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안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 Electrical Protection 및 Switching 전문의 세계적인 기업인 독일의 ETA(E-T-A) 의 Monitoring 및 Power Managemet 부문의 전반적인 프로덕트 라인업을 소개드리고자 합니다. 



E-T-A Engineering Technology


Protection and Switching

Monitoring and Power Management


For more than 60 years E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, with its corporate headquarters in Altdorf near Nuremberg, has been successful in the global marketplace. Today E-T-A is market leader in the design and production of circuit breakers for equipment protection.  In partnership with our customers it is our objective to provide solutions for even the most demanding challenges for electrical overcurrent protection.






E-T-A designs custom solutions for specific applications, supported by our international network of subsidiary companies and representatives enabling us to be in close proximity to the customer at all times.  When working with our customers worldwide we seek the best solutions for their electrical protection and control requirements.


Setting the Pace for Circuit Protection

The safety of our customers’ products and the people who rely on them is the focus of our endeavors. As the worldwide market leader in our field, we offer the most comprehensive range of products available for equipment protection to achieve the best possible solution for almost any need.  E-T-A does not only wish to supply products alone but to ensure that we can offer applications advice based upon sound knowledge and experience backed by our commitment to outstanding customer service. 



E-T-A is ready for the challenges ahead, continuously seeking to be the leader in innovative technology.  We are recognized in the market for our trend-setting, internationally patented products.  Innovation is at the forefront of the product development teams focus on new design initiatives.



1. Power Distribution Systems Customer-specific Solutions




- Power distribution system Module 17plus
- Power distribution systems SVS
- Power-D-Box
- Customer-specific solutions


Power distribution systems
Incorporating circuit breakers connected to a common supply to protect individual loads and the supply lines from the effects of overloads and short circuits. These systems are supplied complete with all the components and electrical connections needed.

The E-T-A Module 17plus is a modular socket and power distribution system accommodating E-T-A circuit breakers types 2210-S, 3600 or 3900 or electronic components such as ESS20, ESX10 or E-1048-7...A plug-in rail distributes the supply to the load circuits. The circuitry provides for direct connection of single or group signalisation. The number of circuits (loads) to be protected can be increased by inter-connecting two-way modules as required. Electrical connection is by screwless spring loaded terminals.

Designed for symmetrical DIN rail mounting the adaptable SVS power distribution systems can be tailored to individual customer requirements. They distribute power from DC24V switch-mode power supplies to individual output sockets. Plug-in circuit breakers such as E-T-A types ESS20, ESX10, 2210-S2 or 3600 can be installed to selectively protect the load output circuits and connections to the circuit breaker auxiliary contacts are already pre-wired on the SVS.

The SVS allows multiple connection of input circuits (max. 40 A) as well as load circuits to reduce the wiring associated with DC24V systems, providing valuable space and cost saving benefits and avoiding the need for additional rail-mounted terminal block connectors.


The Power-D-Box with pre-wired sockets or pcb-mounted sockets of anodised aluminium is also a 19“ sub rack accommodating up to 30 circuit breakers or solid state remote power controllers. The front plate
is legend marked. Pre-wiring of the supply and signalisation circuits is available as an option. Connection is by means of rear terminals rated
up to 63 A. This versatile system can be modified to a wide variety of customer requirements (e.g. multipole wiring, additional terminals, special markings, adapter for ETSI systems etc). Please contact us for details. Compact pre-wiring with terminals per printed circuit board is optionally available.

Magnetic or magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers type 8340-F or 8345 are suitable for use with the modular Distribution Rails X8340-S and X8345-D01. A variable number of modules with 1, 2 or 4 slots may be combined. Auxiliary contacts for group signalisation are connected in parallel with all versions. The supply connection is fitted either to the left or to the right or, with separate circuits to both sides. The power distribution rails may be integrated in 2U racks (see Power-D-Box).

If you have your own requirements for power distribution with integral circuit protection, please contact us. We offer a wide range of customer-specific solutions already implemented in practice.


Typical applications:
- Machine tool control and other machines
- Process control
- Telecommunications



2. Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breakers


needs.(CBEs) with and without auxiliary contacts
Max. voltage ratings 3 AC 415 V, AC 250 V, DC 65 V
Current ratings 0.05...70 A

With simple operation through the heating effect of current, thermal circuit breakers offer one of the most reliable and cost effective forms of protection devices available. As a result they are ideally suited to the protection of a broad range of components and systems - from motors and transformer windings, through printed circuit boards, to the low voltage power distribution circuits of road vehicles, boats, and battery powered machines.

