KILLARK EXBLI & EXBSPI Series Circuit Breaker Panelboards 2018 론칭안내


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Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous

KILLARK Distribution

Circuit Breaker Panelboards for Harsh and Hazardous Environments

EXBLI Series & EXBSPI Series



EXBLI Circuit Beraker Panelboards



New to Killark are the IEC/NEC rated panelboards. If you have a Harsh and
Hazardous location (corrosive, salt laden, flammable gas, vapors or explosive dust particles) this is where the Killark EXBLI or EXBSPI panelboard excels. Our new panelboard is suitable for use from the oil sands of Texas to the rigs of Saudi Arabia to the Far East.


We have two types – Our IEC (UL1077) panel offers both single and three phase applications with or without switched neutrals. Branch MCB’s in single, two, three and four pole, RCBO’s for earth leakage detection are available in 30, 100 or 300mA Sensitivity.


Our NEC (UL489) panel offer single and three phase applications, branch MCB’s in single, two, three and four pole. This type can also offer a factory sealed arrangement using our USF 316L stainless steel wiring chamber
with or without removable gland plates. All incoming “Line” and outgoing “Load” connections are made in the wiring chamber; this eliminates the need for seal fittings for Division 2 area’s.







EXBSPI Lighting Panelboard







Technical Data

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4.Killark Distribution IDK DE.pdf

5.Killark Enclosures IDK E.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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KILLARK EXB70 Series Motor Starters 소개자료


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KILLARK 킬락에서는 이번에 새로운 방폭위험지역에서 사용가능한 모터스타터 구성을 선보이고 있는데요. 다음과 같이 간단히 살펴보고자 합니다.



HUBBELL Harsh & Hazardous


EXB70 Series

Motor Starters for Harsh and Hazardous Environments






Killark offers a wide range of motor starters supplied with internal motor controllers from leading internationally recognized control manufacturers. We provide across the line magnetic starter only, combination magnetic starters and manual starters with both NEMA and IEC controllers.

Applications include Explosion / Flame Proof, Hazardous Dust, Wet, Hose Down and Corrosive environments on shore and off shore.





The EXB70 Series of across-the-line starter and combination motor control centers utilize SSNR (single speed non-reversing) IEC starters. The EXB70 starters is for use in locations made hazardous due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, or easily ignitable fibers and flyings, and areas which are subject to corrosion, weather and dampness.
• Petroleum Refineries
• Oil Rigs & Platforms
• Chemical/Petrochemical Plants
• Pharmaceutical Facilities
• Automotive Repair Facilities
• Aircraft Facilities
• Wet/Corrosive Environments
• Grain Elevators
The EXB70 Series is offered with the ABB brand AF contactor / TF overload relay, XT circuit breakers and motor circuit protectors.


• Box & cover: Cooper free aluminum (less than 4/10 of 1%)
• Finish: Aluminum lacquer paint – Grey
• O-Ring Gasket Material: Nitrile (BUNA-N) compound
• Stainless steel, A2, cover screw.
• CB/MCP Handle – Copper free aluminum
• Reset Operator – Thermoplastic polyester button molded onto stainless steel shaft. Aluminum shroud, black anodized.



• Copper free cast aluminum construction. High in strength, lighter in weight, corrosion resistant

• Stainless steel metric cover bolts
• Cover o-ring supplied as standard for TYPE 4X and IP66 applications.
• Starters supplied with hinged covers as standard
• Bi-directional bolt on mounting lugs made from a ductile aluminum alloy which will adjust to irregular surfaces without causing damage to the casting.
• Starter only supplied as standard with a manual reset button and two future control operator openings with plugs.
• Combination starter supplied as standard with a manual reset button, through the door circuit breaker handle and two future control operator openings with plugs.
• Each starter comes with three NPT conduit openings in both the top and in the bottom allowing for power, control and drain/breathers.
• The EXB70 can be ordered with custom sizes & quantity of holes both in NPT and metric.
• Additional control operators can be supplied along with addition future operator openings.



Technical Data

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EXB70 Motor Starter 201701XX EN.pdf

5.Killark Enclosures IDK E.pdf

4.Killark Distribution IDK DE.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다. 







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KOPEX-EX Conduit System, Fitting Instructions for Non-Metallic EXPQEXB Conduit 설치가이드


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오늘 이 시간에는 Ex'e'타입의 Conduit System과 관련하여, EXPQ시리즈의 Fitting과 EXB Series의 Conduit의 설치가이드를 전해드립니다.





KOPEX-Ex Conduit Systems




Anti-Static Conduit, EXB Conduit Series






Straight Male Conduit Fitting

EXPQ Conduit Gland/Fitting Series








Apply nut and seal over conduit, ensuring chamfered edge of seal is facing towards nut. Seal to be positioned three corrugations in from the end of the conduit.




