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Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous

KILLARK Distribution

Circuit Breaker Panelboards for Harsh and Hazardous Environments

EXBLI Series & EXBSPI Series



EXBLI Circuit Beraker Panelboards



New to Killark are the IEC/NEC rated panelboards. If you have a Harsh and
Hazardous location (corrosive, salt laden, flammable gas, vapors or explosive dust particles) this is where the Killark EXBLI or EXBSPI panelboard excels. Our new panelboard is suitable for use from the oil sands of Texas to the rigs of Saudi Arabia to the Far East.


We have two types – Our IEC (UL1077) panel offers both single and three phase applications with or without switched neutrals. Branch MCB’s in single, two, three and four pole, RCBO’s for earth leakage detection are available in 30, 100 or 300mA Sensitivity.


Our NEC (UL489) panel offer single and three phase applications, branch MCB’s in single, two, three and four pole. This type can also offer a factory sealed arrangement using our USF 316L stainless steel wiring chamber
with or without removable gland plates. All incoming “Line” and outgoing “Load” connections are made in the wiring chamber; this eliminates the need for seal fittings for Division 2 area’s.







EXBSPI Lighting Panelboard







Technical Data

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