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오늘 이 시간에는 분산제어 장치중 하나인 Groud Fault Control Station에 대하여 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.




GFCS Series of Ground Fault Control Stations are used for the additional
safety of personnel, and for equipment protection in remote areas.

• Factory Sealed Ground Fault Chamber. (Assemblies in Group B areas must be sealed within 6" of enclosure. Other area classifications do not require the use of seals)
• 1" NPT top and bottom conduit openings
• External Push-to-Test Button and Pilot Light for monitoring
• On-Off-Trip-Reset External Handle can be locked in On-Off positions
• 5ma Ground Fault Circuit Breaker for People Protection. 30ma Ground
Fault circuit Breaker for Equipment Protection and heat tracing circuits
• Electrical Rating-120 VAC (single pole) 120/240 VAC (two pole) (10,000

• Enclosure: Copper-free cast aluminum (less than 4/10 of 1%)
• External Hardware: Stainless Steel
• Standard Finish: Electrostatically applied gray powder epoxy polyester





Killark Catalog Number (Hubbell, Killark)

GFCS, GFCS05 ,GFCS05151,GFCS05201, GFCS05301,GFCS30, GFCS30151, GFCS30201,GFCS30301,GFCS05152,GFCS05202,GFCS05302,GFCS30152




Killark Distribution Equipment DE.pdf







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오늘은 Hubbell 허벨그룹에 속해있는 Killark 킬락제품군 가운데,

방폭제품군의 대표프로덕트라 할 수 있는 Distribution Equipment 및 Control Equipment를 소개하겠습니다.




Distribution and Control Equipment


Killark offers solutions to your distribution and control applications to both North American and IEC Standards. From lighting, trace heating and power distribution applications to complex PLC control systems, our applications engineers have a competence to take a project from conceptual to finished goods.

The versatility of our product range allows us to use multiple enclosure coupling techniques to cater to all demands of our clients. From single point protection to rack applications, Killark provides cost effective solutions with high quality, reliability and ease-of-maintenance built in.



Killark Distribution Equipment


· XEC Series - Circuit Breakers
· B7C Series - Prism Circuit Breakers
· DEDS Series - Disconnect Switches, 3 Pole/Non-Fusible

· XEDS Series - Disconnect Switches, 3 Pole/Non-Fusible
· B7NFB Series - Compact Non-Fused, Disconnect Switches

· EXB-NFD, EXB-FDS Series - Disconnect Switches, 3 Pole Non-Fusible

                                           & Fusible

· B7L Series - Lighting Panelboards

· B7P Series - Power Panelboards

· D2L Series, D2PC Series - Factory Sealed Panelboards

· EXBLI Series, EXBPI Series - IEC Circuit Breaker Panelboards
· GCBB Series - Circuit Breaker Load Centers
· GFCS Series - Ground Fault Control Station







Killark 킬락 Distribution Equipment 종합 DE 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls SBD2C 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Controls TFD2C 01.pdf



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