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바우머 Baumer

Photoelectric Sensors


Edge Sensors

ZADM Series

ZADM023H151.001, ZADM 023H151.001


PosCon edge sensors are used to detect object widths and object positions. The position / width is issued as an analog value with high accuracy proportional to the overall measuring area. Although smaller than a deck of playing cards, the sensors contain not only the complete signal conditioning, but also a long-life illumination unit.


  • Efficient: one sensor is able to measure objects on the complete width of a belt conveyor
  • Measurement is possible on transparent objects and films
  • The measuring area can be restricted by a simple Teach-in process to suppress interfering objects and areas
  • Easy handling: The three different measuring modes (width, edge, center) can be set simply by a push of a button
  • Two threshold values can be programmed with the Teach-in button and serve as tolerance limits for the switching output
  • Flexibility: all functions available with the buttons can also be operated via an RS 485 interface
  • The position and other information can be read via the interface 
  • Robust housing



    With the line sensors, the light of the integrated illumination is reflected by a reflective film (special film) installed opposite the sensor and is received by the diode line. The length of the diode line and the optics determine the measuring area. Due to the narrow diode line, the measuring area is also only a narrow band. If an object obstructs a part of the light, no light falls on the corresponding part of the diode line. The integrated microcontroller processes the shaded areas and the transitions from dark to light and calculates the corresponding analog value according to the measuring mode.



    The PosCon has a diverging measuring field. This makes large measuring areas of up to 800 mm possible. The specified measuring area is achieved at the nominal distance. It becomes larger or smaller proportionally with the distance. This causes an object to appear larger or smaller according to the distance.



    The reflective tape specified in the documentation must be used for the PosCon. If the reflective tape is protected against abrasion by a Plexiglas or glass sheet, this must be tilted 7° to the sensor to ensure that the direct reflection does not reflect to the receiver



    Technical Specifications

    Measuring field size : 150mm

    Measuring distance (to object) : 200mm

    Measuring frequency : 500 Hz

    Resolution : <0.15mm

    Smallest object recognizable : 1.2mm

    Linearity error relative : <0.3%

    Light source : pulsed infrared diode

    Wave length : 880nm

    Adjustment : Teach-in



    Type : Measuring mode - edges, center, width



    Edge detection

    Control of textile, plastic or paper edges

    Positioning of objects by the edge

    Level measurement



    Width measurement

    Width inspection during the production of fabric and rubber bands



    Center position

    Position measurement by the object center, by which bands or

    objects of different width can be aligned centrally to each other








    Technical Data

    Baumer, 바우머, PosCon, qTarget, Edge Sensors, ZADM, ZADM023H151.001, ZADM 023H151.001

    ZADM_023H151_0001 Data Sheet.pdf

    ZADM023 Manual.pdf

    BRO PosCon3D 201404XX.pdf

    Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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