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오늘은 방폭박스의 대명사, Hubbll 허벨그룹의 Killark 킬락제품군 가운데,

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At Killark we understand that each of our customers have different needs. Our committed employees work in combination with our clients engineering staff to ensure our enclosures meet and surpass their expectations.



Our extensive range of bolted and threaded enclosures are utilized daily for use with control, monitoring, detection, and automation products.
The Killark product portfolio of control products come in both metallic and non-metallic designs. The size and depth of the control product range enable us to provide the best solutions to your control problems.





· DB Series - Junction Boxes
· TE Series - Terminal Enclosures
· GE Series - With Terminal
· HK Series - ATEX Terminal Boxes
· EXB Series - Junction Boxes

· B7E Series - Junction Boxes
· B7E Series - Junction Boxes

· XJB Series - Junction Boxes
· Blank Mounting Pans
· Enclosure Options
· GL Series, GLXR Series - Round & Rectangular Lenses
· KDB Series, KB Series - Drains and Breathers, Flame Arrestors
· EXH Series - Circuit Breaker Handle

· TWBE Series - Terminal Blocks, Control Operators
· GR Series - Threaded Enclosures

· HK Series, 2HK Series - Instrument/Device EnclosuresConduit Opening Data





· D2C Series - DuraTech Control Stations

· D2C Series - Dimensional Data

· CS Series - CONSPEC Control Stations

· CS Series - Dimensional Data

· FXCS Series - Factory Sealed Control Stations

· FXB Series - Splice Boxes

· FXCS Series - Factory Sealed Cover Assemblies

· XCS Series, XS Series, SWB Series - Control Stations, External Sealing

· SWB Series - Device Boxes
· SWB Series - Conduit Opening Data

· XCS Series - Cover Assemblies Control Stations
· XCS Series - Blank Covers

· FXCS Series, XCS Series - Accessories, Replacement Parts
· XS Series - Tumbler Switch

· XAL Series, XAS Series - Fire Alarm Stations







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Killark 킬락 Enclosures 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 EXB 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 QRP 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Quantum 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls 종합 C 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls SBD2C 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls TFD2C 01.pdf



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