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Magnetic angle sensors

MDRM 18I9524, MDRM18I9524





Magnetic sensors are proven in the field and are constantly further developed
and refined. Thanks to their substantial benefits like high detection speed or
extreme dirt resistance and by utilizing a non-contact and wear free sensing
principle they are indispensable in many applications. The extensive Baumer
portfolio provides magnetic sensors with different techniques and designs and
hence the optimal solution for every application.



Make your choice:
- Magnetic angle sensors for non-contact detection of rotation angles
throughout 360°
- Hall sensors to pick up rotating speeds and directions of toothed wheels
- Magnetic proximity switches for long-range detection of magnetic fields
- Cylinder sensors to detect limit positions of pistons in cylinders



 Output signal



Technical Data

Baumer, MDRM, Magnetic Sensors, MDRM 18I9524, MDRM18I9524

MDRM 18I9524 DataSheet.pdf

MDRM 18I9524 Manual.pdf

MDRM 18I9524 Info.pdf

CAT Magnetic Sensors 201201XX.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Baumer 바우머 Magnetic Sensors 라인업 소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 바우머 센서솔루션 가운데, Magnetic Sensor 제품군을 살펴보도록 하겠습니다.




Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic – sensors robust and precise

Based on the Hall principle or magneto-resistive circuits

Baumer magnetic sensors have a detection speed of up to 20,000 measurements per second. Since they work on a contactless principle and do not contain any moving parts like ball bearings, for example, they are maintenance- and wear-free, easy to handle and install, and are completely unaffected by soiling. This makes them absolutely indispensable in many applications, guarantees long service times and allows them to be used reliably in rail applications or in commercial vehicles.


Depending on the application, magnetic sensors offer a practical alternative to encoders or inductive sensors.


Baumer offers you a comprehensive and modular portfolio of different technologies (Hall sensors, proximity switches, cylinder sensors) and designs, and thus the ideal solution for all applications.



◎ Hall Sensors



- Detection of speed and direction of rotation of rapidly rotating gear wheels

- Very little maintenance needed because they are wear-free

- Special robust versions available



Magnetic Proximity Switches



- Reliable and wear-free object detection

- Large sensing distances of up to 60 mm

- Their functionality is not affected by soiling or humidity



Magnetic Cylinder Sensors



- Detection of final positions in all conventional cylinders

- Different versions and versatile fitting accessories for maximum flexibility

- Contactless and completely wear-free



Magnetic Cylinder Sensors



- Absolute position detection up to 360° rotary angle

- High resolution up to 0.09°

- Linearized analog output signal

- Wear-free and dirt tolerant





Technical Data

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CAT Magnetic Sensors 201201XX.pdf

BRO EcoSpin.pdf


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