IECEx Scheme

2013.05.28 18:25

IECEx Scheme

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Hawke(호크)의 IECEx Scheme에 대해 조금 살펴보겠습니다.


The objective of the IECEx Scheme is to facilitate international trade in electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres by eliminating the need for multiple national certification.


The IECEx Scheme provides a means for manufacturers to obtain Certificates of Conformity that will be accepted at national level in all participating countries. A Certificate of Conformity may be obtained from any certification body accepted into the scheme. The objective of the IECEx Scheme is world-wide acceptance of one standard, one certificate, and one mark.


For the IEC scheme to achieve its objective, every applicable national standard will need to be identical to the corresponding IEC standard. A transition period will be necessary to allow time for participating IECEx Scheme countries to align their national standards with the IEC standards and work towards national acceptance of IECEx Certificates of Conformity and the IECEx mark.







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