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오늘 이 시간에는 HAWKE 사에서 새롭게 론칭된 FIBRE Ex Connectors 제품에 대해 간략히 소개드리고자 합니다.





Connector Solutions for Harsh & Hazardous Locations

Fibre Ex Connectors for Harsh & Hazardous Environments

Connecting you through innovation




1. Keyed Positions -

The insert keyway of the FibreEx connector guarantees correct alignment,
every time. This prevents pin damage and expands the FibreEx’s lifespan which reduces associated costs.


2. Integral Keying -

Our machined keyway ensures perfect connector alignment without damage to pins or contacts for fast installation and a longer product
lifespan. The 5 positions for OP-PR and a unique 6th position for OP-IS prevents cross-mating between two protection concepts.


3. Pre-Terminated -

All BR connectors are supplied pre-terminated with encapsulated tails to suit your requirements. Whether for use in industrial, Exd, Exe or
other applications, the versatile FibreEx will provide a solution to support your project’s unique needs. CP and CR connectors are also available pre-terminated.


4. Quick Connect -

Our unique 4 start ACME thread offers a smooth and quick fully mating action in less than two turns, for fast and simple installation. Earth continuity is achieved via a 360° contact clip.


5. The Original Reversible Armour Clamp -
Our, industry-leading, RAC clamping system provides a fully inspecatable method of accommodating a variety of different armour or braided cable types. Trusted by some of the industry’s leading names, the FibreEx incorporates this technology for easy installation and inspection.


6. Anti Rotation -

The FibreEx’s profiled spigot and connector body prevent cable rotation to eliminate cable damage for an increased product lifespan.


7. Cable Clamp -

A cable clamp, in the same material selected will be suppled with every Connector Plug and Connector receptacle to maintain cable pullout


8. Contacts -

The M29504 series pin and socket termini utilizes proven, harsh environment ceramic ferrule technology and a ceramic alignment sleeve to reduce insertion (signal) loss in some of the world’s most arduous environments.





The Hawke Connectors Range


Utilising the most advanced technology, Hawke connectors are designed for quick and easy termination. Boasting market-leading features like the complete elimination of cross-mating, ingress and deluge protection, high reliability contacts and much more, the Hawke Connector range  guarantees innovation, safety and reliability. The range is ideal for use in dust and gas hazardous areas commonly found in Oil and Gas exploration and production and chemical process plants. Hawke connectors may also be used in explosive dust environments and hostile non-explosive environments.


The Hawke Connector range has been designed for four electrical application areas: Instrumentation, Control, Power and Fibre. Take a closer look at our range, below.





Technical Data

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