Panasonic, UV LAMP, Aicure ANUPS204


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오늘은 파나소닉(Panasonic)의 SPOT타입 UV경화기 가운데 LAMP 타입인 MUV5204, ANUP5204 컨트롤러와 UP50 컨트롤러 적합한 UV램프를 살펴봅니다.


신형 UV장치인 UP50 컨트롤러 구입시 함께 제공되는 UV LAMP는 지난 10년이상 전세계적으로 그 안정성이 입증된 Xenon Mercury Lamp 바로 Aicure ANUPS204 모델입니다. 그리고 이제 구형의 UV장치인 MUV5204, ANUP5204 컨트롤러 또한 공용이 가능한 사양으로서 기존에 설치운영중인 고객과, 이를 혼용하여 적용하고 있는 고객의 재고운용 등의 편의성을 더불어 지원하고 있습니다.





Long life, quickly-attachable lamp, ANUPS204

The average lamp life is 3,000 hours(guaranteed life: 2,000 hours*).

The lamp can be easily replaced with a single operation and does not require an optical axis adjustment.

* Ratio to the initial UV intensity : 80% or higher in vertical placement, 70% or higher in horizontal placement



ANUPS204 for Aicure UP50 Controller





ANUPS204 for Aicure ANUP5204 Controller




OLD Version

UV Controller : MUV-5204, MUV5204

UV Lamp : LUM-204, LUM204 

                        ANUPS204 for Aicure MUV5204 Controller - MORITEX














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Panasonic UV Curing System, Aicure, ANUP5204


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오늘은 Panasonic의 UV경화기 시리즈 가운데 LAMP타입인 ANUP5204를 살펴봅니다. 과거 카메라모듈과 광픽업 및 광학렌즈분야의 붐과 더불어 큰 성장을 보인 제품입니다. 최근 신모델인 UP50시리즈가 출시되어 사랑받고 있지만 익숙함과 그 안정성으로 신모델과 함께 UV LAMP Spot 경화기의 자존심을 지키고 있습니다.


UV calibration and irradiation pattern functions deliver
high-quality adhesion and curing.



Aicure ANUP5204


⊙ High power: 4000 mW/cm2
⊙ Automatic compensation for decay in UV intensity
⊙ Superb UV irradiation prevents distortion
⊙ Universal power supply and 40% more energy efficient
⊙ Digital settings eliminate individual variation
⊙ Can be placed vertically or horizontally



High UV intensity: 4000mW/cm2
Even with a 200 W lamp, the ANUP5204 achieves a high intensity of 4000 mW/cm2 for multiple-branch-fiber and long distance irradiation. (4000 mW/cm2 is the initial power using 1-branch-fiber (ø5 mm) without lens, without filter, and with Auto-control set to OFF and distance set to 10mm.)


Surface tacking removed for quicker curing
Quick, clean tacking by short wavelengths using a special mirror developed for efficient irradiation. As result, ANUP5204 achieves short irradiation time (short tact time) and reduced heat increase.


Universal power supply and 40% more energy efficient
Features universal power source compatibility between 100 and 240 VAC. It is a whopping 40%+ more energy efficient than our conventional model 1) This will cut electricity bills at your factory.


Automatic compensation for decay of UV intensity
The built-in UV auto-control function automatically compensates for UV intensity decay, so stable UV intensity is maintained until the end of the lamp’s life. Set vertically, the ANUP5204 undergoes almost not decrease in UV intensity.


Superb UV irradiation prevents distortion
The programmable irradiation function is matched to the resin and curing material. This greatly reduces shrinking and distortion of the resin when curing. This function is the best match for optical components. Set 9 patterns of 10 steps each. UV power (shutter open rate) = 0-100% (0.5% unit), irradiation time = 0.1-100sec. (0.1sec. unit)/100-9999 sec. (1 sec. unit).


Digital settings eliminate individual variation
Use sheet switches to set and display each value. Fine tune values from 0 to 100% in 0.5% increments. Nearly perfect symmetry between display and UV irradiation intensity facilitates setup.


Can be stood up or laid on side
Vertical placement: stand up to save foot space.
Horizontal placement: lay on side to allow stacking.
Vertical placement can reduce decreases in UV intensity.


Long-life lamp featuring one-touch replacement
Even with a 200 W lamp, the lamp will provide a high 4000 mW/cm2 output1).
On top of that, it delivers a long 3000 hours of life 2) (guaranteed lifetime: 2000 hours) 3). The “one touch” replacement method does not require optical axis alignment.
1): Initial data
2): 3,000 hours is maximum time of use.
3): Minimum 70% of initial UV intensity.


Diverse range of filters and lenses for practically any application
Two types of heat-ray-cut-filter are available Only UV rays penetrate. Four lenses are also available to match the application at hand: the “AS/A” lens focuses short range, the UV lens is used for irradiation, and the “BS/B” lens focuses long range.


Easy connection
Very easy to connect with a foot-switch for UV irradiation.
Only open-collector(Tr) or relay-contact.
Change UV intensity using PLC
Using pattern No. 9, change the UV intensity from 4-power via a PLC for optimum irradiation in each production run.
Supports UV optical feedback
Freely change the UV irradiation intensity from external devices. Combine UV sensors and PLC to support UV control by optical feedback.










Panasonic 파나소닉 경화기 ANUP5204 EN 01.pdf



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