If using with plain hole, fully tighten nut onto body to secure gland onto conduit.


If using with threaded entry, leave nut loose to allow gland to freely rotate about the conduit. Screw body into entry, then fully tighten nut to complete installation.






Installation Guide



CAT Number

EXB,EXPQ,EXPQM,EXPQA, EXB0310, EXB0330, EXB0350,EXB0410, EXB0430, EXB0450,EXB0510, EXB0530, EXB0550,EXB0610, EXB0630, EXB0650,EXB0710, EXB0730, EXB0750,EXB0810, EXB0830, EXB0850,EXPQM0304, EXPQM0404, EXPQM0505, EXPQM0606, EXPQM0707, EXPQM0808,EXPQA0304, EXPQA0404, EXPQA0505, EXPQA0606, EXPQA0707, EXPQA0808,EXPQA0305






Technical Data

CAT02.06 KopexEx Hazardous Location Conduit Systems.pdf

CAT21.Adaptaflex and KopexEx.pdf

CAT26.02 KopexEx Stainless Steel Conduit Systems.pdf

DTS KOPEX Hazardous Area CAT02.pdf

EXB EXBB Conduit Spec 20110522.pdf

EXPQ Conduit Spec 20110121.pdf









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Thomas&Betts(T&B,TnB) EXB/EXBB Conduit 사양소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.


오늘 이 시간에는

Thomas&Betts(T&B,TnB) EXB/EXBB Conduit 사양에 대해 살펴보도록 하겠습니다. 






Thomas&Betts Corporation



EXBB Conduit
Exe Antistatic Conduit







Description :  

Standard Weight Antistatic Conduit manufactured from nylon 12.Available with Stainless Steel 316 braiding for additional abrasion resistance and EMC Screening, -20°C to +80°C


Material :

Polyamide 12

Stainless Steel 316




Intended Use :

An electrically discharging cable protection system.

This system protects electrical cables and wires from mechanicaldamage and UV radiation

Exe Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 Gas Groups IIA IIB and IIC


Compatible Fittings :

IP66 -EXPQ* for unbraided EXB Conduit

IP66 -EXBQ* for Stainless Steel Braided EXBB Conduit


Approvals :

ATEX directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) to standardsIEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-7, EN60079-0, EN60079-7, IEC51241-0 IEC51241-1 EN51241-0 & EN51241-1.


Certifications :


IECEx BAS08.0001X




Nylon conduit fi ttings


EXB - Standard Weight






EXB With EXPQ* Fitting

Installation Guide





EXBB - 316 Overbraided



EXBB With EXBQ* Fitting

Installation Guide





DTS KOPEX Hazardous Area






Catalog Numbering

EXB0310, EXB0330, EXB0350,EXB0410, EXB0430, EXB0450,EXB0510, EXB0530, EXB0550,EXB0610, EXB0630, EXB0650,EXB0710, EXB0730, EXB0750,EXB0810, EXB0830, EXB0850,EXBB, EXBB0310, EXBB0330, EXBB0350,EXBB0410, EXBB0430, EXBB0450,EXBB0510, EXBB0530, EXBB0550,EXBB0610, EXBB0630, EXBB0650, EXBB0710, EXBB0730, EXBB0750,EXBB0810, EXBB0830, EXBB0850,

EXPQ,EXPQM, EXPQM0304, EXPQM0404, EXPQM0505, EXPQM0606, EXPQM0707, EXPQM0808, EXPQA, EXPQA0304, EXPQA0404, EXPQA0505, EXPQA0606, EXPQA0707, EXPQA0808,










Technical Data

DTS KOPEX Hazardous Area CAT01.pdf

DTS KOPEX Hazardous Area CAT02.pdf

DTS KOPEX Hazardous Area Old CAT.pdf







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Killark, EXB-NFD, EXB-FDS시리즈, Distribution Equipment, Disconnect Switches, 3Pole, Non Fusible & Fusible, DE10


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다.

오늘은 Killark 킬락 EXB시리즈가운데 Distribution Equipment로 구분되어 Disconnect Switching 역할을 수행하는 EXB-NFD시리즈와 EXB-FDS시리즈를 살펴봅니다.




EXP-NFD and EXB-FDS Series hinged cover disconnect switches are used:
• In locations made hazardous due to the presence of flammable gasses
or vapors or ignitable dusts, fibers and flyings.
• Outdoors or indoors in damp, wet and dirty locations, or in areas where
frequent washdowns, heavy rain or water spray routinely occurs.
• Use as motor circuit disconnect and to provide short circuit protection
(fused version) of lighting and power circuits.

