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Magnetic Angle Sensors

MDRM Series, MDRM 18U9501





Magnetic sensors are proven in the field and are constantly further developed and refined. Thanks to their substantial benefits like high detection speed or extreme dirt resistance and by utilizing a non-contact and wear free sensing principle they are indispensable in many applications. The extensive Baumer portfolio provides magnetic sensors with different techniques and designs and hence the optimal solution for every application.



General information


A magnetic angular sensor identifies the rotation angle of a permanent magnet in respect to the sensor. The integrated electronics will evaluate the value into an analog electric output signal.



Fuctional principle


The heart of a magnetic angular sensor is the integrated dual differential Hall element which builds an electrical parameter related to the flux direction of an exterior magnetic field. This magnetic field rotating
about the element’s center axis generates two sinusoids shifted by 90° which are utilized to detect the rotation angle for output as an absolute value. The integrated electronics evaluates the sinusoids into a linear voltage or current signal. The absolute dection principle ensures output
of the correct rotation angle even after power failure.



Permanent magnet


When attaching the magnet make sure that its magnetization direction (north / south pole) is aligned in a parallel manner to the sensor’s sensing face. The carrier material to hold the magnet should be non-ferromagnetic
(e.g. no steel), otherwise it will hamper the sensing distance.




Working distnace

The magnet rotor or the permanent magnet must be attached within the specified working distance to the sensor. Observe the specifications in the data sheet for axial displacement.




Zero signal

For coarse zero signal tuning, align the keyways provided at sensor and magnet rotor (accessory) with each other. Finetuning will be performed electronically by the downstream control. Clockwise rotation of the permanent magnet will generate a rise in the output signal.




The sensor must be mounted in the specified orientation. Coarse zero point adjustment by keyway, fine electronically. Increasing output signal when rotating clockwise.




Technical Data

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MDRM_18U9501 Datasheet IDK EN.pdf
MDRM_18U9501 Manual IDK EN.pdf
MDRM_18U9501 Informationt IDK EN.pdf



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