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Process connections and accessories

Product Overview


Ready to fit your process:
Baumer sensors support off-the-shelf standard and brand compatible process connections.





Baumer instruments fit almost every process connection you have in place. With more than 40 connenction types readily available, you needn’t modify your system design in any way. The Baumer Connection Identifier (BCID) provides you a convenient and safe system to identify the right process adapter to get your Baumer sensor mounted to your application.



How to select the fitting adaptor to your instrument
In the first place, you should decide which process connection – threaded, clamped or welded. Please refer to the table on next page for more information. Afterwards, the sensor data sheet provides you with the BCID code for the selected connection type. Each adaptor or sleeve comes also with a BCID code. Same BCID codes always mean matching accessories – whether adaptors, ferrules, clamp rings or gaskets.




Threaded connections

G1/2A cone
G1/2A O-ring at the front
G1A O-ring at the front






M12 × 1,5



Clamp and nut connections

BHC 3A DN 38
BHC 3A DN 76


DN 25
DN 32
DN 40
DN 50
DN 65

DN 38
DN 51

Type N



Welded connections

Ø16 × 12,2
Ø25 × 17
Ø45 × 34

Ø30 × 26
Ø30 × 34 with inspection hole
Ø35 × 20,0
Ø50 × 23
Ø55 × 32
Ø60 × 20,5
Ø120 × 32


Ø16, DN 25

Ø29, DN 25 … DN 50
Ø30, DN 65 … DN 150
Ø40, DN 40… DN 50
Ø41, DN 65 … DN 150
Ø38, DN 38



Technical Data

Baumer, 바우머, ZPH1-2213, ZPH1-2216, ZPH1-3213, ZPH1-3216, ZPH1-5213, ZPH1-5216,

ZPH1-324E, ZPH1-524E, ZPH1-3236, ZPH1-5233, ZPH1-5236, ZPH1-3221, ZPH1-3224, ZPH1-3225, ZPH1-5222, ZPH1-5224, ZPH1-5225, ZPH1-5227,

ZPW2-122, ZPW2-125, ZPW2-222, ZPW1-711, ZPW1-721, ZPW1-121, ZPW2-321, ZPW2-327, ZPW2-326, ZPW1-221, ZPW1-621, ZPW2-324, ZPW2-322, ZPW2-526, ZPW2-527, ZPW2-521, ZPW2-621, ZPW2-626, ZPW2-721, ZPH1-32BA, ZPH1-32CB, ZPH1-32A1, ZPH1-32BC, ZPH1-32CD, ZPH1-32C0, ZPI1-32B, ZPI1-32D, ZPI1-32E, ZPI1-5AC, ZPI1-32A, ZPI1-A2D,

ZPX5-12, ZPX5-22, ZPX5-32, ZPX5-62, ZPX5-82, ZPX5-92, ZPX6-26, ZPX6-36, ZPX6-66, ZPX6-86, ZPX6-96, ZPX4-320, ZPX4-x10, ZPX3-7xxx, ZPX4-xx0, ZPX3-x1x0, ZPX2-1xx, ZPX2-2x2, ZPX2-323, ZPX2-4x0, ZPX2-6x0, ZPX2-7x2

4.Process Connections and Accessories Overview 201512XX E.pdf



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