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안녕하세요 TIATIP 에디터입니다. 지난 시간 Temperature Transmitter 소개에 이어, 오늘 이 시간에는 Probe 라인업에 대해 간략히 소개드리도록 하겠습니다.


OSENSA Medium Voltage Temperature Sensors



Reliable Direct Contact Temperature Sensing

OSENSA’s medium voltage fiber optic temperature sensors install on switchgear contacts, bus bars, cast resin transformer, motor, and generator windings to provide reliable 24/7 thermal monitoring with noise-free performance. The probes are constructed from durable, high dielectric strength materials and have been tested to safely operate on equipment rated up to 38 kV AC (22 kV DC). They install quickly and can be ordered with optional probe-tip attachments suitable for various applications.





OSENSA Life Sciences Temperature Sensors


MRI & Laboratory Temperature SensingNon-magnetic, Non-Conducting, Optical Fiber Probes with Exceptional Precision OSENSA’s Fiber optic temperature sensors are specifically designed for MRI environments and set a new standard for implantable device testing. Not only are these probes immune to high intensity magnetic fields, microwaves, and low-concentration X-rays, but they also offer industry leading accuracy, precision, and reliability. Both probe styles offer an exceptionally fast response time, and are ideally suited for dermal sensing and small animal studies.





OSENSA Microwave Temperature Sensors





Fiber Optic Temperature Probes

Non-conducting, Microwave and RF Immune Optical Fiber Probes
OSENSA’s fast response temperature probes provide accurate and reliable temperature sensing for a variety of high voltage, microwave and laboratory research applications requiring immunity to high intensity
electro-magnetic fields and RF energy. These probes are constructed with high quality glass optical fiber and can handle temperatures up to 350°C while providing extremely fast response times.



Technical Data

OSENSA, Fiber Optic Temperature Probes, PRB, RPB-GB3, PRB-PF-1, PrB-400(MRI), PRB-G40(MRI), PRB-G40, PRB-G20, PRB-GB3-02M-ST-L, PRB-PF1-02M-ST-L, PRB-400-2.0M-STM-MRI, PRB-G40-2.0M-STM-MRI,오센사,오샌사

OSENSA Fiber Optic Temp Probes Master DS IDK20180201 EN.pdf

OSENSA Temp Transmitters Master DS IDK20180201 EN.pdf

OSENSA Fiber Optic Extension Cables Master DS IDK20180201 EN.pdf

OSENSA Accessories Master DS IDK20180201 EN.pdf

OSENSA VIEW Master DS IDK20180201 EN.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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