Panasonic, LED Spot Type, Aicure UV Curing System UJ30/UJ35 Series


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오늘 이 시간에는 최근 UV Curing System과 관련하여 많은 관심과 사랑을 받고 있는 Panasonic의 차세대 UV LED경화기인 UJ30(ANUJ30) 시리즈와 UJ35(ANUJ35) 시리즈를 함께 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.





Most important features


Panasonic LED UV systems are very compact, have lower energy consumption than lamp systems and advanced features compared to other LED UV systems.



Temperature feedback for stable irradiation

The Aicure is equipped with a temperature feedback controller originally developed by Panasonic. Its UV irradiation meets the industry’s highest
class of stability.


User-friendly interface

In addition to its user-friendliness, energy efficiency and being environmentally
friendly, these models have a high irradiation intensity power up to 8,600mW/cm2 (wavelength: 365nm). Or 9,200mW/cm2 (wavelength: 385nm)
and high irradiation accuracy of ±3%.


New slim UV sensor for intensity calibration

These new models provide outstanding performance for bonding and fixing with UV curable resin.


Two new controller selections (UJ30 and UJ35 Series)




Standard model UJ30(ANUJ30)

Limited to the most necessary and common functions. Provides highly reliable UV irradiation.


High performance model UJ35(ANUJ35)

A variety of functions provide more advanced UV irradiation solutions



 Aicure UJ35




UJ30, ANUJ3000, uj30, anuj3000, ANUJ30, anuj30

UJ35, ANUJ3500, uj35, anuj3500, ANUJ35, anuj35



ANUJ6160, anuj6160

ANUJ6161, anuj6161

ANUJ6162, anuj6162

ANUJ6163, anuj6163

ANUJ6164, anuj6164

ANUJ6165, anuj6165


Connection Cable

ANUJ6220, anuj6220

ANUJ6250, anuj6250

ANUJ6200, anuj6200

ANUJ6230, anuj6230

ANUJ6270, anuj6270



ANUJ6423, anuj6423

ANUJ6424, anuj6424

ANUJ6426, anuj6426

ANUJ6428, anuj6428

ANUJ6420, anuj6420

ANUJ6450S, anuj6450s

ANUJ6475S, anuj6475s

ANUJ6426SV, anuj6426sv

ANUJ6428SV, anuj6428sv

ANUJ6420SV, anuj6420sv

ANUJ6447L, anuj6447l

ANUJ6467L, anuj6467l



ANUJ3800, anuj3800

ANUJ6802, anuj6802

ANUJ6803, anuj6803

ANUJ6804, anuj6804

ANUP5001SG, anuj5001sg







Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 UJ30 UJ35 KR 01.pdf

Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 UJ30 UJ35 EN 01.pdf

Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 Aicure UJ6170 01.pdf



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Panasonic, Lamp Spot Type, UV Curing System, Aicure UP50



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오늘은 Panasonic의 UV경화기 가운데 LAMP 타입으로서는 가장 최신의 모델이며, 그 성능과 안정성을 자랑하는 UP50을 살펴봅니다. UP50은 MUV5204 및 ANUP5204의 진화된 사양이자 경화시스템과 관련하여 램프타입이 갖추어야할 모든 솔루션을 포함하고 있는 Compact 타입의 UV LAMP경화기입니다.


기존의 MUV5204, ANUP5204에서 제공하지 않았던 기능이 추가되었는데요, 바로 UV센싱인터페이스 기능입니다. UV센서를 옵션으로 선택하시면 보다 안정적인 생산라인 운영이 가능합니다. UP50에 장착하는 UV LAMP는 지난 10년간 안정성입 입증된 

ANUPS204 모델이며, 구형의 MUV5204, ANUP5204와 공용이 가능한 사양입니다.


UP50 (ANUP50)



Featuring an energy-efficient mode, which cuts the power consumption by a maximum of 15% while the irradiation is off, and a high-accuracy auto-tuning function



1. High-efficiency UV irradiation


Eco mode reduces power consumption

The Eco mode cuts the standby power consumption by a maximum of 15% while the irradiation is off (the shutter is closed), contributing to the running costs (electricity charge). Compatible with a wide range of power supply voltages from 100 to 240 V AC for worldwide use.


Surface tackiness can be quickly eliminated

The development and adoption of our unique special mirror that allows for the
effective irradiation with short wavelengths enables the quick elimination of
surface stickiness caused during curing. The irradiation time can also be
reduced, decreasing the temperature rise of workpieces.


ANUP5001F heat ray cut filter prevents temperature rises in the irradiation unit.

The use of the filter is recommended especially for heat-sensitive workpieces.
You can reduce temperature rises in the irradiation unit by attaching a heat
reflecting filter depending on the type of workpiece.



2. Stable UV irradiation performance


UV auto control function automatically compensates for the UV intensity.

This function increases the electrical power applied to the lamp according to
the total irradiation time of the lamp to compensate for the UV intensity decrease, maintaining stable UV irradiation until the end of the lamp life.


Slim UV sensor (optional)
Significantly higher reliability for bonding and fixing. The UV sensor for measuring irradiation intensity enables auto-turning in high-accuracy.

The UV intensity can be relative measured* at the actual position by using the slim UV sensor. It can also automatically adjust the UV intensity to the preset level. Since the sensor only has 5 mm (0.2 in) thickness, which is similar to the workpiece, the intensity measurement is possible without removing the system from the production line, facilitating high-accuracy setting and in-line condition optimization. The UV intensity can be checked and adjusted at real time, enhancing the bonding and fixing reliability.



3. Stable UV irradiation performance


Programmable irradiation function
This function prevents curing distortion and enables high-quality precision bonding. The irradiation can be programmed to controls the irradiation power and time depending on the resin and curing appication, supporting high-quality and high-precision bonding with minimum cure shrinkage. In addition to the simple irradiation mode which irradiation is continuously performed at a constant intensity, up to 10 steps 10 patterns can be set. This includes the step-up mode which the intensity is changed over time and the interval mode which irradiation is performed at specified intervals.


Digital setting allows for consistency of set values from operator to operator.

The irradiation power can be finely set in the range of 0 to 100% in increments of 0.5%. The actual UV irradiation intensity is approximately proportional to the displayed value, making the setting work easier and more accurate.


Interchangeability with ANUP5204

The wavelength distribution (typical characteristics) of UP50 is identical to
ANUP5204, our existing model. The replacement lamp, the ANUPS204, is
also the same as that for the ANUP5204.



4. Easy to install


Can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

The unit can be placed in either a vertical position that makes the footprint smaller or a horizontal position that allows stacking other units.


Long life, quickly-attachable lamp, ANUPS204

The average lamp life is 3,000 hours(guaranteed life: 2,000 hours*). The lamp can be easily replaced with a single operation and does not require an optical axis adjustment. * Ratio to the initial UV intensity -- 80% or higher in vertical placement, 70% or higher in horizontal placement


Two lens unit models for short and long range converging

The two lens unit models, one for short range and the other for long range
converging, cover a variety of applications and work pieces.



Aicure UP50 Controller








Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 UP50 EN 01.pdf



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