• Copper-free aluminum construction, high strength, lighter in weight and
corrosion resistant.
• Fewer cover bolts (no corner bolts required) reduces installation and
maintenance time. Cover bolts are stainless steel.
• Gasketed flange with O-ring located in side bolt circle to seal out moisture.
• Stainless steel hinges are standard.
• Switch operating handle of copperfree aluminum can be padlocked,
with up to 3 locks, in either the “ON” or “OFF” position.
• Ductile mounting lugs adjust to irregular mounting surfaces.
• Bodies have top and bottom drilled and tapped conduit entrances for
power and drain/breather.

• ABB Switches are used on all 30 to 400 Ampere assemblies.
• For Horsepower Ratings and Dimensions, see page DE11.
• Disconnect Switches suitable for type ‘J’ fuses only.

Standard Materials/Finish
• Enclosures: Copper-free aluminum (less than 4/10 of 1% copper content
• Hinges and Cover Bolts: Stainless steel
• Aluminum lacquer paint finish


Electrical Rating Ranges
• 600 VAC
• 30, 60, 100, 200 and 400 Amp

Consult Factory for special conduit layouts and ATEX requirements






Catalog Number (Hubbell, Killark)









KIT252,SU,SU3,SU3B,SU9,4P,A,AA,EXB-886 N34 SU1,

EXB-8106 N34 SU1, EXB-12248 N34 SU1,EXB-12368 N34 SU1,

EXB-8106 N34 SU1,EXB-10108 N34 SU1,EXB-12188 N34 SU1,

EXB-12248 N34 SU1,EXB-183610 N34,SU1,EXB886N34SU1,EXB8106N34SU1,

EXB12248N34SU1, EXB12368N34SU1,EXB8106N34SU1,EXB10108N34SU1,

EXB12188N34SU1, EXB12248N34SU1, EXB183610N34SU1



Killark Distribution Equipment DE.pdf







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Killark EXB Enclosures 기술사양


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오늘 이 시간에는 킬락(Killark)의 대표적인 방폭박스 EXB Series에 대해 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.






Killark EXB Series, Enclosures, Junction Boxes







Locations made hazardous due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, or easily ignitable fibers and flyings, and areas which are subject to corrosion, weather and dampness.


Petroeum Refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical plants with indoor and outdoor processes.


Applications requiring junction, pull and/or splices boxes.


Enclosure to house control stations, meters, relays, starters, circuit breakers, terminal blocks and other equipment or devices.






