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The standards IEC/EN 60529 describes a system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment as follows:

The protection of the enclosure and the equipment inside against external influences or conditions, such as: mechanical impacts, corrosion, corrosive solvents, solar radiation, icing moisture (e.g. produced by condensation), and explosive atmospheres, are matters that should be dealt with by the relevant product standard.

There are additional and supplementary optional letters to the above coding; these designators are A, B, C & D and H, M, S & W, and further information can be found in the relevant standard(s).

Deluge Ingress Protection

On offshore facilities, equipment may be located in areas subject to emergency deluge systems. Equipment that has been evaluated as certified for use in hazardous areas may not be suitable for use in these locations. A testing method for electrical equipment to be installed in areas subject to deluge systems, DTS01, has been prepared by the Explosion and Fire Hazards Group of ERA Technology (now known as ITS) in collaboration with Shell UK Exploration and Production Ltd.

Testing includes:



Energising the equipment (where appropriate) for 60 minutes prior to the deluge test, then interrupting the electrical power at the start of the deluge test and resuming after 60 minutes until the completion of the deluge test.


Carrying out insulation resistance testing before and after pre-conditioning and after the deluge test, where applicable.


Carrying out pre-conditioning by exposure to vibration and thermal ageing at 90% relative humidity and at a temperature 20k above the equipments maximum service temperature and/or at least 80°C of any appropriate seals.


Carrying out deluge test using a deluge chamber fitted with deluge nozzles that apply a salt water solution deluge pressure within the range of 3.5 bar to 4.5 bar at a water temperature in the range of 5°C to 10°C for 3-hours.





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