Such applications all require the ability to discriminate between safe switch-on surges or transients on the one hand, and harmful sustained overloads on the other. Thermal circuit breakers can withstand high level surges, which arise from lamp loads or motor starting, for example. At the same time they afford protection against the effects of genuine failure such as motor locked rotors. The characteristics of thermal CBEs can be matched closely to the ratings of the component or system they are protecting, eliminating the need for over-sizing of wiring and connectors, while offering dependable protection - even
under low level overcurrent conditions which cannot be adequately provided for by other methods of circuit protection.

E-T-A thermal circuit breakers utilise one of three different mechanisms
optimised for their range of operation:
- a snap action disc type bimetal and contact assembly
- a bimetal with a mechanical latch and separate spring loaded contact
- a hot wire design with extremely fast switching time

All are individually calibrated in the factory to ensure safe, predictable performance under a wide range of conditions.

Most of the E-T-A thermal circuit breakers in this catalogue section are
manually resettable enabling the power supply to be restored after
operation. Several models combine the functions of circuit breaker
protection and on/off switching in a single component. There is a
choice of rocker, toggle or push button actuation according to user

E-T-A’s wide range of models enables the designer to make optimal
selections according to specific performance, installation and styling



Typical applications:
- Aerospace
- Domestic appliances, hobby and garden equipment
- Electronic entertainment
- Equipment control
- Installation
- Lighting
- Machine tool control and other machines
- Medical equipment
- Office equipment
- Process control
- Professional tools
- Transportation
- Watercraft



3. Thermal-Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers


Single and multipole
thermal-magnetic circuit breakers (CBEs) with and without auxiliary contacts
Voltage ratings max. 3 AC 480 V, AC 277 V, DC 80 V
Current ratings 0.05...32 A

A latching type bimetal is combined with a magnetic coil to provide the
joint benefits of delayed operation for low level overcurrent protection
and fast magnetic action on higher value short circuits.

E-T-A has perfected thermal-magnetic technology to provide a choice
of mounting options, covering an extensive range of current ratings
all with high precision performance. These models are well suited to
telecommunications, process control and other industrial applications
where sophisticated equipment needs correct - and dependable
- protection. The narrow profile of E-T-A thermal-magnetic circuit
breakers enables high density packaging solutions.

Additional features to ensure perfect fit of device to application include
options such as auxiliary contacts for status signalling and the choice
of push button or toggle manual control. There are also single, two
and multipole models in a range of types and variants. Plug-in versions
provide a convenient means of positive circuit interruption by simply
removing the circuit breaker - ideal for safety critical systems during
maintenance and shutdown.

E-T-A thermal-magnetic circuit breakers for track mounting can be
fitted to different standard rail designs, either direct in the case of
combi-foot models, or with an E-T-A adapter.

Standard models are available in special configurations with separate
thermal and thermal-magnetic circuits, providing capability for overload
protection together with an independent control circuit, which may be
operated in response to an external sensor input.

Typical applications:
- Equipment control
- Machine tool control and other machines
- Process control
- Telecommunications
- Transportation



4. Hydraulic-Magnetic and Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers


hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers (CBEs)
Voltage ratings max. 3 AC 480 V, AC 277 V, DC 80 V
Current ratings 0.01...125 A

The E-T-A range of magnetic CBEs includes the miniature Printo-magnetic
series (808) with extremely fast operating characteristics for printed circuit board applications, and series 8340 and 8345 for higher current duties.

Type 808 covers ratings from as low as 0.01 A up to 8 A with low internal resistance values. Their unique method of magnetic operation not only provides rapid response times, but is also suited to impulse disconnection for control applications.

Type 8340-G provides the option of either single round hole panel mounting or plug-in mounting utilising an E-T-A series 18 base. On/off control is by means of a push/pull button with visual indication of the off/tripped position. Types 8340-F and 8340-T, with industry standard dimensions and toggle actuation, are panel mounted with two fixing bolts (8340-F) or rail mounted with combi-foot (8340-T).

Type 8345 consists of a powerful basic device which can be tailored to customers’ needs by a wide range of additional features and options. A choice of characteristic curves is available for ratings from 0.1 through 125 A. The product is fully UL and VDE approved and suitable for use in AC and DC circuits.

All models within the 8340 and 8345 range offer a choice of fast acting magnetic operation or hydraulically delayed switching characteristics which may be selected to suit a range of application requirements such as those of the telecommunications and process control industries, where precise and dependable protection of sophisticated systems cannot be compromised. Single, two and three pole models are available with various internal circuit configurations to provide status signal and relay trip functions.

