AX Series, PL Series, Precision Wire Wound Resistors, 정밀권선저항기


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오늘은 정밀권선저항기(Precision Wire Wound Resistors) AX Series와 PL Series를 살펴봅니다.


AX SeriesPL Series는 정밀급 또는 초정밀급의 제품으로 에폭시 몰드구조로서 주위환경으로부터 완벽한 보호를 받는 타입입니다. 매우 낮은 온도계수와 안정성이 좋으며, 강한 내습성, 세척제에도 강한 특성을 갖추고 있습니다.







Product Numbers, Example :


AX15L-250-A-4R, PL2PC-250-A-4R

AX15L-250-B-4R, PL2PC-250-B-4R


AX15L : Model and Body Type, AX15L=Axial Lead Type and Body=15mm, PL2PC=Radial Lead Type


250 : Resistance(Ohms), 250Ω


A : Tolerance, T=±0.01%, A=±0.05%, B=±0.1%


4R : Terminals, 4R=4mm Ring Type








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오늘 이시간에는 AEGPS가 야심차게 준비한 차세대 Digital Power Controller,

Thyro-AX를 소개합니다.


기존에 사용해오던 Thyro-A 시리즈가 별도의 디스플레이를 위해서는 다양한 모듈들이 추가적으로 필요했었습니다만, Thyro-AX의 경우 터지패널방식의 다양한 기능은 물론 고객편의성을 갖추어 출시되었습니다.


그럼 Thyro-AX 에 대해 알아보겠습니다.




Next Generation of Thyristor Power Controllers (SCR)






The success story continues - With the new power controller Thyro-AX, AEG Power Solutions has expanded its Thyro-Family series to include the next generation of digital thyristor power controllers. New standards have been set owing to enhanced performance features.

The new series of Thyro-AX supports voltages from 24 V to 600 V and offering a unique product scope from 16 A to 1,500 A available as single, dual and three-phase units. With the connection technology FlexConnect the power controller can be connected from below and/or from above.

A premiere is the full graphic touch display which has been used for the fi rst time by a manufacturer within a power controller and which allows a high level of intuitive unit operation. Regarding the handling of the power controller,
especially for visualization and parameterization, completely new options are offered. Set- and actual points as well as operating modes etc. are shown in plain text. Operating modes are signalized via changing background lighting.
In addition to the standard interfaces, Ethernet as well as as USB2.0 have been added. Via the USB2.0 interface a parameterization of the Thyro-AX is possible even without external supply. As an alternative the parameterization / visualization can be done browser oriented.




For communication with higher control systems bus modules are available such as DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS and CANopen as well as TCP/IP based communication incl.
PROFINET, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP. A further important and specifi c feature of the new generation is the application of intelligent technologies to compensate system perturbations as well as network load optimization to reduce costs. High effi ciency levels to save energy within the ongoing operation mode is a standard for the Thyro-AX like for all power controllers of the Thyro-Family.

The thyristor power controller Thyro-AX can be used for all applications including heating, melting, forming and drying.
Versatile and easy to handle, it is used in many fi elds of applications in modern process engineering, including:



» Automotive industry (paint drying equipment)
» Chemical industry (pipe trace heaters, pre-heating equipment)
» Crystal growing (sapphire, silicon)
» Furnace construction (industrial, diffusion, drying ovens)
» Glass industry (plate glass equipment, feeders, fi nishing equipment)
» Machine building industry (extruders, plastic presses)
» Packaging industry (shrink tunnels)
» Printing machines (IR drying)


보다 상세한 사항은 첨부 자료를 참고하시기 바랍니다.






AEGPS 아에게 Thyro-AX FLY EN201201 01.pdf

AEGPS 아에게 Thyro-A NextGen FLY EN201104 01.pdf



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