현명한 고객들이 파나소닉 UV경화기 UV조사기를 찾는 11가지 이유


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오늘 이 시간에는 파나소닉 Panasonic Aicure  UJ30, UJ35 Series 의 장점가운데 현장고객들로 부터 사랑받는 이유 11가지에 대해 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.



1. Panasonic Aicure UJ30 and Aicure UJ35


The compact UJ30/35 controllers can be equipped with up to four individually controlled LED heads and, due to their small size, can be easily integrated into existing systems. Different types of UV-LED heads are available with an irradiation wavelength of either 365nm or 385nm. Because cooling occurs naturally (without a fan), the systems are well suited for use in clean rooms. To provide the best possible irradiation for the application in question, twelve different lenses are available for the heads. You can control the heads by either using the user-friendly panel on the front of the controller or via the digital interface. The UJ35 additionally offers an RS232 interface, which can be used for configuration and to create backups.

Thanks to our long experience with curing systems and the LED technology involved, we were able to create a system with the UJ30/35 that requires substantially less energy than conventional curing systems and one that offers many other advantages besides high intensity.




2. Panasonic LED technology





Each UJ30/35 LED head is equipped with a high-power UV LED. This means the heads enjoy a lifetime more than 20,000 hours! Moreover, the LEDs neither require a warm-up nor cooling-off period, nor will frequently switching them on and off shorten their lifetime.


Your benefits:

  • Components subjected to minimal thermal strain
  • LED heads require no warm-up time
  • Long lifetime




3. High-power irradiation





The UJ30/35 LED heads offer a sensational UV irradiation performance of up to 12,800mW/cm2 per head.


Your benefits:

  • UV LED head – max. 12,800mW/cm2
  • Short irradiation time, i.e. high tact frequency
  • Optimized design for heat emission



4. Programmable with four independent heads




With a lamp type model, one process requires one irradiation unit. With UJ30/35, one unit can be used for up to four processes due to its four individually controllable LED heads. The irradiation can be programmed to control the UV radiation power and time depending on the resin and curing application, supporting high-quality, high-precision bonding with minimum shrinkage. In addition to the simple irradiation mode whereby irradiation is emitted continuously at a constant intensity, up to seven different irradiation patterns (product types) can be programmed for each of the four LED heads. This includes the step-up mode, in which the intensity is changed over time, and the interval mode, in which irradiation is performed at specified intervals.


Your benefits:

  • Flexibility of virtually four independent curing devices in one
  • High-precision curing at low temperatures



6. Easy and quick installation




The extremely compact UJ35 controller can be set up either with complimentary PC software or directly via the controller’s well designed front panel. In either case, setting up the UJ35 is just a matter of minutes. Being equipped with a digital I/O interface with detachable terminal blocks, it is easy to connect UJ30/35 to an external PLC or PC. The UJ35 additionally offers an RS232C port. The LED heads have a diameter of only 12mm and can be easily secured with an optional jig. The heads' electrical (not fiber) cables can be extended up to 10m, permit a bending radius of 33mm, and can be bent 10,000,000 times or more!


Your benefits:

  • Easy, cost-saving installation
  • Intuitive operation
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for installation on moving parts
  • Setting software for UJ35



7. Stable UV intensity




Each UJ30/35 head is equipped with a temperature sensor, which is continuously monitored by the controller, keeping UV irradiation stable within a range of  +/-3%.


Your benefits:

  • UV irradiation accuracy +/-3%



8. Efficient curing without temperature increase




The irradiation beam of the UV LEDs does not include infrared rays, hence the temperature rise of the cured workpieces is minimal.


Your benefits:

  • Components subjected to minimal thermal strain
  • Highly efficient curing by narrow spectrum of +/-5nm



9. UV intensity measurement




The optional UV sensor for UJ35 measures the actual irradiation intensity of an LED head. Because the UV sensor measures just 5mm in height, the irradiation intensity can be measured directly at the work station or in the system without having to disassemble the equipment. When the intensity deviates too much from that required, the system can automatically adjust it as necessary. The advantages are clear: curing quality is consistent and process reproducibility very good.


Your benefits:

  • Consistent curing quality
  • Easily reproduced


10. Multiple safety features




This product has a function to detect breaks and short-circuiting of the LED head. The LED is automatically turned off if it overheats. Moreover, an emergency stop of UV emission is provided via a signal on the rear of the controller.


Your benefit:

  • Safe and durable operation


11. Fanless design





UJ30/35 employs no electromechanical components. Even cooling is realized without a fan.


Your benefits:

  • For use in clean rooms.
  • Parts not subject to wear & tear. No maintenance.