Optional add-on modules
– Auxiliary contacts: allow activation of alarms and signalling functions
– Remote trip: a voltage applied across the coil will cause disconnection of the main switch/circuit breaker mechanism
– Remote ON/OFF actuation: provides remotely controlled ON and OFF functionality

Typical applications:
- Equipment control
- Medical equipment
- Process control
- Telecommunications
- Transportation



5. High Performance Circuit Breakers


Single and multipole high performance circuit breakers (CBEs)
and battery isolation switches with and without remote control
Voltage ratings max. 3 AC 500 V, AC 144 V, DC 110 V
Current ratings 0.05...500 A

E-T-A high performance circuit breakers, of thermal or thermal magnetic operation, have been designed for applications with uncompromising performance and reliability requirements.

Models are available for aircraft, defence equipment, marine systems
and other specialised equipment where safety is paramount.

All the circuit breakers in this catalogue section are highly resistant to the effects of shock, vibration, salt mist, humidity and similar influences.
Their small physical size, low mass and advanced construction guarantee total versatility. Approvals are held from the supervisory authorities of key relevant industries. For example, E-T-A aircraft circuit breakers have been qualified for use in some of the world’s most advanced aircraft, fixed wing and helicopters.

Accessories include panel seals providing various levels of protection for E-T-A single-hole panel mount models, from splash proofing right up to full immersion.

Complementing these high performance products, E-T-A battery isolation switches with remote control capability are especially suited to installation in the main battery systems of heavy duty vehicles - including tankers, boats, off-road plant and other battery powered equipment. Remote disconnection offers the dual benefits of user convenience and safety.


Typical applications:
- Aerospace
- Heavy duty applications
- Process control
- Telecommunications
- Transportation
- Watercraft



6. Electronic Overcurrent Protection



- Electronic Circuit Breaker ESS20-0.. for Power Distribution System Module 17plus (DC 24 V)
- Electronic Circuit Breaker ESS20-1.. for Power Distribution System Module 17plus (DC 24 V)
- ESS22-T for rail mounting
- Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-.. for Power Distribution System Module 17plus (DC 24 V)
- Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-T.-DC 24 V for rail mounting
- Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-TC-DC 12 V for rail mounting


Major tasks (DC 24 V units):
- Selective protection of components in industrial plants and their incoming lines powered by DC 24 V switch mode power supplies.
- Even the shortest break-down of the output voltage of the power supply to values below 18 V will be prevented in the event of an overload or short circuit.
- Selective protection / disconnection even at worst-case overload conditions.
- Current limited switch-on of loads with high input capacities without increase of rated current adjustment.
- Fault indication.


Characteristic features (DC 24 V units):
- Electronic circuit breaker for protection of industrial components (sensors, actuators, field bus couplers, controls etc.) powered by a DC 24 V switch mode power supply.
- Connection of all types of loads (resistive, inductive, capacitive, lamp loads, motors on request).
- ESS1: Alternative current ratings (3 A or 6 A) selection by means of the switch on the device.
- ESS20: Fixed current ratings 0.5 A...10 A or selectable in two steps (1 A/2 A or 3 A/6 A) by means of a switch on the device.
- ESX10/ESX10-T: fixed current ratings 0.5 A...12 A.

ESX10-TD: adjustable ratings 0.5 A/1 A/ 2 A; 2 A/ 3 A/4 A; 2 A/4 A/ 6 A; 6 A/ 8 A/ 10 A
- Overload- and short-circuit proof switching output with active limitation of inrush and short-circuit currents.
- Overload-dependent trip characteristics (thermal-magnetic circuit breaker style, but much narrower trip curve tolerances).
- Physical disconnection of load by means of a mechanical contact (ESS1 and ESS20-0..).
- Integral thermal circuit breaker serving as a fail-safe element in the load circuit and providing reverse polarity protection.
- With reset input (ESS20-1.., ESX10-124, ESX10-TB-124).


Typical applications:
- Machine tool control and other machines
- Process control
- Telecommunications



7. Solid State Remote Power Controllers (SSRPCs)



Solid State Remote Power Controllers (SSRPCs)
single pole: E-1048-S6../-7..
double pole: E-1071-62./E-1072
Voltage ratings DC 24 V; DC 48 V
Current ratings 0.1...4.0 A

Smart Power Relay E-1048-8..single pole
Voltage ratings DC 12 V/24 V
Current ratings 1...30 A


Typical applications of SSRPCs:
- Electronic replacement for electro-mechanical switching and control components.
- Reliable switching of magnetic valves in pneumatic, hydraulic equipment or in rail vehicles.
- Cable protection in larger plants (e.g. rolling mills etc.) with long cable lengths at small cross sections; conventional fuses will trip here too late due to the high cable resistance or not at all.
- Permanent monitoring of load circuit for wire break.
- Connection to PLCs as switching amplifiers with failure indication and overcurrent protection.

