ.D Double Range Force Measuring Bearing



    PMGZ Force Measuring Bearing Block




    RMGZ100 Force Measuring Roller




    RMGZ300 Force Measuring Roller




    RMGZ400 / RMGZ600 Force Measuring Roller




    RMGZ800 Force Measuring Roller




    RMGZ900 Force Measuring Roller




    RMGZ900mini Force Measuring Roller




    SMGZ Force Measuring Bearing Block




    UMGZ Force Measuring Bearing Block




    UMGZ.P Force Measuring Block




    ZMGZ Force Measuring Journal









    EMGZ 310 Digital Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ 490 Tension Measuring Amplifier with PROFINET Interface




    EMGZ306A Compact Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ307 Extra Robust Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ309 Digital Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ309-EIP Measuring Amplifier with EtherNet/IP Bus




    EMGZ321 Left/right Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ321.EIP Left/Right Tension Measuring Amplifier with EtherNet/IP-Bus




    EMGZ470.D/472.D PROFIBUS® Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ470/472A.W PROFIBUS® Tension Measuring Amplifier




    EMGZ473.W Tension Measuring Amplifiers




    EMGZ474 PROFIBUS® Tension Measuring Amplifiers




    EMGZ480 Force Measuring Amplifier with CAN-BUS® Interface




    EMGZ600 Series Digital Tension Measuring Amplifier









    CMGZ309 Digital Tension Controller




    CMGZ480 Controller with CAN-BUS©









    ExMGZ100/200.ATEX Intrinsically Safe Barrier for Zone 1






    RTM System


    RTM 01/02 Radio Transmitted Tension Monitoring System (multi-channel)




    RTM X2 - The Cost-Effective System for Wireless Tension Control (2 channels)http://www.fms-technology.com/downloads/data/RTM_X2_e.pdf



    RTM X42 Wireless Multi-channel Tension Control, System Overview




    RTM X42.IO Wireless Multi-channel Tension Control with Analogue Outputs




    RTMX 42.PC Wireless Multi-channel Tension Monitoring with PC-RTM-Software Package








    AZS01B/04B BlueFlash Optical Edge Sensor




    DLS2 Line and Edge Sensor




    US01B/04B Series Ultrasonic Edge Sensor








    FMS-webMASTER 020




    FMS-webMASTER 040




    FMS-webMASTER BKS015 Ultra-compact Web Guide








    FMS-webDIRECTOR 041/042








    FMS-winderGLIDE Type D.3 Actuator




    FMS-winderGLIDE Type D.6 Actuator





    Manual Sensor Adjustment BKS.V




    Manual Sensor Adjustment BKS.V.A






    Web Guide Controllers


    BKS 309 Series Digital Web Guide Controller










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    태그 A203, AMGZ, ATEX, AZS01B, AZS04B, BKS.V, BKS.V.A, BKS309, C203, CA203, CMGZ309, CMGZ480, CR, CZ205, D.3, D.6, digital web guide, digital webguide, digital webguide controller, DLS2, DMGZ, EMGZ306A, EMGZ307, EMGZ309, EMGZ309-EIP, EMGZ309.EIP, EMGZ309EIP, EMGZ310, EMGZ321, EMGZ470, EMGZ470.D, EMGZ472, EMGZ472.D, EMGZ472A.W, emgz473, EMGZ473.W, EMGZ474, EMGZ480, EMGZ490, EMGZ600, equipment, ExMGZ100, ExMGZ200, F202, FA202, fms, fms a203, FMS AMGZ, FMS ATEX, fms azs01b, fms azs04b, fms bks.v, fms bks.v.a, fms bks309, FMS C203, FMS CA203, fms can-bus, FMS CMGZ309, FMS CMGZ480, fms cr, fms cz205, fms dls2, fms dmgz, FMS EMGZ306A, fms emgz307, fms emgz309, FMS EMGZ310, fms emgz321, FMS EMGZ321.EIP, FMS EMGZ470, fms emgz470.d, fms emgz472.d, fms emgz472a.w, FMS EMGZ473.W, FMS EMGZ474, FMS EMGZ480, fms emgz490, FMS EMGZ600, fms exmgz100, fms exmgz100.atex, fms exmgz200, fms exmgz200.atex, FMS F202, fms fa202, FMS IMGZ, FMS LMGZ, FMS LMGZ.D, fms pmgz, fms profibus, FMS RMGZ100, fms rmgz300., fms rmgz400, fms rmgz600, fms rmgz800, fms rmgz900mini, fms rtm, FMS RTM01, FMS RTM02, FMS RTMX2, FMS RTMX42, fms rtmx42.io, FMS RTMX42.PC, fms smgz, fms technology, fms umgz, fms umgz.p, fms us01b, fms us04b, fms webmaster, FMS ZMGZ, fms-technology, FMS-webDIRECTOR, fms-webdirector 041, fms-webdirector 042, FMS-webMASTER, fms-webmaster bks015, fms-webmaster020, fms-webmaster040, fms-winderglide type d.3, fms-winderglide type d.6, Force Measuring Journal, force measuring sensor, IMGZ, LMGZ, LMGZ.D, Load Cell, manual sensor adjustment, PMGZ, RMGZ100, RMGZ300, RMGZ400, RMGZ600, RMGZ800, RMGZ900, RMGZ900mini, RTM, RTM01, RTM02, RTMX, RTMX2, RTMX42, RTMX42.IO, RTMX42.PC, Tension Control, UMGZ, UMGZ.P, US01B, US04B, Web Guide Controllers, web guiding, webDIRECTOR041, webDIRECTOR042, WebGuiding, webMASTER020, webMASTER040, winderGLIDE, ZMGZ