Panasonic Aicure LED Spot UJ30 UJ35 EN 01.pdf

Panasonic Aicure UJ6180 CAT EN.pdf

ANUJ30 ANUJ35 User Manual EN 201312XX .pdf







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RUVIX UV LED Curing System


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오늘은 그 간의 해외 유수의 UV경화기 메이커와 무수히 많은 TBE를 거치고 현장테스트 및 품질적합도 검증을 위해 고객의 니즈반영 및 R&D를 지속해온 순수 국내기술의 RUVIX UV LED 경화기를 살펴보겠습니다.



  Controller : D Series  (Equipment Only)   



RUVIX의 라인업은 기존의 UV 램프타입과 인라인타입, 컨베이어타입, 오븐타입, 챔버타입 등 오랜시간에 걸쳐 획득한 다양한 필드경험과 노하우 그리고 해외 선진기술를 기반으로 새롭게 각광받는 UV LED경화기를 앞서 개발하고 여러상황별 까다로운 어플리케이션에 적합하도록 컨트롤러와 헤드의 라인업을 개발하고 해당 시스템의 안정화작업을 겨처 국내 대기업에 안정적인 공급을 하고 있습니다.


RUVIX루비스 의 하드웨어 구성(Hardware Configuration)은 다음과 같이 표현될 수 있습니다. 이외에도 현장중심의 고객요구사항을 반영한 다양하고 특수한 하드웨어 구성 및 추가구성이 가능하여 각 하드웨어 구성을 기준으로 소프트웨어 구성(Software Configuration) 및 통신구성(Communication Interface)을 제공합니다.



RUVIX 루비스는 범용의 UV LED경화기 (UV LED조사기)부터 고객요청에 의한 연구개발의 특주사양에 이르기까지 지원합니다.



Controller : R Series + LED Bar Combination 


무엇보다 다양한 라인조건에 대하여 범용 및 특주타입의 헤드유닛(HEAD UNIT)을 위와 같이 맞춤개발하고 이의 안정성을 지원하는 맞춤 컨트롤러(Controller)를 함께 공급하여 품질관리 및 고객편의성을 제공하고 있습니다.





RUVIX 루비스 UV LED경화기 01.pdf



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국내 UV LED 경화기의 선두주자 루비스 제품군 구성개요  (0) 2013.01.04

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Panasonic, LED Spot Type, Aicure UV Curing System UJ30/UJ35 Series


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오늘 이 시간에는 최근 UV Curing System과 관련하여 많은 관심과 사랑을 받고 있는 Panasonic의 차세대 UV LED경화기인 UJ30(ANUJ30) 시리즈와 UJ35(ANUJ35) 시리즈를 함께 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.





Most important features


Panasonic LED UV systems are very compact, have lower energy consumption than lamp systems and advanced features compared to other LED UV systems.



Temperature feedback for stable irradiation

The Aicure is equipped with a temperature feedback controller originally developed by Panasonic. Its UV irradiation meets the industry’s highest
class of stability.


User-friendly interface

In addition to its user-friendliness, energy efficiency and being environmentally
friendly, these models have a high irradiation intensity power up to 8,600mW/cm2 (wavelength: 365nm). Or 9,200mW/cm2 (wavelength: 385nm)
and high irradiation accuracy of ±3%.


New slim UV sensor for intensity calibration

These new models provide outstanding performance for bonding and fixing with UV curable resin.


Two new controller selections (UJ30 and UJ35 Series)




Standard model UJ30(ANUJ30)

Limited to the most necessary and common functions. Provides highly reliable UV irradiation.


High performance model UJ35(ANUJ35)

A variety of functions provide more advanced UV irradiation solutions



 Aicure UJ35




UJ30, ANUJ3000, uj30, anuj3000, ANUJ30, anuj30

UJ35, ANUJ3500, uj35, anuj3500, ANUJ35, anuj35



ANUJ6160, anuj6160

ANUJ6161, anuj6161

ANUJ6162, anuj6162

ANUJ6163, anuj6163

ANUJ6164, anuj6164

ANUJ6165, anuj6165


Connection Cable

ANUJ6220, anuj6220

ANUJ6250, anuj6250

ANUJ6200, anuj6200

ANUJ6230, anuj6230

ANUJ6270, anuj6270



ANUJ6423, anuj6423

ANUJ6424, anuj6424

ANUJ6426, anuj6426

ANUJ6428, anuj6428

ANUJ6420, anuj6420

ANUJ6450S, anuj6450s

ANUJ6475S, anuj6475s

ANUJ6426SV, anuj6426sv

ANUJ6428SV, anuj6428sv

ANUJ6420SV, anuj6420sv

ANUJ6447L, anuj6447l

ANUJ6467L, anuj6467l



ANUJ3800, anuj3800

ANUJ6802, anuj6802

ANUJ6803, anuj6803

ANUJ6804, anuj6804

ANUP5001SG, anuj5001sg







Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 UJ30 UJ35 KR 01.pdf

Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 UJ30 UJ35 EN 01.pdf

Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 Aicure UJ6170 01.pdf



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