Catalog Number / Order Number


EXB, EXB Junction Box, 방폭박스,

EXB-664 N34, EXB-664 N34 MOD, EXB664 N34, EXB664 N34 MOD

EXB-684 N34, EXB-684 N34 MOD, EXB684 N34, EXB684 N34 MOD

EXB-6124 N34, EXB-6124 N34 MOD, EXB6124 N34, EXB6124 N34 MOD

EXB-886 N34, EXB-886 N34 MOD, EXB886 N34, EXB886 N34 MOD

EXB-8104 N34, EXB-8104 N34 MOD, EXB8104 N34, EXB8104 N34 MOD

EXB-8106 N34, EXB-8106 N34 MOD, EXB8106 N34, EXB8106 N34 MOD

EXB-8126 N34, EXB-8126 N34 MOD, EXB8126 N34, EXB8126 N34 MOD

EXB-8128 N34, EXB-8128 N34 MOD, EXB8128 N34, EXB8128 N34 MOD

EXB-10106 N34, EXB-10106 N34 MOD, EXB10106 N34, EXB10106 N34 MOD

EXB-10108 N34, EXB-10108 N34 MOD, EXB10108 N34, EXB10108 N34 MOD

EXB-10146 N34, EXB-10146 N34 MOD, EXB10146 N34, EXB10146 N34 MOD

EXB-10148 N34, EXB-10148 N34 MOD, EXB10148 N34, EXB10148 N34 MOD

EXB-12126 N34, EXB-12126 N34 MOD, EXB12126 N34, EXB12126 N34 MOD

EXB-12128 N34, EXB-12128 N34 MOD, EXB12128 N34, EXB12128 N34 MOD

EXB-12186 N34, EXB-12186 N34 MOD, EXB12186 N34, EXB12186 N34 MOD

EXB-12188 N34, EXB-12188 N34 MOD, EXB12188 N34, EXB12188 N34 MOD

EXB-12246 N34, EXB-12246 N34 MOD, EXB12246 N34, EXB12246 N34 MOD

EXB-12248 N34, EXB-12248 N34 MOD, EXB12248 N34, EXB12248 N34 MOD

EXB-122412 N34, EXB-122412 N34 MOD, EXB122412 N34, EXB122412 N34 MOD, EXB-12368 N34, EXB-12368 N34 MOD, EXB12368 N34, EXB12368 N34 MOD, EXB-123610 N34, EXB-123610 N34 MOD, EXB123610 N34, EXB123610 N34 MOD, EXB-14146 N34 ,EXB-14146 N34 MOD, EXB14146 N34 ,EXB14146 N34 MOD, EXB-14148 N34, EXB-14148 N34 MOD, EXB14148 N34, EXB14148 N34 MOD, EXB-16166 N34, EXB-16166 N34 MOD, EXB16166 N34, EXB16166 N34 MOD, EXB-16168 N34, EXB-16168 N34 MOD, EXB16168 N34, EXB16168 N34 MOD, EXB-16248 N34, EXB-16248 N34 MOD, EXB16248 N34, EXB16248 N34 MOD, EXB-162410 N34, EXB-162410 N34 MOD, EXB162410 N34, EXB162410 N34 MOD, EXB-18186 N34, EXB-18186 N34 MOD, EXB18186 N34, EXB18186 N34 MOD, EXB-18188 N34, EXB-18188 N34 MOD, EXB18188 N34, EXB18188 N34 MOD, EXB-18248 N34, EXB-18248 N34 MOD, EXB18248 N34, EXB18248 N34 MOD, EXB-182410 N34, EXB-182410 N34 MOD, EXB182410 N34, EXB182410 N34 MOD, EXB-18308 N34, EXB-18308 N34 MOD, EXB18308 N34, EXB18308 N34 MOD, EXB-18368 N34, EXB-18368 N34 MOD, EXB18368 N34, EXB18368 N34 MOD, EXB-183610 N34, EXB-183610 N34 MOD, EXB183610 N34, EXB183610 N34 MOD, EXB-203611 N34, EXB-203611 N34 MOD, EXB203611 N34, EXB203611 N34 MOD, EXB-24248 N34, EXB-24248 N34 MOD, EXB24248 N34, EXB24248 N34 MOD, EXB-242410 N34, EXB-242410 N34 MOD, EXB242410 N34, EXB242410 N34 MOD, EXB-24308 N34, EXB-24308 N34 MOD, EXB24308 N34, EXB24308 N34 MOD, EXB-24368 N34, EXB-24368 N34 MOD, EXB24368 N34, EXB24368 N34 MOD, EXB-243610 N34, EXB-243610 N34 MOD, EXB243610 N34, EXB243610 N34 MOD






Global application(ATEX)

Enclosures are available for global applications with "CEN" suffix. Assemblies that are modified to CENELEC/ATEX standards maintain their North American certifications. Enclosure are availible blank or with factory  modifications, options and accessories.






Killark Enclosures IDK.pdf

Killark Enclosure EXB Series IDK.pdf

Killark EXB Flyer.pdf

Killark 킬락 Enclosure E.pdf







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Killark 방폭박스 및 컨트롤박스


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다


오늘은 방폭박스의 대명사, Hubbll 허벨그룹의 Killark 킬락제품군 가운데,

Enclosure와 Controls에 대해 살펴보겠습니다.




At Killark we understand that each of our customers have different needs. Our committed employees work in combination with our clients engineering staff to ensure our enclosures meet and surpass their expectations.



Our extensive range of bolted and threaded enclosures are utilized daily for use with control, monitoring, detection, and automation products.
The Killark product portfolio of control products come in both metallic and non-metallic designs. The size and depth of the control product range enable us to provide the best solutions to your control problems.





· DB Series - Junction Boxes
· TE Series - Terminal Enclosures
· GE Series - With Terminal
· HK Series - ATEX Terminal Boxes
· EXB Series - Junction Boxes

· B7E Series - Junction Boxes
· B7E Series - Junction Boxes

· XJB Series - Junction Boxes
· Blank Mounting Pans
· Enclosure Options
· GL Series, GLXR Series - Round & Rectangular Lenses
· KDB Series, KB Series - Drains and Breathers, Flame Arrestors
· EXH Series - Circuit Breaker Handle

· TWBE Series - Terminal Blocks, Control Operators
· GR Series - Threaded Enclosures

· HK Series, 2HK Series - Instrument/Device EnclosuresConduit Opening Data





· D2C Series - DuraTech Control Stations

· D2C Series - Dimensional Data

· CS Series - CONSPEC Control Stations

· CS Series - Dimensional Data

· FXCS Series - Factory Sealed Control Stations

· FXB Series - Splice Boxes

· FXCS Series - Factory Sealed Cover Assemblies

· XCS Series, XS Series, SWB Series - Control Stations, External Sealing

· SWB Series - Device Boxes
· SWB Series - Conduit Opening Data

· XCS Series - Cover Assemblies Control Stations
· XCS Series - Blank Covers

· FXCS Series, XCS Series - Accessories, Replacement Parts
· XS Series - Tumbler Switch

· XAL Series, XAS Series - Fire Alarm Stations







Killark 킬락 Enclosure 종합 E 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Enclosures 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 EXB 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 QRP 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Quantum 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls 종합 C 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls SBD2C 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls TFD2C 01.pdf



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