Chalmit 샬밋 방폭형 Control Gear/Control Box/Gearbox 기술사양


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 샬밋 방폭조명용 Chalmit Control Gear/Control Box/Gearbox 에 대해 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.




Control Gear

Universal Box Remote Gearbox


Zone 1Ex e Control Boxes




The Universal Box is designed for use in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. The universal gearbox replaces the 720 Ex e remote gearbox series used to supply floodlights without integral control gear. Where an ignitor is required it must be with the luminaire. The correction capacitors are in the control box.

The range also replaces the 700/702 Ex d control box but does not replace the 700/702 box with ignitor. The main range is for 150W to 600W hps lamps. These models also replace the 500/501 series Ex N gearbox but do not replace those gear boxes with internal ignitors. The universal transformer also replaces the 700 Ex d series transformer box the usual application of which is supplying 230V range control gear from 120V supplies.

The transformer is an auto design not a double wound design. It is for lighting applications not for electrical safety. The rating is 500 and 1000VA. Both the control gear and transformers have a built-in thermal cut-out which resets after the mains supply is switched off for a short period. This protection is needed for lighting control gear operating during possible lamp faults. This range will often be used as replacements for obsolete items using a variety of lamps. The IOM sent with each product and available on request contains essential information for correct application.


ATEX Certified

GOST R Approved















Technical Data (Datasheet)




Notice : Specification are subject to change without notice.

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국내 기술지원 및 구매상담


CS CENTER 010.5353.9110


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Killark Catalog 링크 - Lighting (L)


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오늘 이 시간에는 킬락(Killark)사의 조명(Lighting)을 각 카테고리별로 구분짓고, 해당 시리즈별 2011년도 버전 카탈로그와의 링크로 사용자에게 도움을 드리고자 합니다.




Incandescant Fixtures


• NV2 Series Class I, Div.2; NEMA 4X


• V Series Standard Location


• V Series Class I, Div. 2; NEMA 4


• V Series Accessories, Dimensions


• DV Series DV Dust Ignition Proof


• NVPI Series Wet Locations Class II, Div. 2 Non-Metallic/Non-Glass


• EMI Series Hazardous Location NEMA 4X Groups C,D 60-300Watt Incandescent


• E Series/H Series Hazardous Location Groups A,B 200-300 Watt Incandescent


• H Series Replacement Parts


• XHL Series Hazardous Location Handlamps 100 Watt Incandescent




Compact Fluorescent


• NV2F Series 13-42 Watt Quad-Pin


• NVPF Series 13-26 Watt Class II, Div. 2 Non-Metallic/Non-Glass


• MBF Series 13-39 Watt for Standard & Certain Hazardous Locations


• MBF Series Accessories


• VQ1F/VQ2F Series (Replaces VBF/VQF) 13-84 Watt for Standard & Certain Hazardous Locations


 • EBF/EQF Series 13-84 Watt for Hazardous Locations


• XHLF Series Hazardous Location Handlamps 26 Watt Fluorescent


• NWPFN Series Surface Mount Non-Metallic/Non-Glass 13-26 Watt


• EBF/EQF Series 13-84 Watt for Hazardous Locations




HID and Induction Fixtures


• MB Series


• CertiLite V Series


• CertiLite V Induction


• EZ Series


• EM Series




LED Fixtures


• CertiLite MBL Series


• CertiLite VM1L Series


• HostileLite EML Series-Explosion-Proof LED CLI, Div.1, CL II, Div. 1, N4X


• EnviroRite NVSL Series LED Signals CLI, Div.2, CL II, Div. 1, N4X Non-Metallic, Non-Glass




Linear Fluorescent


• DBF Series Fluorescent Class l, Div. 2


• LinearLite LZ2S Series Fluorescent Stainless Steel


• LinearLite LZ2N Series Fluorescent Non-Metallic Class I, Div. 2 Class II, Div. I


• HFX-T Series BIAXIAL Fluorescent Class I, Div. I


• HFX Series Hazardous Location- Paint spray suitable


• Emergency Backed Models




Floodlights and Wall Mount Fixtures


• KWP Series Wallpack for Class I, Div. 2 & N4


• QL Quartz Floods


• KF Series Floods Aluminum Class I, Div. 2 Marine N4 150 to 1000 Watt


• KF-SS MariGard stainless Class I, Div. 2 Marine N4 150-400 Watt


• EM/DM Portable Floods


• EZ-T Trunnion




Emergency Signaling Strobe Lighting


• ESX Strobe Class I, Div. 1


•NVSL/NVSZ LED and XENON Non-Metallic, Non-Glass




Emergency Lighting - Battery Backed




• VE3B/VE4B VE3Q/VE4Q Class I, Div. 2/N4 Class ll/N4


• EEQ Class I, Div. 1


• EBB Class I, D1/N3 Halogen Lamps




Battery Option Fluorescent


• DBFE Linear Fluorescent Class I, D2/N4


• LZ2NE/LZ2SE (FRP or SS) Class I, Div. 2 Class II, Div. 2


• HFXE Class I, Div. 1




Fixture Hangers and Adapters








• V Series Fixture Hangers




• EKJ Series Flexible Couplings


• JL & JAL


• ENY-2SET Pendant Seals


• VMCHVM Adapter


• EAC Adapters








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