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오늘은 잉곳(ingot)과 사파이어(sapphire) 제조공정에서 사용되는

Ingot Multi Wire Saw와, Sapphire Multi Wire Saw 장비에서 사용되어지고 있는 FMS(에프엠에스)의 Force Measuring Roller를 소개합니다.


Force Sensor를 활용한 Tension Control에는 다양한 라인업이 갖추어져 있지만,

해당 어플리케이션의 베스트셀러인 RMGZ100시리즈와 EMGZ306A시리즈 콤비네이션으로 구성하였습니다.



1. RMGZ 100 Series


RMGZ100 시리즈는 Force Measuring Roller 입니다.

장비메카니즘에 따라 특수제작이 가능합니다.





Nominal forces from 6~300 N - Sizes available for every application
10 times overload protection - No recalibration required
20 : 1 force measuring range - Wide measuring capability
Lifetime lubricated ball bearings - No maintenance necessary



RMGZ100 Series

The RMGZ100 Series force measuring roller is used to measure the tension in wire, cable and similar materials. An application specific sheave or pulley is mounted to the two lifetime lubricated ball bearings.



Functional Descriptions

The RMGZ100 Series force measuring rollers utilize the flexion beam priciple. When the roller is subjected to a force, bending stress is applied to the measuring web. Four foil-type strain gauges in a full Wheatstone bridge configuration measure the bending and thus the material tension. The position of the red point depends on the application. If the force acts in the direction of the red point, positive values will result from the measuring amplifier output.




2. EMGZ306A Series


EMGZ306A 시리즈는 RMGZ 100과 함께 구성되는 Tension Measuring Amplifier 입니다.



No programming required - Easy to setup
Standardised analogue outputs - Multiconnectable with PLC, Display etc.
Galvanically isolated - Protected against electrical noise
DIN rail mount - Easy to mount in cabinet
Gain and offset setting by 20-turn trimmers - Precise adjustment guaranteed






FMS 에프엠에스 RMGZ100 01.pdf

FMS 에프엠에스 EMGZ306A 01.pdf




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오늘은 AEGPS의 핵심 어플리케이션을 소개하고자 합니다.

많은 PV어플리케이션 가운데 Silocon Ingot Crystal Growing에 대해 알아보겠습니다.


많은 시도와 시행착오 그 가운데 얻어지는 기술력과 노하우가 있다면,

PV시장에서 기술적 선도와 품질의 선점에서는 다소 늦어질 때가 있습니다.

글로벌 마켓리더이자 솔루션파트너인 AEG Power Solutions가 제안하는



계속된 기술사양의 업그레이드가 되고 있는 관계로 아주 간략한 브리핑만을 전해드릴 수 있겠습니다.


Silicon Ingot Crystal Growing

Thyrobox Si

Power Supplies



               Thyrobox Si for ingot growing applications



Throughout the high-tech polysilicon value chain, AEG Power Solutions GmbH, located in Germany, has been a leading supplier of superior high-current power supplies for many years. AEG’s experience across the entire value chain starts with power supplies for CVD reactors for polysilicon deposition process, electric power supplies of crystal growing, wafer-, cell- and module production to string and central inverters which convert and feed solar energy into the medium and low voltage grid.


                          Fig. 1 Melting of polysilicon chunks
                          Fig. 2 Start of monocrystalline crystallization
                          Fig. 3 Ingot growing
                          Fig. 4 Cooling of monocrystalline ingots




Besides the Czochralsky process of monocrystalline silicon crystal growing and the ingot casting process, various similar processes of crystal growing are used to produce wafers in an economical manner. The main focus is on the fi nished products, which need wafers either in electronic grade or in solar grade purity. For solar grade wafers applies more than ever a highly profi table, reliable and reproducible production – due to the requirements of the high competitive renewable energies market.



Profi tability, reliability, and reproducibility are synonymous with competitiveness. Capabilities to fulfi ll these key properties are a must-have for any power supply. Since every crystal growing method has its own unique technical specialties, AEG offers custom solutions based on the specifi c requirements of the electric power supply.


Thyrobox Si

With the introduction of the Thyrobox Si power supply, AEG Power Solutions now offers an economical DC power supply which is expressly designed to provide the current necessary for crystal growing systems.


Based on reliable, established power technology designs of standard products and power components, AEG Power Solutions offers customized electric power
supply solutions that are tailored to the requirements of each individual silicon ingot growing system. These power supplies have all the characteristics of an AEG Power Solutions product:


» state of the art technology
» high degree of reliability
» high degree of availability
» long operating life
» precise reproducibility
» digital technology with precise accuracy
» monitoring functions
» excellent technical support
» suitable for worldwide application
» good price/performance ratio
» adequate delivery times as well as
» high degree of efficiency
» high power factor
» minimized system perturbation
» small footprint


Options include, e.g.:
» HMI interface with additional touch display

   (for local process operation and/or commissioning)
» air or water cooling
» field bus interface for connection with DCS (process control systems)


Specific customized requirements regarding the power supply can be implemented in the Thyrobox Si on request to suit particularities within the production process.



»Type data range of Thyrobox Si

»Rated voltage*, to 200 V DC (* other on request)
»Load current*, to 15,000 A (* other on request)
»Frequency 47-63 Hz



Focused on minimizing investments and operational costs (CAPEX, OPEX), AEG’s power supply solutions are designed, built, and tested at our facility in Warstein- Belecke – Made in Germany.



As a confidential treatment of information is mandatory for AEG Power Solution projects, a written form of the agreement can be arranged on request.



Thyrobox는 독일에 있는 전담 엔지니어링 그룹이 함께 서포트 합니다.



AEGPS 아에게 Thyrobox_Si EN 01.pdf.pdf






국내 기술지원 및 상담구매처


www.jadongwha.com or www.tiatip.com



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오늘 이시간에는 AEGPS의 대표선수이자 에이스인 Thyro-P를 소개합니다.


최근 TFT-LCD시장은 물론 PotoVoltaic 시장의 중심에 우뚝서며 그 존재감을 과시하고 있는 녀석입니다.





Digital Thyristor Power Controller (SCR)

Secure, Fast, Economical and Communication Enabled







The Thyro-P is the result of consistent implementation of over 40 years of experience in the fi eld of power controllers.

The power controllers (SCR) of Thyro-P can be used wherever voltage, current or power needs to be controlled precisely and reliably. Using broad band electric power supply, optional network optimization, patented ASM procedure and a user friendly interface, a wide range of industrial applications is adaptable such as:


» Automotive industry
» Chemical and mineral oil industry
» Extruders and plastic presses
» Furniture industry
» Furnace construction
» Glass industry
» IR drying
» Machine building industry
» Packaging industry
» Painting machines and printers
» Pipe trace heaters



With various operating and control modes, good connections to process and automation systems, high level of control accuracy using a 32-bit RICS processor and easy handling, the digital Thyro-P meets future requirements for new applications. Parameters can be adapted via menus; set points and actual values of the process can be redirected via analog outputs or as an option via bus systems.

The Thyro-P series offers a rated current of up to 2,900 A and voltage of up to 690 V due to the deployment of modern network thyristors.

Application specifi c solutions are also available with signifi cant higher currents and voltages.




AEGPS 아에게 Thyro-P FLY EN201201 01.pdf

AEGPS 아에게 Thyro-P FLY EN200802 01.pdf



국내 기술지원 및 상담구매처


www.jadongwha.com or www.tiatip.com



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