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Stopping Plugs

487/RFID Stopping plug


The 487/RFID Stopping Plug is fitted from the outside of the enclosures and allows for the secure attachment of an RFID identification tag using a single screw.

  • Removes need for potentially compromised installation using Steel Jubilee Clips, Steel Cable Ties or other methods.
  • Easy Installation of RFID Identification Tags using a single screw
  • Available in M20 and M25 options
  • Other parallel thread options available on request, including BDSPP, PG, NPSM and ET.
  • Metric entry threads are 1.5mm pitch as standard.
  • Dual Certified ATEX/ IECEx
  • Flameproof Exdb, Increased Safety Exeb, Dust protection Extb

The RFID tag shown is not included with this product. For more information on RFID tags please contact Hawke sales office.


Technical Data

Hubbell, Hawke, 487, 487RFID, 487/RFID, Stopping Plug, 방폭플러그

487 RFID Stopping Plug Datasheet IDK 20180528.pdf

487 RFID Stopping Plug Manual Issue F IDK 20180528.pdf

487 Spec TCS02 20130925.pdf

487 Assembly 201603XX E.pdf

Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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