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안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이 시간에는 Phoenix Contact 피닉스컨택트에서 2016년 하반기 새롭게 선보이는 따끈따끈한 신제품 소식을 공유하고자 합니다. 해외 전시회를 통해 먼저 접해보신 분들의 의견은 현장 및 고객중심의 라인업이 한 층 업그레이드 되었다는 평가입니다.


전체 라인업에 대해서는 카테고리별 종합카탈로그 (Mater CAT)는 조만간 갱신된 내용을 정리하여, 추가 포스팅하도록 하겠습니다.



Highlights 2016 Phoenix Contact

피닉스컨택트  New Products 2016

Connection and automation technology

Worldwide service and support: we are there for you





Phoenix Contact / New products for 2016 – innovative products for your industrial systems

As a leading manufacturer of connection technology and automation components, we continually strive to transform the growing requirements placed on your applications and markets into new innovations. Our products are the nerve center of your industrial systems and help you increase their effi ciency, availability, and safety. Find out about our wide range of new products from the fi elds of connection technology, automation components, surge protection, marking, and tools.





Phoenix Contact / HIGHLIGHTS 2016 – innovations for your success
Our mission is to create progress with innovative and inspiring solutions.
The world is changing: it is becoming more digital, intelligent, and fl exible. The political and professional worlds have recognized this and have responded with international initiatives such as Industrie 4.0, the Industrial Internet Consortium, and China Manufacturing 2025. Our experts are helping to shape the world of tomorrow together with customers, partners, and universities. We are developing products, systems, and solutions which already possess features that incorporate the ideas of the future.
Discover how tomorrow's intelligent production is already in use today, and which innovations you can use to help shape your world of tomorrow.
Happy reading!





At Phoenix Contact, the focus is always on you, the customer. With 50 subsidiaries and over 30 agencies we are always close by.
This enables us to provide you with services such as fi rst-hand expert consultation and prompt delivery.
We develop special solutions according to your specifi c requirements. This is made possible by our extensive manufacturing capabilities combined with the expertise of our developers.
No matter where you are in the world, we'll provide you with the ideal solution for your application quickly and reliably: a complete package of high-quality, optimally coordinated, and carefully chosen components.
We are also there for you after your purchase – with our comprehensive
after-sales services.


Phoenix Contact / Product Range

• Cables and wires
• Connectors
• Controllers
• Electronics housings
• Electronic switchgear and motor control
• Fieldbus components and systems
• Functional safety
• HMIs and industrial PCs
• I/O systems

• Industrial communication technology
• Industrial Ethernet
• Installation and mounting material
• Lighting and signaling
• Marking and labeling
• Measurement and control technology
• Modular terminal blocks
• Monitoring
• PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

• Power supply units and UPS
• Protective devices
• Relay modules
• Sensor/actuator cabling
• Software
• Surge protection and interference filters
• System cabling for controllers
• Tools
• Wireless data communication





Technical Data

Phoenix contact피닉스컨택트

Terminal blocks,Installation and mounting material,Marking and labeling,Tools,Connectors,Cables and lines,Controllers,Measurement and control technology,Monitoring,Lighting and signaling,HMIs and industrial PCs,Software,Functional safety,Relay modules,Electronic switchgear and motor control,System cabling for controllers,I/O systems,Wireless data communication,Industrial Ethernet,Fieldbus components and systems,Power supplies and UPS,Surge protection and interference fi lters,Worldwide service and support

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Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Always up-to-date, always available to you. Here you'll find everything on our products, solutions and service:

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국내 상담문의 및 기술지원





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Baumer CleverLevel LBFS 시리즈 업그레이드 사양자료 소개


안녕하세요 TIATIP 입니다. 오늘 이시간에는 앞서 소개드렸던 Baumer의 Level measurement 애플리케이션을 위한 CleverLevel 제품군 가운데 LBFS의 새로운 업그레이드 사양을 소개해드리겠습니다.




Level Measurement



Point Level Detection





Product highlights

- Save detection of liquids, bulk-solids and powders

- Short immersion length

- Excellent cleanability

- Ability for differentiation between foam and liquid

- Not sensitive to adherent or sticky media

- Status signaling by bright, blue LED 

- Compact stainless steel housing, sealed up to IP69K


User benefits

- One sensor for all applications

- Less disturbance of process

- Safe process with less downtime

- Visual observation of process

- Long life time even in wash-down areas


Field of application

CleverLevel® LBFS is designed for level detection in tanks and dry-run protection of pumps by empty pipe monitoring. It detects liquid, pasty
or oily media, but also solid-bulk materials like flour or plastic granulate.
The LBFS is capable of media differentiation by distinguishing the specific
properties, such as oil, water, foam and liquid.


Reliable performance is assured in any mounting position (from top,
bottom or side). Depending on the desired process connection, different
mounting options are available. Corresponding mounting aids and
adaptors for conventional process connections are available as an


Two parallel switching outputs are available as Normally Open (NO) and
Normally Closed (NC) which is defined by PNP or NPN polarity when
placing the order.

CleverLevel® LBFS in its default configuration covers a major part of
potential applications. Where customer-specific configuration is required
because of difficult media (e. g. foamy or adhering), the interface programming tool FlexProgrammer 9701 allows for easy parameterization
of the optimum switching points by convenient teach-in functionality.
The measured data can be visualized on a PC for further parameter adjustment, for example time constant of a damping function and inverted
switching output logic.





Masuring principle

An electrode inside the sensor tip builds a capacitor together with
the surroundings. The medium with its dielectric constant (DC value)
is defining the capacitance value. A resonance circuit is created in
combination with a coil in the sensor head. Switching signal tripping is
according to the measured resonance frequency and the programmed
trigger thresholds.



Technical Data

Baumer, CleverLevel, LBFS, Level measurement, Level Sensors, Level Switches, Industrial weld-in sleeves, Hygienic adapters, Hygienic weld-in sleeves, Threaded adapters, FlexProgrammer 9710, Isolating barrier

CleverLevel LBFS DataSheet 201605XX.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

소개된 제품 시스템의 사양, 재질, 치수, 기타 기재 내용은 제조공급사의 사정이나, 성능향상을 위해 예고 없이 단종, 대체되거나 변경되는 경우가 있으므로 양해를 부탁 드립니다. 기타 문의 상담은 하기 전문점을 통해 진행해 주시기 바랍니다.






국내 상담문의 및 기술지원



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