Solid State Remote Power Controllers and Smart Power Relays E-1048
- Overcurrent-proof and short circuit proof switching output through electronic current limitation and overload disconnection
- Electrical isolation of control and load circuit (opto-coupler)
- Low control current (typically 5 mA)
- No contact burnout or welding
- Status and failure indication, analogue output (only E-1048-8I and E-1048-8C)

Double pole SSRPC E-1071-62./E-1072 for machinery and equipment, meeting the requirements of the European Machinery Directive or EN60204 part 1 for machinery with ungrounded power supplies:
- Double pole physical isolation in the event of a failure
- Double pole electronic amplifier DC 24 V / 3 A
- Inrush current and short circuit current limitation
- Permanent wire break monitoring


Typical applications:
- Machine tool control and other machines
- Process control
- Transportation




ETA Technical Data and CAT Number


E-T-A Circuit Protection

ETA,Power Distribution Systems,SVS02,SVS04,SVS09,Module 17plus,X8340-S02 Distribution rail,X8340-S04 Distribution rail,X8340-SZ4 Distribution rail,X8345-D01 Distribution rail,Power-D-Box with sockets pre-wired,Power-D-Box with pcb-mounted sockets,Economy Power-D-Box,High Power-D-Box, Thermal Overcurrent Circuit, CB, Overcurrent Protection, OCB, Breaker, Breakers,104,105,106,127,129,157,1110,1120,1140,1160,1170,1180,1410,

1610,1620,1658,3120,3130,3131,3140,4130,2-5000,2-5700,2-5200,2-6400,2-6500, Thermal-Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers,201,2210-S2,2210-T2,2215,3120,3200,3300,3400,4000,3600,3900,4220-T,Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers, 808,8340-G,8340-F,8340-T,8345,High Performance Circuit Breakers,


583,911,913,921,922,9510,BMS01,PVDIS,E-1032,E-1073-437, E-1073-922,PR60,PR80,Electronic Overcurrent Protection,ESS20-0,Module 17plus,ESS20-1,Module 17plus,ESS22-T,ESX10,Module 17plus,ESX10-T.-DC 24 V,ESX10-TC-DC 12 V,Solid State Remote Power Controllers,SSRPCs,E-1048-S6xx,E-1048-7xx,E-1048-8C,CUBIC,E-1048-8I,INLINE,E-1048-8D,DICE,E-1048-8S,SLIMLINE,E-1071-623, E-1071-627,E-1072-100,E-1072-2


Company Profile 20120304 ETA.pdf


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CB Series, Ex Cable Bushing, 방폭형 케이블부싱


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.


오늘은 산업플랜트(육상 및 해상)은 물론 중공업분야 현장에서 많이 사용되고 있는 케이블부싱(CB, Cable Bushing)을 살펴봅니다.라인부싱(Line Bushing), 컨덕터부싱(Conductor Bushin) 같은 명칭으로도 불리우는 케이블부싱(Cable Bushing) CB Series는 순수 국내기술로 만들어져 주요 중공사 및 EPC사에 공급되는고 있습니다. Cable Bushing(CB)는 특별히 케이블을 보호해야 하는 조건은 물론, 각종 JB, Motor 또는 Generator Body/Houshing, Conduits, Fittings 또는 Cable Glands나 Cable Transit System 를 적용하기 곤란한 방폭환경등에서 다양한 목적의 케이블 즉, Power Cable, Instrument Cable, Control Cable 등을 보호하면서 안정적으로 사용되고 있습니다.





Explosion protection, Baseefa 11 ATEX 0117 X Ex II2G Ex d IIC Gb



CB Series

Ex d Flame proof products

manufacturing in accordance with standards of EN60079-0 and EN60079-1.

방폭형 케이블부싱



This CB(cable bushing) is flame proof enclosure whitc is used for connecting various wires (power line, sensor line, and other lines, etc.,) of internal/external explosion proof products.



Product Numbers of CB Series

CB1602, CB1604A, CB2402, CB2404, CB2406A, CB2408, CB3303, CB3306, CB3308, CB3312, CB3316, CB3324, CB4204, CB4206, CB4212, CB4224, Special#.



Meaning Examples

Ex : Explosion Proof Type, 방폭형

CB : 케이블부싱, Cable Bushing

24 : Bushing Size, Out Diameter (ISO Metric thread, M24)

06 : Number of lead wires 





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