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    ExMGZ100/ExMGZ200.ATEX Intrinsically Safe Barrier for Zone 1

    안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.

    오늘은 방폭환경에서 요구되는 Amplifier 제품을 소개드리도록 하겠습니다.


    The ExMGZ100/200.ATEX intrinsically safe barrier for zone 1 can be used with any FMS amplifier, controller and force sensor.


     Model : ExMGZ100


    The ExMGZ100/200.ATEX intrinsically safe barrier is used for applications in intrinsically safe or explosion-proof environments. It is designed for single or double channel tension measurement and is placed between amplifier respectively controller and force sensor.



    ExMGZ 100 / 200.ATEX Intrinsically Safe Barrier

    1.  ATEX certified - Approval II (2) GD [EEx ib] IIB / IIC
    2.  Compensation of voltage drop over zener barrier - Full sensor excitation voltage, high precision
    3.  Two independent intrinsically safe inputs - For 1 or 2 sensors
    4.  Circuit and power supply galvanically isolated - Shielded from electrical noise



    Functional description

    The ExMGZ 100/200.ATEX intrinsically safe barrier utilizes a zener limiter on the force sensor side. It controls the voltage to the force sensor while preventing over voltage. A zener barrier is provided for each channel on the intrinsically safe side. Therefore the explosion proof area remains safe from hazardous voltage levels while still allowing the tension measurement or control to perform in the process. A control circuit ensures that the voltage drop of the zener barrier is compensated and it is guaranteed that the full excitation voltage is provided to the force sensors.





    FMS 에프엠에스 EXMGZ 01.pdf




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    Hawke 321 Cable Gland


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    오늘은 Hawke 호크케이블그랜드 가운데 Increased Safety, Ex'e' 타입의 애플리케이션에 해당하는 제품인 Hawke 321 케이블그랜드를 소개합니다.






    Cable Glands
    Hazardous Area
    Increased Safety Exe
    Dual Certified ATEX / IECEx

    Hawke 321 Cable Gland






    The 321 Cable Gland is only available from Hawke nternational distributor Stahl-Syberg.



     Hawke 321 Cable Gland




    The 321 cable gland provides a seal on the outer cable sheath and is intended for use on non-armoured elastomer and plastic insulated cables. The cable gland certifi ed Exe and is suitable for installation in Zone 1 (21) and Zone 2 (22) hazardous areas.




    • When used in Increased Safety applications, this cable gland may be used

       with braided cable where the braid and the outer sheath pass into the


    • The braid must then be suitably terminated inside the enclosure.
       Note: Braided cable is classed as unarmoured cable in the EN/IEC 60079

       series standards for Exe applications.

    • Manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or


    • Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.



    Hawke Accessories for Cable Glands and Junction Boxes/Enclosures





    Technical Data

    • Increased Safety Exe II 2 GD ExtD A21.

    • Certifi cate No’s: Baseefa06ATEX0059X and IECEx BAS 06.0016X.

    • Suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and in Gas Groups IIA,

       IIB and IIC.

    • Construction and Test Standards: IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7, IEC/EN

      61241-0 and IEC/EN 61241-1.

    • Ingress Protection: IP66, IP67 and IP 68 (30 metres for 7 days) to IEC/EN

      60529 and NEMA 4X.

    • Deluge Protection to DTS01.

    • Operating Temperature Range: -60°C to +100°C.

    • Assembly Instruction Sheet: AI 307.

    • Alternative certifi cation options available:

















    Hawke Thread Conversion Solutions for Cable Glands and Junction Boxes/Enclosures




    보다 자세한 사양(Technical Specification)은 다음의 세가지 첨부파일을 참고하시기 바랍니다.



    321 IDK Spec 20110609.pdf

    321 IDK Spec 20140611.pdf

    321 Assembly 3.pdf

    1.Cable Glands-Group ll.pdf

    2.Hawke Accessories 2013 IDK.pdf






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