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E-Z-Ground Compression Grounding

I-Beam Ground Clamp Connector

I Beam Clamp





E-Z-Ground Grounding Connectors

Connect ground cable to I-beam or any 1" maximum structural steel member — without welding or drilling.



I-Beam Ground Clamp



- Breakaway bolt head shears at predetermined torque to ensure tight connection


- Heavy-duty compression lug provides excellent current carrying capabilities


- Surface of steel must be cleaned in accordance with installation instruction sheet provided with product


- Connector made of high-conductivity cast copper bright dip


- Clamp made of drop-forged high-grade steel, zinc plated





Thomas & Betts offers its complete line of grid-ground compression
connectors. Our E-Z-Ground® connectors are designed for direct burial and offer a safe, efficient alternative to exothermic welding products. Grid ground installations do not require explosive charges, and can be installed in various climate conditions. These range-taking products will reduce the number of connectors and dies needed for your installation.


Thomas & Betts E-Z-Ground® products meet all applicable standards
(IEEE837, UL467, CSA 22.2). Connectors are prefilled with oxide
inhibitors and sealed.


1. C-Taps

2. Figure 8 Connector

3. Steel Grounding Stud TBG Series

4. Figure 6–8 Connectors

5. Figure 6–6 Connectors

6. GG Connectors

7. Lug

8. Splice/Two-Way/Connector

9. Grounding Plate

10. Pigtail Connectors

11. I Beam Clamp

12. Figure 6 Connector







- An I-Beam mechanical clamp to ground cable connection utilizing a highly proven T&B Method crimp lug.


- A break-away square head bolt which is designed to shear off at a
predetermined torque, providing inspectability, proper clamping force and
prevents unintentional removal.


- A centering washer which reduces bolting friction and permits lug alignment with either a straight or a tapered structural ange.


- Cat. No. supplied includes Connector and Clamp. KOPR-SHIELD® compound is not included and must be purchased separately.



























Technical Data

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IBG2040 Datasheet.pdf

I-Beam Ground Clamp Connector Instruction sheet.pdf

Blackburn Grounding.pdf

CAT03.05 Blackburn Grounding Systems 2012XXXX.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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