Killark, KR시리즈, Plugs, Receptacles, 60A/115/230VAC, 30A, 460VAC, PR21


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오늘 이 시간에는 국내 미군부대를 비롯한 방위산업과 우주, 항공분야에서 많이 사용되고 있는 KILLARK, 킬락제품군 가운에 플러그(Plugs)와 리셉터클(Receptacles), 그리고 마운팅박스(Mounting Boxes, Back Boxes)에 대하여 살펴봅니다.    


Catalog Number

Hubbell,killark,KR 60AMP Plugs,KR Receptacle Assemblies,JAL Type Mounting Boxes,KP-603D345,KP-604D345,KP-603E45,KP-604E45,KP-603E67,KP-604E67,KP-604F34, KP-604F56,KRJX-3603,KRJX-3604,JALX-3,KRJX-4603,



KRAJAT-4604,AJAT-4,KRAJAT-5603,KRAJAT-5604, AJA-5,KRJ-603, KRJ-604, KP603D345,KP604D345,KP603E45,KP604E45,KP603E67, KP604E67,KP604F34, KP604F56,KRJX3603,KRJX3604,JALX3,KRJX4603,KRJX4604, JALX4,KRAJAC4603,KRAJAC4604,AAC4,KAJAC5603,KRAJAC5604,AJAC5,


KRAJAT5604,AJA5,KRJ603, KRJ604



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오늘은 Killark 킬락의 방폭플러그와 방폭리셉터클에 대해 살펴봅니다.



Killak 킬락 Plugs and Receptacles


Ranging from 20 Amp bladed style to 200 Amp pin & sleeve configurations, Killark provides numerous solutions for safely supplying power to fixed and portable equipment in hostile environments.Interchangeability with the other manufacturers configurations provides user flexibility for real world applications.



The range also has exclusive features such as breech-lock caps with a “3rd Hand” notch. Devices include plugs, receptacles, panel receptacles, and connectors to extend the reach of portable equipment. For personnel safety, ground fault protected receptacles, both portable and fixed, are available.




Plugs and Receptacles (Section PR)


· VP Series - 30 amp including new AT model

· VR Series - 60 amp including new AT model

· VPR Series - 100 amp including new AT model

· VSQ Series - 200 amp

· VWSQ Series - Interlocked Switched Receptacles

· VSQ-FS Series - Factory Sealed Receptacles

· VBQ Series - Interlocked Breaker Protected Receptacles

· VSI Series - Plugs and Switched Receptacles

· VCR SEries - Clean Room Receptacles

· KR Series - 20 amp, 30 amp, 60 amp

· UGP Series and UGR Series - Plugs and Receptacles, Adapter, Grips

                                           and Handlamps

· UGRC Series - Connector

· UGRP Series - GFI Protector Receptacle

· UGRGF Series - GFI Protector Receptacle

· UGFI Series - Ground Fault Protector







Killark 킬락 Plug Receptacle종합 PR 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Plug Receptacle SBVAT 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Plug Receptacle TFACPR 01.pdf

Killark 킬락 Plug Receptacle TFVPR 01.pdf



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