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ABB Low Volatge Products - Overview

ABB Low voltage products division

Business unit

ABB has a reputation for manufacturing and supplying quality low voltage components, the result of our on-going research and development programme.


ABB - Breakers & Switches


- Circuit breakers

- Switches

- Fusegear & Cable distribution cabinets



ABB - Wiring accessories

- Wiring accessories

- Industrial plugs & sockets

- Door entry systems

- Intelligent building control (KNX Series)



ABB - Control products

- Control & protection

- Electronic products & relays

- Connection

- Jokab safety products



ABB - LV Systems

- MNS conventional switchgear

- MNS intelligent switchgear

- MNS integrated switchgear



ABB - Enclosures & DIN-Rail

- Modular DIN-Rail products

- Enclosures & cable systems

- Furse electronic surge protectors



ABB - Cabling & wiring

- Power connectivity & control

- Wire & protection systems

- Safety technology



Technical Data -

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ABB LV Overview UK BRO 201404XX.pdf

ABB LV Products Capabilities 201306XX EN.pdf

ABB LV Installer 201106XX EN.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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